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Office Spring Clean Melbourne

Office Spring Clean Melbourne | Performance Group
Office Spring Clean Melbourne | Performance Group

Office Spring Clean!

Here in Melbourne it feels like Spring has finally arrived with the weather warming up! Now is a great time to look at an Office Spring Clean! To help, we've come up with a list of things that need to be done during this period.

If you have a cleaning contractor, you might like to do a check to make sure they are including these items:

Recommended duties for Office Spring Cleaning:

  • Carpet Steam cleaning and deodorising
  • Wash clean internal glass partitions
  • Upholstery clean all office chairs
  • High Level dusting
  • Clean all air-conditioning vents
  • Wash clean all slimline blinds
  • Disinfect/wipe all telephones handsets
  • Degrease all tiles in toilets
  • Wash clean all tiles in restrooms
  • Pressure wash all external entry surfaces
  • Pressure wash facade of building
  • Linoleum maintenance care (strip/seal)
  • Deep clean of fridges in tearooms
  • Clean and wipe down marks off walls and doors
  • Dust fan blades
  • Dust and wipe ceiling light covers
  • Move all desks and clean behind
  • Pressure wash all external balconies
  • Wash clean all external balustrading
  • Wash clean all external glass
  • Mechanical sweep car park
  • Wash clean all chair bases

If you would like some assistance, please contact us on 1300 867 872.

Office Spring Clean – Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne

Office Carpet Steam Clean Melbourne | Performance Cleaning
Office Carpet Steam Clean Melbourne | Performance Cleaning

Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne Offices

With Spring well and truly here, it's a great time to get an office spring clean underway! A great place to start is with steam cleaning the office carpets.

During the Winter months dirt, mud, water is brought in on shoes and walked through the office. This is deposited in the carpet. A carpet steam clean removes this dirt and grime, and in turn this extends the life of the carpet. Even if the dirt is not highly visible, the grit wears away at the carpet as it is walked on.

Now is a great time to book an office carpet steam clean!

Office Cleaning: Tackling Carpet Stains at an Early Stage

Office Cleaning South Melbourne - The Toilets | Performance Cleaning

Removing Coffee Stains

Coffee stains are the most common you will find in all offices.

Tackling stains at an early stage will prevent the stain penetrating into the carpet. Leaving the stain too long will most times result in a permanent mark if not treated.

With all our clients our staff have on site a great product to deal with this issue.
Enzyme Wizard-Carpet Spot remover and Shampoo is designed to attack and eliminate tough stains.

Carpet Steam Clean Annually

It has a penetrating action which gets deep down into the fibres of the carpet.
We encourage all our clients to steam clean and deodorise carpets annually.

Office Cleaning South Melbourne - The Toilets | Performance Cleaning

Common Area Office Kitchen Cleaning in Essendon

Terrazzo Cleaning Melbourne | Performance Cleaning
Terrazzo Cleaning Melbourne | Performance Cleaning

Hard floor care requires specialist care.

This client approached us with this dilemma. They had employed a cleaner to mop this floor daily but after 2 years they realised they where wasting there money.

Terrazo floors require careful cleaning. Specific floor detergents are required for Terrazzo floors with correct dilution rates.

This Terrazzo floor required deep penetration with auto scrubbers , but this could have been avoided with good practices.
Mops need to be colour coded to avoid cross contamination.

High traffic hard floors often require a heavy mop followed by a neutralised rinse .

Car Park Degreasing / Scrubbing: Collingwood, Mlebourne

Carpark Concrete Cleaning Collingwood | Melbourne | Performance Cleaning

Can carpark oil stains be removed?

This is a question we get asked often.

Using the right method, chemicals and machinery it certainly can. The attached photos of a concrete clean in a carpark in Collingwood prove this.

In this particular case we applied a heavy degreaser and then with a ride on scrubber using nylon brushes we scrubbed the entire car park. The outcome - an overwhelming  success!

Of course, the longer you leave the dirt build up, the harder it is to remove. So, we recommend car parks to be cleaned every 12 months as a maintenance programme is vital for the up keep. A regular program ensures it is always looking clean and free from any long term stains.

Concrete Scrubbing – Port Melbourne

Concrete Scrubbing Melbourne | Performance Group
Concrete Scrubbing Melbourne | Performance Group

Can old concrete be cleaned effectively?

Dirt and grime builds up over time on concrete floors, just like any other floor. The best defence is regular cleaning, but what if the concrete has been poorly maintained? Can it be effectively cleaned. In many cases, yes.

This is particular job in a common area in the CBD was a challenge due to not being maintained for a long period of time. Our challenge was to bring the life back into it.

So, we applied surface cleaner degreaser to all areas and the allow it to penetrate for 5 mins.

The next stage was to use our industrial circular pressure washer to remove all built up grime.

What an incredible outcome! The client was amazed by the end result!

So, in order to ensure this doesn't happen again, a  maintenance programme has been put in place.

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