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6 Things to Put On Your Winter Office Deep Cleaning Checklist

Deep-cleaning your office before winter is a sound idea if you think about it. You eliminate all dirt build-up before the onslaught of wintertime crud. Lessen the snowy season’s bad side by leaving the office spick and span by having the right winter deep-cleaning items.

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1. Salt Neutraliser Cleaner

Tackling the salt problem once there’s a nip in the air is a smart move for a cleaner, more presentable office. Ignore all that salt and it will stain the flooring. At worst, it can leave a crusty, grainy film that may eventually cause floor damage.

Remove the salt before it creates an icky mess by using a salt neutraliser cleaner. This cleaning solution can help eliminate salt for good. It also helps in grime and dirt removal.

2. Glass Cleaner

For most of the winter season, all office windows will be closed. However, just because it’s left closed does not mean that you have to tolerate dirt streaks on those parts the whole season.

Go over your windows with a glass cleaner and start with the first-floor windows. If the office is several floors up, you should get assistance with a professional window-cleaning service.

3. Dusters/Dusting Rags

Offices in winter are closed up more compared to other seasons and because of this, pollutants and microorganisms are trapped inside and cannot.

Thus, make sure to have your dusters, dusting rags, and cloths plus furniture polish on hand at all times. Wipe office furniture and fixtures regularly to ensure a cleaner, dust-free office.

Clean the vents by removing their covers and dry-dusting them. Wash the items with gentle detergent and a damp cloth. Dry them immediately then use a vacuum attachment to remove all dust from the vent areas. Wipe the inner walls with a moist cloth if required before fastening the covers.

Remember to change the air duct filters as well to ensure better air quality.

4. Bleach

When it comes to cleaning checklists regardless of the season, cleaning the loo and breakrooms should always be higher up on the priority list. The flu season is nigh and cleaning plus disinfecting those areas frequently with bleach and water should be performed.

The loo and the breakrooms are areas where people often come and go, thus making them a thriving spot for disease-causing germs. Main areas, lobbies, and conference rooms should be cleaned and disinfected daily as well since these are high-traffic spots, too.

5. Vacuum Cleaners

Rugs and carpets trap plenty of dirt, grime, dust, and food remains, thus making them ideal breeding places for microorganisms and pests. Vacuum office rugs and carpets scrupulously. Use a dedicated vacuum attachment or a brush roller to suck in as much dust and dirt as possible. Roll up those rugs and carpets and clean the surface under them.

For rugs with plastic or rubber undersides, wipe them clean using a gentle detergent and moist cloth or rag. If the rug is made from woven material, simply shake loose dust and debris off or use a vacuum to tidy up its underside.

6. Natural Cleaning Solutions

Winter means that pests like mice will seek areas that are warmer and have food on hand. Protect the office pantry from vermin by cleaning the office fridge. Some food remains and drink spills can stick inside the refrigerator and this can attract rats.

Take away all food items, pots, pans, food containers, racks, and shelves. Wash the racks and shelves in the sink then wipe the walls of the fridge with a solution of vinegar, water, and baking soda. Do the same for the cabinets and pantry. Remove all items inside and clean the inside with a moist microfiber cloth and gentle detergent.

Don’t forget to clean the microwave by wiping its insides with natural lemon, vinegar, and water cleaning solution.

You will appreciate the fact that you took the effort to tidy up the office. Working in an organized, neat office makes healthier employees and smoother operations.

If you need more muscle in this area, give us a call today for excellent professional cleaning services. Our service staff is trained and knowledgeable about cleaning methods and the right fixes to solve all clean-up issues.

For more information and tips about winter office cleaning, you may contact Performance Cleaning at 1300 867 872 or fill out our form to get a quick quote.

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