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Industrial Cleaning Tips for a Safe Workplace in this Time of Covid-19

Economic growth remains a challenge for Australia and the rest of the world in this time of Covid-19 pandemic. Yet work must go on. Companies can adopt changes such as getting employees vaccinated and ensuring utmost cleanliness of work spaces.

If your business is in essential services or part of the industry allowed to operate by the Ministry of Health, hiring for a professional cleaner is a wise choice. That, plus you can follow industrial cleaning tips for a safe work environment in the midst of Covid-19.


1. Clean Workstations Routinely

Encourage employees to clean their workstations regularly, including computers, keyboards, tables, telephones, office supplies, and machines. Provide cleaning products and disinfectant wipes for each employee for convenience and infection control. Empowering employees to look after the frequent cleaning of their workstations also lessens the burden of your hired cleaners. Plus, choose cleaning agents with high efficacy in killing microbes.

2. Disinfect Commonly Touched Surfaces

Infection control requires you to identify frequently touched surfaces such as door knobs, countertops, remote controls, and shared equipment (e.g., photocopy machine, LCD projector, production machine). Instruct your hired cleaner to disinfect the areas routinely – morning, lunch, afternoon, or whenever necessary.

In industrial settings, you can encourage employees to sanitize before and after touching common surfaces and wear protective equipment such as hand gloves when using machines and equipment. The wearing of protective equipment is beneficial for rotating shifts and factories with closely spaced machine.

3. Clean Air Vents

In closed workplaces, the risk of virus transmission is high. You can open the windows, if there are any, to improve air circulation. Most production floors are presumably well ventilated, as most machines require a cooling system or optimum air flow.

In the absence of windows, say in staff offices, you can regularly clean the air vents and the filters of your AC to ensure the air circulating the room is clean and allergen-free. Set a cleaning schedule to avoid work interruption.

Additionally, you can use air sanitizers that can kill germs before and after work hours, as well as during break times, to ensure that the circulating air is clean. Make sure everyone’s out when spraying to prevent inhaling chemicals.

By chance, somebody coughed in the room or a suspected infected person has visited your workplace recently, the quickest remedy to clean the air in closed workplaces is to spray sanitizing aerosols.

4. Clear the Clutter

Take time to organize your workplace. Clear areas of unused items and sort remaining objects properly. This gives you more space to move around and fewer items to clean and disinfect. A clutter-free workplace not only increases worker productivity but also contributes to a safer environment. There are fewer fire hazards and potential objects of transmissions for the virus.

You can encourage your employees to declutter their personal workstations, too. Tuck away those that are not necessary and arrange items inside the cabinets. If you haven’t started practicing the 5S system, then it’s high time that you do.


5. Deep Cleaning of the Floor

Don’t forget about the floors. They too need thorough cleaning during this pandemic. Provide disinfecting mats at entrances when possible. The virus is carried in droplets in the air that eventually settle down in floors and surfaces. Hence, you must as well disinfect floors. Mopping, scrubbing, and shining floors are not enough. You need to apply disinfectant to remove germs not visible to the naked eye.

6. Hire a Professional Cleaner

Entrust the safety and cleanliness of your workplace to industrial cleaners who are trained in cleaning and disinfecting workplaces in this time of Covid-19. Because of experience, they are already familiar with the nooks and crannies to clean. They follow infection-related protocols, such as following the order of cleaning and knowing how to handle different cleaning chemicals safely.

They also come fully equipped with the appropriate cleaning tools and personal protective equipment. Sometimes, when cleaning surfaces, untrained individuals can whimsically spread the infection, say through repeated use of washcloth or improper disposal of cleaning materials.

Therefore, you can consider industrial cleaning service a wise investment. You are putting the best interests of your employees and are not disrupting the workload of your workforce.

To help you deep clean and disinfect your industrial building, talk to Performance Property Services Group – the trusted and professional cleaning company. You may reach us at 1300 867 872 for more details.

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