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Concrete Scrubbing Melbourne | Performance Group

Concrete Scrubbing – Port Melbourne

Can old concrete be cleaned effectively? Dirt and grime builds up over time on concrete floors, just like any other floor. The best defence is regular cleaning, but what if the concrete has been poorly maintained? Can it be effectively cleaned. In many cases, yes. This is particular job in a common area in the … Read more

Cleaning Hard Water Stains on Windows Melbourne | Performance Property Services Group

Hard water stain of external windows

When dealing with windows that have hard water stains on them, we follow a tried a true method to ensure best results. The following outlines this on a recent job of office windows. Each window needs to be individually washed, chemicals applied, scrub , wait 19 minutes to dry and then clean. This procedure is … Read more

Cleaning tile common areas Melbourne | Performance Property Services Group

Tile Common Area Cleaning: Apartments

Cleaning poorly maintained tiles to bring them back to life In our industry there are many challenges we face with rejuvenating all types of surfaces whether it be tiles, vinyl, carpets and the list goes on. In this instance a common area requiring tile rejuvenation was a challenge as the build up of  grime was … Read more

Cleaning Terracotta Tile at Melbourne University | Performance Property Services Group

Rejuvenation of Terracotta tiles at Melbourne University

Rejuvenation of Terracotta tiles at Melbourne University. The University of Melbourne is an old grand lady that requires cleaning techniques that respect its age and beauty. We are always aware of this in the course of any work we perform there. A recent example of this was the rejuvenation of some terracotta tiles. Our Cleaning Process … Read more

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