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Top Overlooked Office Areas that Require Professional Cleaning

With the typical office worker spending a majority of their time at work – it makes sense to keep the spaces clean and presentable. Unfortunately, cleaning in the office context simply means getting rid of obvious dirt and trash. You might be surprised by the amount of grime lurking in unseen areas that can still … Read more


Keeping your Place Clean while Staying Green – 6 Tips for a Better Home

If there are two things people are most concerned about today – it’s the coronavirus and the environment. Well, it’s actually any kind of virus – but the main principle is still the same. Everyone wants to be able to clean their home thoroughly with zero chances of the dreaded coronavirus residing in the area … Read more


Here’s Why Commercial Cleaning Should Be an Office Priority

In today’s time, the cleanliness and sanitization of every office building should be considered a priority – and not just for health reasons. Many employers do not realize how pivotal professional cleaning can be in the upward trajectory of their business – until they finally get a dedicated provider. Here are some of the little-known … Read more


Professional Cleaner’s Tips For Cleaning With Allergies

Allergies can be tough to deal with, especially if you are allergic to dust, pollen, and other usual irritants commonly found at home. When the house is not thoroughly or successfully cleaned of these allergens, you end up sneezing all the time. While hiring a professional cleaner is the best solution to ensure that you … Read more


7 Tips to Keeping Your Office Clean

Everyone knows that a clean office leads to more productive and satisfied employees. However, even if most managers know the advantages of a spotless workplace, it is not always easy to organise everything. Where do you start? Here are seven small things you and your employees can do. 1. Don’t allow food on individual tables. … Read more


8 Places in Your Home You Might Not Realize Needs Cleaning

Now is the perfect time to make a full sweep of your home and clean every nook and cranny to guarantee a germ-free existence. Unfortunately, when we say “clean”, most people only think about the more obvious places in their homes – like the floors, the window cleaning, the sofa, and so on. You might … Read more


How to Keep your Office Space Clean and Coronavirus-Free

COVID-19 has made many Australians anxious and clueless on how to protect themselves and their loved ones from contracting the virus. Although we have learned many things about COVID-19 since it spread all across the country, we are still waiting for a permanent solution to what is now a global pandemic that is ravaging both … Read more


Hire Professional Office Cleaners and Prevent These Cleaning Mistakes

Is the cleaning of your office entrusted to one or two persons hired as office cleaners? Have you paid attention to how they work and checked the cleaning products that they use? If some of your employees complain about an odd smell in the air or of stains in your newly-cleaned carpet, your cleaners are … Read more


The 5S System – Is It Really Necessary?

If your company has implemented a 5S System, chances are you’ve wondered what it is for and if it’s really effective. While most companies do not orient their employees on the 5S purpose, it is important for each worker to know why it is essential in boosting productivity and reducing the overall costs of the … Read more

Cleaning and Disinfection for Residential and Commercial Buildings During COVID-19

The World Health Organization has recently warned the public that the coronavirus might be here to stay. While there had been developments of possible vaccines for the virus, the best everybody can do at the moment is to practice safety precautions, clean, disinfect and sanitize the surroundings regularly to help prevent further infections. For proper … Read more

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