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Office Bathroom Cleaning Melbourne | Tile Rejuvination | Performance Cleaning

Cleaning Office Bathroom Tiles

Problem: Build up stubborn Mildew Solution: Apply Enzyme ( 100% biodegradable) to all tiled areas which have built up stubborn stains and mildew. Allow to sit there for 5 mins to penetrate thru the mildew and grout. Light scrub areas which are stubborn Wash off with water and your bathroom tiles and grout will be … Read more

Cleaning Office Entrance Tiles | Melbourne CBD | Office Cleaning | Performance Group

Rejuvenation of Office Entrance Tiles

Location: Melbourne CBD office Problem: Entrance tiles in desperate need of rejuvenation After years of neglect , and a recent refurbishment of the office, the client was wanting a solution to the unsightly front entry. A costly replacement of the tiles was not an option. Solution: Contact Performance Group. We applied a heavy solution of … Read more

Office Carpet Steam Clean Melbourne | Performance Cleaning

Cleaning Carpets for Spring Time

Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne Offices With Spring well and truly here, it’s a great time to get an office spring clean underway! A great place to start is with steam cleaning the office carpets. During the Winter months dirt, mud, water is brought in on shoes and walked through the office. This is deposited in … Read more

Office Cleaning South Melbourne - The Toilets | Performance Cleaning

Office Cleaning: Tackling Carpet Stains at an Early Stage

Removing Coffee Stains Coffee stains are the most common you will find in all offices. Tackling stains at an early stage will prevent the stain penetrating into the carpet. Leaving the stain too long will most times result in a permanent mark if not treated. With all our clients our staff have on site a … Read more

Office Cleaning South Melbourne - The Toilets | Performance Cleaning

Toilet Cleaning in South Melbourne

Eliminating Odour in Office Toilets Location: South Melbourne Problem: Toilet Odour We were recently asked by a client in the South Melbourne if we could eliminate the odour in the toilets. Solution: Taking on a new contract almost always requires an impact clean. The odour from the mens toilet block is the most challenging task. … Read more

Cleaning a Tiled Workshop Floor in Essendon | Melbourne | Performance Cleaning

Cleaning a Tiled Workshop Floor in Essendon

We often come across problems where poor cleaning methods create issues that require intervention. This situation is one of those. A new client in the Essendon Fields car precinct had a problem with a tiled floor. Location: Essendon The Problem: the floor was not coming clean after scrubbing. So, how did we fix it? The … Read more

Terrazzo Cleaning Melbourne | Performance Cleaning

Common Area Office Kitchen Cleaning in Essendon

Hard floor care requires specialist care. This client approached us with this dilemma. They had employed a cleaner to mop this floor daily but after 2 years they realised they where wasting there money. Terrazo floors require careful cleaning. Specific floor detergents are required for Terrazzo floors with correct dilution rates. This Terrazzo floor required deep … Read more

Car Park Degreasing / Scrubbing: Collingwood, Melbourne

Can carpark oil stains be removed? This is a question we get asked often. Using the right method, chemicals and machinery it certainly can. The attached photos of a concrete clean in a carpark in Collingwood prove this. In this particular case we applied a heavy degreaser and then with a ride on scrubber using … Read more

Concrete Scrubbing Melbourne | Performance Group

Concrete Scrubbing – Port Melbourne

Can old concrete be cleaned effectively? Dirt and grime builds up over time on concrete floors, just like any other floor. The best defence is regular cleaning, but what if the concrete has been poorly maintained? Can it be effectively cleaned. In many cases, yes. This is particular job in a common area in the … Read more

Cleaning Hard Water Stains on Windows Melbourne | Performance Property Services Group

Hard water stain of external windows

When dealing with windows that have hard water stains on them, we follow a tried a true method to ensure best results. The following outlines this on a recent job of office windows. Each window needs to be individually washed, chemicals applied, scrub , wait 19 minutes to dry and then clean. This procedure is … Read more

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