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The Ultimate Guide to Bond Cleaning: Tips and Tricks for Getting Your Security Deposit Back


When renting a place, you must know about the importance of bond cleaning. A rental bond is a security deposit that you pay at the start of the tenancy. You can claim the whole amount of it if the rental property is modestly clean and undamaged. However, if you fail to properly clean the property, the landlord has the authority to subtract the necessary amount from the rental bond money to clean and disinfect the rental unit.

To make sure that you get your entire deposit, you need to clean your rental place accordingly. Here are some tips and tricks for getting your security deposit back.

Analyse The Cleaning Requirements

The end-of-lease cleaning is not the same as your regular cleaning method. There are some specific requirements that you need to understand before you start deep cleaning the property. Get a copy of the original condition report that outlines the state of the rental property at the beginning of the agreement. This way you have an idea of how you will restore the place to its original condition.

Follow A Checklist

You can ask your landlord for a bond cleaning checklist. This way you will not miss anything and you can start your cleaning process from top to bottom. This is very helpful especially if you are doing it without any professional help.

Ensure That The Carpets Are Clean

Some of the common reasons why tenants have money deducted from their deposit is because of inefficiently cleaned carpets. If you rented a carpeted house or unit, you must always keep it clean and maintained so that you would not have any problems when your lease ends. Thoroughly clean your carpet by using vacuum and spot clean stains using carpet cleaners.

Clean Walls And Baseboards

Walls and baseboards are not part of your regular cleaning but these things should not be ignored when doing an end-of-lease cleaning. You can easily do it by vacuuming or by wiping these areas with a good cleaning solution. However, you may need professional help if your walls and baseboards are tremendously dirty due to neglect.


Don’t Neglect Light Fittings & Fixtures

Property managers and landlords take notice of the light bulbs, ceiling fans, and light switches when they inspect the property. So make sure you do not overlook these areas. Remove dust and dirt by wiping them with a microfiber cloth. You can use an all-purpose clean when removing tough dirt and stains and then wipe them off with a clean absorbent cloth.

Clean The Windows

You must clean your windows to make your rental place look fresh. You can either use homemade cleaners or commercial cleaning products, whichever is available, when cleaning these areas.

One tip when cleaning your windows is to clean them on an overcast day or early in the morning. Cleaning them in direct sunlight will leave streaks when the cleaning solution evaporates. So make sure you do not plan window cleaning on a sunny day.

Get Rid Of Mould Spots

Your property manager or landlord may deduct money from your rental deposit if they notice mould spots that were not present at the time you rented it. Mould spots developed because of too much moisture or poor ventilation. The best way to remove mould spots is to spray them with vinegar and then leave it for an hour. Then, scrub the mouldy areas using a brush and rinse them with warm water and soap.

If the mould infestation is severe, it would be better if you hire a professional cleaning company to do the job for you especially if you do not have the proper safety gear and supplies. Moulds can affect your health so it’s best to leave the cleaning to the experts.

Hire A Cleaning Professional

The most guaranteed way to have the end-of-lease cleaning get done properly is to hire a professional cleaning company. Professional cleaners know how to perform end-of-lease cleaning the right way. They know exactly what to do and what to use when cleaning different areas of your rental unit. Save yourself from the stressful task of end-of-lease cleaning and have the assurance of getting your security deposit back by hiring cleaning experts.

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