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Commercial Cleaning in Melbourne with a Personal Touch

Have you been googling "commercial cleaning melbourne", "commercial cleaning services melbourne" or "cleaning services in Melbourne"?

In general, we clean commercial, retail and residential properties across Melbourne. That’s only part of the story though. To this day, the cornerstone of our cleaning business is the relationships we build with our customers. We are hands-on from the top down and are accessible to our customers to ensure the best cleaning service possible in the industry.

You want the cleaning tasks done right every time, and that’s what we do. Our cleaning team is composed of highly professional and experienced cleaners, backed by a management team that is involved at every level. Your business will be spotless after every visit from us.

What are the benefits of using Performance Property Services Group?

From commercial cleaning to residential cleaning, whether an office, warehouse or home, we keep your business space spic and span. Some of the benefits of using us as your dedicated cleaning experts are:

  • A reliable, quality cleaning service that’s clean the first time every time according to your requirements
  • Individual cleaning services to match your budget with optional extras
  • Convenience, as we will meet your cleaning schedule with before-work, after-work and weekend hours
  • Time saving, as we provide all the hard cleaning work for our clients
  • High standard of service due to our more than 20 years of experience.

Worrying about whether a cleaner is doing their job/work is the last thing you need. So, for an expert commercial & residential cleaning service company that will leave your premises looking spotless, there’s only one name to trust – Performance Property Services Group. Contact us on 1300 867 872 for a free quote and let's get some cleaning work done.

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Our Clients

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Our Commitment

Given the recent global changes primarily affecting health, we have strengthened our commitment in providing clientele only the best commercial cleaning services.

We understand the impact of health in a thriving workforce. That is why we always ensure that our clients receive the best care and attention in all aspects. Not just in cleaning, our company takes great pride in employing experienced and dedicated individuals.

We only use the best cleaning essentials and garbed in the necessary protective equipment when sanitising. This is to ensure that your working area is germ- and virus-free

What We Bring to the Table

What we bring to the table is a mixture of professionalism, experience, and friendliness. We also have the full knowledge that our service forms part of our client’s essential security against COVID-19 and other potential diseases.

This is why we don’t just swipe and clean as we go. Our Melbourne-based staff has been trained to follow a rigid cleaning procedure. This is the best way we know how to keep you safe – by addressing each aspect of the area and environtment with laser-like precision.

Deep Cleaning, Maintenance, and Tools to Make it Happen

Having been in the Melbourne cleaning industry for years, what we offer goes beyond having staff that knows the ropes. We take great pride in investing in some of the best cleaning materials in the market.

We offer only top tools from office commercial cleaning, steam cleaners to proper garbage disposal. Also, we are always up to date when it comes to the tools of our trade.

This ensures that you receive the perfect clean within a reasonable amount of time. Therefore, it won’t affect your normal business operations, no less.

Customised Cleaning to Suit Your Needs

Even as we comb through offices with material precision when it comes to cleaning, we understand that not all work areas are alike.

Depending on the nature of the building’s operation, we take into consideration the hotspot areas where germs and bacteria may choose to reside. With time and traffic as additional factors, our cleaning team is more than happy to schedule our operations to fit the needs of your industry.

Do you want us to be there during off-office hours? Do you need help only during the weekends? We take great pride in being flexible and always capable of sending in cleaning help when it is needed.

Best Practices

Having partnered with numerous businesses over the past years, Performance Property Services Group have had the privilege of knowing exactly what’s required for the job.

We understand how industries work and what are the best practices and products needed to maintain quality control in a given setting. Ultimately, this will ensure that our goals align with those of our clients for a mutually beneficial and long-term relationship.

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Be confident about opening your doors to clients, visitors, and workers with a full cleaning service coupled with consistent laser-like maintenance of your working area.

So, if you have been googling for commercial cleaning services in Melbourne or office cleaning services in Melbourne, contact us on 1300 867 872 and we’ll be happy to talk about your cleaning service needs.

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