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Best Commercial Cleaning Services in Melbourne

Have you been googling "commercial cleaning melbourne", "commercial cleaning services melbourne" or "cleaning services in Melbourne"?

Workplace hygiene is now more crucial than ever. And what better way to ensure a safe working environment than hire commercial cleaning services in Melbourne? Whether you need a large office building or individual working spaces cleaned, the Performance Property Services Group (PPSG) got you covered.

Our dedicated team members may be experts in cleaning work, from making clean carpets to polishing windows. But the relationship we build with our customers is our cornerstone. Your positive experience with the company is our top priority. With the full support of our management team, we make sure we clean up your office premises the way you want it done, 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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Our Clients

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What Makes Our Office Cleaning Services Stand Out

There are several commercial cleaning companies in Melbourne. They probably offer almost the same comprehensive services like us. But these extras make PPSG high calibre.


PPSG has been in operations for more than 20 years. We’ve started offering our commercial cleaning services in Melbourne back in 1999. Since then, our extensive experience allowed us to expand our reach, develop high cleaning standards and make lots of customers happy.


We value our employees as much as our customers. So, we make sure our staff are experts in what they do before we send them to you. With rigorous training and protective cleaning gear, they can confidently clean up your space with laser-like precision, whether it’s your medical centre, sports club or retail store.


Our commercial cleaning specialists work beyond regular cleaning. We go the extra mile by investing in the best equipment available to achieve a clean workplace in no time. Our professional team only uses the right kind of solutions to ensure top-notch results and to safeguard your well-being.


PPSG ensures that its staff for commercial cleaning in Melbourne gets all cleaning assignments right the first time, every time. We achieve this goal through our mantra that no customer or office environment is the same. Our team treats every task on a personalised level, with your requirement specifications followed to a tee.


Both management and staff members of PPSG are service-oriented and results-driven. Business owners of established companies including Kogan, Mercedes-Benz Motors, CIC Higher Education, E&S Trading and PACE Development Group can attest to our high standards.


Our company embraces new challenges. With COVID-19 affecting our work lives, PPSG chooses to keep up and help out. And so, we continuously enhance our knowledge bank and our methods to turn business setbacks into healthy comebacks!

With so many priorities that need your attention, hiring a reliable company on commercial cleaning services in Melbourne should lessen your load. PPSG got your back! Call 1300 867 872 now for a free quote and get the quality service you deserve. Let’s have your space spic and span for your workforce and customers.

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Why Rely on Professional Office Cleaning Agency

Hiring commercial cleaning companies in Melbourne like the Performance Property Services Group (PPSG) gets you more than cleaned carpets and windows. Highest quality services benefit not only the business owners but also their employees and operations. Here are some of the reasons why commercial cleaners and your office premises go hand in hand.

VIP treatment

Cleaning activities are not everyone’s cup of tea. With so many tasks at hand, vacuuming the carpet is the last thing you’ll tick on your to-do list. Companies that offer commercial office cleaning in Melbourne are pros when it comes to customer service. All you need to do is to make a call, and they’ll do the jobs.

Our professional company, in particular, has trained, experienced and well-rounded people. As your expert service provider, we can help you choose the right cleaning procedures and get the most of your investment. More importantly, we are flexible. We can clean up before or after hours so you can return to a clean, fresh-smelling workspace without disruptions.

Safe and clean environment

Human traffic naturally brings all sorts of particles into your commercial premises, from dust to mud to pet hair. When these accumulate, bacteria, moulds or viruses thrive. The lack of a cleaning routine will only spell diseases, accidents and injuries for your employees and clients.

Professional cleaning services have advanced equipment to ensure that every nook and cranny is safe and clean. We also use industrial-grade products, so they don’t leave any smell or residue that can cause allergic reactions or adverse impact on your business. Plus, you can use our  services to prevent dirt or germ build-up.

Good overall productivity

Employees are happier to report and work in a clean office that they can be proud of – one that is safe, orderly and comfortable. The absence of distractions, like dust marks and overflowing garbage, enhances productivity and reinforces a positive work environment. Even better, they stay protected from pests and other disease-causing agents.

Our commercial office cleaning in Melbourne should help lessen the sick leaves of your workers. Aside from rubbish removal and disposal, we are also dependable in disinfecting shared areas. Routine cleaning of your bathrooms, training or meeting rooms and pantry should prevent employee illness and support their well-being.

Significant cleaning savings

Yes, you can ask your employees to clean their workstations, but they should be focusing on their tasks and clients. You can do the cleaning yourself to save money, but that will take time. And without the correct product and equipment, you can ruin your windows or carpet and only lead to added costs.

Our professional cleaning services at affordable prices are more cost-effective. We clean things up right the first time with proven cleaning solutions that will help preserve your property. With appropriate measures, we can efficiently clean your space without wasting time while you can stay focused and productive.

Professional image boost

No one wants to work, much less set foot, in dirty workplaces or commercial establishments. Melbourne is among the most populous metropolis in Australia and home to many international offices and businesses. And having a clean and safe environment showcases your high standards, which, in turn, attracts potential clients.

Our high-quality service should help you look your best! We know exactly how to clean up your school premises, industrial site or grocery store to make that right and lasting impression. With our deep cleaning services, plus the power of word of mouth, you can effortlessly project that impressive professional appearance to your target audience.

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Our Commercial Cleaners Can Offer:

Ready to make your cleaning checklist? Here are some of our top-quality cleaning options to help you design your game plan.

All-around commercial cleaners

Whether it’s vacuuming floors, removing rubbish, dusting furniture or all of the above, our reliable staff deliver only excellent service. You can also customise our Melbourne-wide office cleaning service to your needs, with no lock-in cleaning contracts. Our free trial clean offer, flexible cleaning hours and regular inspection make us your perfect cleaner choice.

Carpet steam cleaning

A clean carpet is the first thing that your clients will see upon entering your commercial premises. It gives your space a more welcoming appearance, but it's also the perfect breeding ground for hidden dirt and parasites. PPSG can help keep it looking brand new with our dual carpet cleaning treatments. These cleaning techniques can remove all stains plus give your carpet a fresh-smelling scent.

Hard floor care cleaning

No carpets in your work place? Our professional and reliable cleaners can tackle your floors, too, using our two-stage cleaning process. Attention to detail is our expertise. So, we know the secret how to get your hardwood, vinyl, tiled, terrazzo or concrete floors back in tip-top shape.

Window treatment

Sparkling clean windows make your office view or retail goods on offer all the more attractive. These can also let natural sunlight come in and cut down your energy costs. Our cleaning specialists got the right tricks up their sleeve to restore their clarity and shine. We’ve got the window cleaning solution that fit your business needs, be it for small offices or large areas.

Industrial cleaning services

The manufacturing industry is a continuously growing sector. Our commercial & industrial cleaning services in Melbourne keep up by offering high-pressure water cleaning, floor degreasing and polishing, graffiti removal and more. All our industrial cleaning services are suitable for your factory or warehouse and compliant with the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) high-quality standards.

COVID-19 prevention

People interaction is essential in any industry. And when it's impossible to do all your operations safely at home, PPSG can help in creating a virus-free and equally healthy environment for you. Our expert cleaners come in proper cleaning gear to protect themselves and your commercial premises.

We also use hospital-grade cleaning solutions to disinfect high-touch surfaces like door handles, tabletops and light switches. With proper commercial cleaning in Melbourne and our coronavirus prevention strategy, we can all gradually reopen our businesses and welcome our potential customers with confidence!

How to Contact Our Commercial Cleaners

Your search for the best commercial cleaning services in Melbourne ends here! Call us today at 1300 867 872 on our business hours for a free quote. We can discuss your office & commercial cleaning necessities and the pricing. You can also get in touch with us via e-mail at Check our contact page as well for more details.

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