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Holiday Cleaning: Tips for a Guest-ready Home


Just merely wiping your furniture and fixtures or arranging the pillows on the bed before your guests could arrive for the holidays is not enough. If you feel lazy to prepare your home for a guest, it’s recommended to call the extreme cleaners.

1. Scrub your entrance. Sweep your front door and your porch if you have one. Cleaning should always start in the entrance, and it is the most important thing to work on when you are expecting guests to arrive. It’s the first thing that your guests will see. Make sure it’s all tidy and clean to make sure you’ll leave a good impression on your guests.

2. Focus on the kitchen. Even if it’s not a holiday and you have guests coming over, the kitchen and dining area are the second place, where you can gather your visitors. Be sure to have your kitchen sanitized to ensure cleanliness and safety for your guests to dine in.

3. Do not neglect the loo. Wiping is not enough when cleaning bathrooms. You need to really clean thoroughly with sanitizers, bleach, and scouring powder. The bathroom is where hygiene is always the number priority, so make sure it’s very clean.

4. Sniff out bad smells. If you feel like your home doesn’t smell right, or it smells different in an awful way, you can try and brew some coffee to set the aroma of your home.

5. Always have one soap for everything, be it a laundry detergent, mopping solution, or a shampoo. If you have these ready, then you are good to go.

6. Your trash bins should be clean as well, despite it being garbage containers. Use lemons and rind it to bits and put it in your bins. This will help ease the foul smell.

7. Keep your windows clean and clear because if not, you might not be able to see your guests pull over your front lawn. Always keep a mixture of vinegar and water in a spray bottle if ever you need to wipe off a spot on your window asap.

8. Clean your stove and oven with baking soda. Since you’ll be cooking a lot during the holidays, stoves and ovens get a little too stained as well. It helps remove tough stains and it also helps brighten the metal edges of your stove or oven.

9. For clogged drains, you can use ½ cup of baking soda and ½ cup vinegar and pour it all the way down the drain. Cover it for 30 minutes and then flush it with hot water. Mixing your own homemade cleaning products will help you save a little in grocery expenses.

If you feel lazy to do all the cleaning for the guests, you don’t have to put that much effort to do so.

Here are other simple hacks that you can do for your dusty home:

1. Cleaning the bathtub

Cleaning a bathtub is pretty hard to do because of the size of it. It’s like cleaning a big toilet. But to save time, you can use a drill to clean the bathtub—yes, a drill! Attach a foam ball polisher to the drill and use it to do the scrubbing work. You can ask the automotive section at a nearby store or hardware for the attachment. This is actually made for getting rid of grime without making scratches on the surfaces.

2. Iron out bad carpet stains

Instead of spending hours and hours scrubbing your carpet, you can actually iron it out. Spray a mixture of 1 cup vinegar and 3 cups water on the stain and cover it with a cloth. Use an iron and iron it all across the cloth. This way, the stain will be transferred to the cloth that you used as a cover.

3. Clean floor and ceiling vents using the dishwasher

We all know that cleaning vents is a very tiring job to do, because you have to detach them to be able to clean them thoroughly and then reattach them after. If you have aluminum vents, you can clean them by using your dishwasher and setting it on a water-only cycle.

The holidays are the time when we get together with family and loved ones. Make sure your home is ready for accommodating guests. This way, everyone will be happy.

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