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Medical Centre Cleaning in Melbourne

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Reliable Medical Centre Cleaning Services

The Performance Property Services Group (PPSG) medical cleaning team understands how valuable a clean working environment is for the healthcare industry. People with various ailments visit medical facilities for treatment and care. The high foot traffic in hospitals, medical clinics and nursing homes naturally leads to a rapid build-up of bacteria, dirt and germs. And now with COVID-19 being a global health concern, the need for high-calibre and flawless commercial cleaning services is higher than ever.

By offering top-notch medical centre cleaning in Melbourne, we are one with all healthcare providers in creating healthy environments for them and their patients. Our company started in 1999 and has been in operation for over 20 years. Within this period, we’ve enhanced our cleaning practices to meet safety standards and tirelessly served multiple clients. And so, when it comes to ensuring that establishments are spick and span, we at PPSG mean business! 


Medical Centre Cleaning in Melbourne the PPSG Way

A clean and safe medical facility not only ensures the well-being of healthcare workers and patients. Our medical centre cleaning services also help our clients build an establishment that promotes positivity and productivity among employees.

Medical personnel go through a high level of day-to-day stress that seeing grimy floors, overflowing bins or unkept bathrooms will only add to their burden. A fresh-smelling workspace that’s free from distractions is what they need to stay attentive and focused while assisting patients.

Facility owners and operators also benefit from hiring reliable cleaning services and experts. For one thing, no patient would entrust their health to medical professionals in a dirty hospital or clinic. With our cleaning expertise, we can help your display your exacting standards, keep your regular clientele satisfied and attract new patrons through word of mouth. 

Yes, regular maintenance staff may address your cleaning requirements and needs. But by employing an experienced team, you can prevent all kinds of problems. With our help, you can protect immunocompromised patients from infection and avoid the risk of bad public image. You also get to keep your employees’ spirit up and safeguard expensive medical equipment. Through proper cleaning methods, you are also preserving your valuable resources: energy, time and money.

These service attributes allow us to provide clients with highly satisfactory cleaning and all its added benefits.

Well-trained staff


PPSG ensures that its cleaning crew for medical centre cleaning in Melbourne come with all the essentials needed for providing professional services. This assurance starts with our stringent recruitment procedure. Our human resource department, in particular, looks for people with discipline, exceptional attention for detail and positive aura towards work.

We create teams of professional cleaners that have the same level of commitment to quality care for everyone’s health and safety. More importantly, our people know how to provide dependable yet discreet cleaning services in a medical environment.

Our staff go through rigorous and comprehensive training. Through sufficient briefing before the agreed-on cleaning schedule, we ensure that our team can accomplish all cleaning tasks at hand. PPSG staff are well-versed when it comes to effective cleaning techniques and agents. They also know how to clean without missing any spot. This level of expertise is particularly vital in health facilities, where a neglected area can potentially lead to an outbreak.

Likewise, PPSG knows the dangers and risks involved in cleaning healthcare centres. And so, we also train our people how to protect themselves. Our cleaning staff are well-informed in terms of following local health protocols. 

They keep their hands clean and sterile by applying an alcohol-based solution and putting on gloves. We also provide them with personal protective equipment, including masks and face shields, to prevent them from touching any part of their face while cleaning.

High-standard solutions

All PPSG services and procedures are compliant with the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) high-quality cleaning standards. We see to it that our specialised cleaning products will sanitise your facility without compromising the health of your workers and patients. Our expert cleaning staff also uses the right cleaning methods to prepare your medical equipment for the next round of check-ups, free from any damage.

Our disinfectants are all health-certified and have components to fight all sorts of pathogens, be it bacteria or viruses. Specifically, we use Netbiokem and Viraclean for cleaning medical facilities. These cleaning agents are part of the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) list of disinfectants for use against COVID-19.

TGA works alongside the Australian Government Department of Health to regulate the supply of therapeutic goods in the country. Moreover, the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods recognises the therapeutic claims of the Netbiokem and Viraclean as valid and legal.

We then complement these effective cleaners with hygienic cleaning processes to avoid cross-contamination. Our team also cleans or sanitise tools like rags and mops after cleaning one spot or room.

Cleaning equipment or machinery like floor polishers has been tested and tagged for safety checks. Vacuum cleaners go through routine cleaning and filtering as well to avoid pathogen transmission into the air. 

Cleaners are freshly made every time following the manufacturer’s instructions. After cleaning an area, our staff follow proper waste management by putting all used wiping cloth, napkins, masks and gloves in a leakproof bag.

Customised service

While all types of healthcare facilities require the same high level of professional cleaning and disinfection, no establishment is the same. Some areas have carpets and windows, and each room has different sets of equipment. Every spot goes through varying levels of human traffic. Busy hospitals, small dental clinics and multi-room aged care homes will need different sets of cleaning requirements. For this reason, our company applies the client-centric approach to our medical centre cleaning in Melbourne.

Our customer service providers can help you hire the ideal set of cleaning processes to optimise your investment. When you employ our service, we adjust to your preferred cleaning schedule, not the other way around. We can clean up your facility during your less busy hours. This way, you can go about your day with the least disruptions.

Here at PPSG, every client is VIP! Just give us a call at 1300 867 872 for a free quote, and we’ll take care of the rest. Our expert cleaning service will have you welcoming employees, patients and guests with confidence every time.


Services and Areas of Expertise

Our medical centre cleaning in Melbourne can handle any healthcare facility. Our friendly cleaning staff will take care of your hospital, GP office, diagnostic lab, dental clinic, aged care facility or nursing home. We guarantee flawless cleaning results, from the entryway to storeroom. Even our cleaning contract will be 100% smooth-sailing, from start to finish. Here are a few areas we excel on to help you create your customised cleaning plans.

Disinfection of high-touch surfaces

People often touch balustrades, bed rails, elevator buttons, benches, light switches and doorknobs. These areas are hotspots for transfer and spread of germs. PPSG uses hospital-grade cleaning solutions to clean and wipe these frequently touched surfaces to ensure total protection.

Regular damp mopping of floors

People come and go in healthcare facilities. As a result, grime and soil can quickly accumulate on hardwood, vinyl, tile, terrazzo or concrete floors. Spillage of chemicals, medicines and toxins are also likely. Using a commercial-grade disinfectant ensures that we free floors from all types of dirt, visible or not. We also offer carpet cleaning services for healthcare offices.

Cleaning of medical and patient equipment

Our meticulous team can help clean and sanitise high-risk areas like operating theatres, intensive care units and nurseries. We ensure all medical tools are free from smudge, fingerprints, body fluids and spillages. Our service also includes keeping medical equipment body, legs, castors and wheels clean and odour-free.

Cleaning of waiting room or front desk

For everyone’s firsthand safety, we also offer office cleaning services for your receiving and administrative areas. With clean office equipment, furniture and curtains, your workers, guests and patients can work or see their doctors with peace of mind.

Toilet cleaning and sanitation

Public toilets in hospitals, diagnostic labs and clinics are at high risk of infection. Our team ensures every corner is spotless from any harmful disease carriers and free from unpleasant odours. We also make sure that your garbage bins are empty while observing safe rubbish removal.

General cleaning of low-risk areas

We use detergent solution wipes to clean up non-patient rooms and minimally touched surfaces like ceilings and walls. We’ll also remove all visible dust and soil from your windows and blinds, no matter their type or size.

Contact us today at 1300 867 872 to learn more about our wide range of services for medical centre cleaning in Melbourne!

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