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How Clean Should The Office Restroom Be?


The office restroom is officially the dirtiest place in your workplace, even worse than the pantry and the desks. One huge reason is that it receives many visitors, some of them not paying attention to their responsibility to clean up themselves once before.

Another possible reason is the fact that people do their business here, and if they have not washed their hands afterward, they may even be unconsciously leaving behind, and spreading, germs. These are the reasons why being particular about the cleanliness of your office restroom is very important.

What Looks Clean Might Not Be

When a messy kitchen or workspace has been cleaned, you can see it with your naked eye. However, a restroom, though the counters and floors are wiped down, might still have a lot of germs, bacteria, and other nasty stuff left behind. Thus, cleaning this part of the office requires more than just mopping.

The consequences of unclean restrooms can be grave. The spread of germs and viruses can lead to employee illness and absenteeism. Worse, these unclean hands will touch other surfaces in the office, like the doors, computers, printers, and pantry counter. With many other people using these shared spaces, the risk of getting many people sick is high.

The Importance Of Disinfecting The Restroom

Beyond emptying the trash and mopping, a good cleaning company will thoroughly disinfect the restroom. Many cleaners miss this step, but this is really the most important part of the cleaning. It is just as vital that they know the right places to disinfect, as well as the most appropriate products to use. Only then can you truly believe that the restroom is spick and span.

Disinfection should be done every single time the restrooms are cleaned. Products should be able to kill 99% of the germs when applied, especially on the surfaces that are very commonly used by employees. This includes the doors to the bathroom stalls, the handles of the faucets, the flush handles, towel, and soap dispensers, and the door handles.

How Often Should The Restroom Be Cleaned?

The cleaning needs of every company can differ, based on the size of the company and the number of employees. Still, the basic minimum is one time a day, even for small or middle-sized companies with very few customer or client traffic. This keeps the restrooms fresh, clean, bacteria-free, and smelling good. Plus, it will reduce the stains on the bathroom fixtures like toilets and sinks.

In bigger offices or high-traffic ones (tons of clients or customers coming all the time), the cleaning should be done much more often. Not only is the cleanliness the issue here, but also the impression you are making on your visitors. A dirty or unkempt restroom will not be seen positively by a guest, so you will want to make sure that your cleaning service is doing regular cleaning of the restroom.

If you are not sure, then a good cleaning company will be able to assess the situation and recommend a schedule that meets your needs. The good thing is that more regular cleaning will take less time, so your employees will not have to run to a different department or floor to do their business. Instead, they will have a reliably clean restroom to use the whole day round.

Frequent visits will also mean no one is running out of toilet paper or soap, which is another vital part of your commercial cleaning company’s services.

At the end of the day, the expectation should be a thorough cleaning done often enough to keep the restrooms looking and smelling fresh and clean (and germ-free!) the entire working day.

Finding The Right Commercial Cleaning Company

Many companies fail to realize how office cleanliness can actually impact their bottom line. The fact is, unsanitary conditions that lead to illness or the spread of viruses can increase absenteeism and affect productivity. A clean and well-maintained workplace can prevent this, so finding the right commercial cleaners is important.

Many facility managers have to struggle with tight budgets and some will think twice about hiring someone because of the higher cost, despite the top service these providers are offering. Some might even be tempted to reduce the frequency of restroom cleanings in an effort to save money.

There are many other ways these facility managers can manage their budget without compromising the cleanliness of the workplace and the health of employees. Daily thorough cleaning of all restrooms is the basic minimum especially when you see a lot of customer traffic. When you do, think of how impressing your clients can actually be good for your business.

Companies should pay close attention to how their commercial cleaner maintains their offices, specifically in an important part like the restrooms. It should be maintained at a much higher standard because you and your employees deserve much better than those public toilets.

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