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How Cleaning Can Help With Company Efficiency


Most companies look at commercial cleaning as an option, failing to realise that it can help with business efficiency. Professional cleaning does more than simply clean – it can provide you with the following benefits:

Fewer Sick Days for Employees

With the recent health scare, cleanliness has taken new levels of importance – especially in shared spaces. Even before the pandemic however, keeping a clean and sanitized surface greatly contributes to fewer sick days among employees.

If one of your people has the sniffles, a good cleaning company can at least minimize its spread through a comprehensive clean of the common areas. You might be surprised how many bacteria are residing on the microwave handle, the fridge, the coffeemaker, and various other shared items in the workplace.

More Economical Option

There’s also the fact that professional cleaners are more cost-effective. Since they’re responsible for hiring people, you can be sure that there’s always a custodian ready to do the cleaning. The HR Department doesn’t have to worry about keeping their records, paying the salary, or keeping track of their performance.

Instead, all you have to do would be to pay off the professional cleaners – creating a simple “expense” account in the books instead of an extensive entry. Plus, there’s the fact that third party cleaners often charge on a per-contract basis.

There’s Always Someone There

By outsourcing your cleaners, you only have to make sure that you pay the contract – they will take care of the rest. This is a top benefit when it comes to people because if one of the custodians fail to close shop for the day.

There will always be someone ready to take up the slack. There’s no blank space in there and you are given the assurance of continuous cleanliness no matter what happens.

Keeps the Productivity Up

There’s something about a clean environment that keeps people focused on their work. An un-swept floor or a full trash bag can be a cause of distraction for many people – not to mention if there’s a lingering smell on the floor.

With a clean office welcoming them in the morning, your employees can happily go straight to work in a calm and productive environment.


Comprehensive and Flexible Service

Professional cleaners invest heavily on their team, equipment, and tools. For example – heavy-duty carpet and tile cleaners are often part of the service – something that few businesses have the budget for. With a professional cleaning company, you can tap into the best cleaning equipment out there from windows, vents, air conditioners, and so on.

Most cleaners offer a daily service and can also extend a comprehensive sweep all through the office which includes even the most obscure areas like the back of the office fridge, the air vents, the heater, the toilet, and so on. Most cleaners also work with businesses to create a cleaning plan depending on their needs. Hence, you only need to pay for services you actually need in the office through a flexible package system.

Works within your Timeframe

You want to keep the office clean but you want to avoid the distraction of custodians walking around the place?  Professional cleaning companies often extend the option of flexible work hours. Custodians can be present at night time when everyone is home and clean the area all through the night so that everything is perfect in the morning.

For businesses that have a high traffic area or just want to maintain a private space during working hours, professionals would be perfect.

Boosts Company Reputation

Finally, there’s the fact that a clean work space is an attractive one. If you run a business that continually welcomes clients into the office –cleanliness is a huge part of company reputation.

When clients walk in, they want to see a well-maintained space that just screams reliability and quality. You will find that a clean space can really boost the company reputation without going overboard on the expenses.

To wrap it up, professional cleaning services can do so much for businesses looking to maintain excellent standing in their chosen industry. Of course, the benefits mentioned above are only true if you get a reputable cleaning company that can deliver quality services.

For all commercial and office cleaning needs, you may contact Performance Property Services Group at 1300 867 872 for more details.

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