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Pre Sale Cleaning in Melbourne

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Whether you are looking for a property cleaning service to make sure that your property is ready to sell after suffering flood damage or would like a water damage restoration service to make your home comfortable and liveable again - Performance Services Group, a highly reputable cleaning business, can help you to return your house to its former glory.

Flood damage can be difficult and costly to repair for property owners if you don't have the proper equipment, expertise, or knowledge. You can end up costing yourself more time and money as you struggle to rectify problems that could easily and affordably be dealt with by professional house cleaning services.

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Why Hire Professionals for Pre Sale Cleaning in Melbourne?

When it comes to a pre sale cleaning of a property that has suffered water damage, you can't afford not to hire the experts and specialised pre sale cleaners.

Our experienced and knowledgeable water damage restoration service in Melbourne will make sure that all aspects of flood damage are dealt with efficiently and professionally by the best cleaning service.

We have the necessary industry-leading expertise and equipment to tackle all kinds of stains, dirt, and mould; and leave your walls and floors looking as good as new after deep cleaning.

An Expert and Experienced Approach to Pre Sale House Cleaning Services

  • Highly trained professionals experienced in flood damage restoration cleaning.
  • Effective, high-performance cleaning equipment and industry-standard cleaning solutions.
  • House and property cleaning staff who are subject to continual training and have cleared stringent background and police checks.
  • A tailored cleaning plan to effectively rectify all the cleaning issues caused by floods and other events.
  • All cleaning processes will adhere to professional health and safety standards and be completed to the highest specification.

What Flood Damage Restoration Services in Melbourne Do We Offer?

Contact us today to discover how we can help you with a variety of flood damage restoration issues and house cleaning in Melbourne. Our Services include:

  • An overall comprehensive and deep clean for your water damaged property as well as the garage and outdoor areas.
  • Quick and effective wet carpet drying, carpet steam cleaning and tile floor.
  • Water extraction and cleaning service across Melbourne.
  • Drying walls and all the windows and giving a professional clean.
  • An expert cleaning team with experience in drying and restoring ceilings and other structural elements.
  • Emergency flood home cleaning services.

No matter what aspect of your property needs to be cleaned, our professional and highly trained employees will quickly be on hand to get your residential or commercial building looking its very best.

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What Does Pre Sale Cleaning Involve?

If you are looking to sell a property after it has suffered flood damage, you will need to do more than get rid of a water damaged carpet to get a sale. A professional pre cleaning service will be able to do intense cleaning service to make sure that every single nook and cranny of the property is assessed and subjected to a deep clean.

Hiring an expert in pre sale clean and flood damage restoration service will help to ensure that no detail is overlooked before you put your property on the market.

Time and money may be wasted if you wait until you have already paid out for agents and advertising before an eagle-eyed buyer spots a water stain or developing mould which was missed in a less comprehensive inspection.

While cleaning your home, our professional house cleaner team will be well placed to spot any issues which need more attention and point out any problems related to dampness and water damage that other cleaners may ignore entirely.

Our pre sale cleaning service has been set up to ensure that every aspect is taken care of so that you have the highest possible chance of making a successful sale.

Cleaning Tips on Maximising Property Sale Price

As well as hiring a pre sale cleaning team in Melbourne, there are certain steps you can take to maximise your property sale price. These include:

1. Minimise Clutter.

Whether you want to sell your home or your business property, it is all too easy to ignore the clutter which has accumulated in the property throughout the years.

Piles of clutter will only make rooms seem unkempt and unattractive and can become traps for dust and cobwebs. So, before you sell, do a thorough cleanse, and get rid of all items which don't absolutely need to be there.

2. Make Sure to Leave the Kitchen and Bathrooms Spotless

Both of these rooms are important selling points for your property and if they create an unfavourable impression on your buyer, the chances are the rest of your building will do the same. So, make sure to get in a professional cleaner before you begin viewings to ensure that a thorough deep clean takes place.

3. Clear Rooms of Unnecessary Furniture

Outsized furniture pieces or too many objects in one room will not only make your rooms seem smaller when you need them to look as large as possible - they will provide more receptacles for dust and dirt to settle on. So, see if you can move some of your more unwieldy furniture into storage when you are looking to secure a sale on your home.

4. Make Sure That Everything is Neat, and Housework is Kept On Top Of

Whether you are selling a residential property or business premises, it is essential that you keep everything neat and tidy when prospective buyers visit. That means no dirty dishes in the sink, piles of laundry sitting around, or boxes of files littering the floor! If a buyer is to see the potential in the property, they need to see it at its absolute best with as few everyday distractions as possible.

5. Make Sure The Property Smells Pleasant and Clean

If a property hasn't been used in a while, stale air and dampness can lead to an unpleasant smell that will greet buyers as soon as they walk through the door. So, make sure that your property smells pleasant and inviting and that all odours are dealt with before inviting any viewings on the property.

If you want to maximise the chances of selling your property, it is important to make sure that no aspect of cleanliness or tidiness is overlooked. Hiring a professional pre sale cleaning team can prove invaluable when it comes to presenting your property at its very best.

detail oriented cleaning service - all the furniture and all the floors wash


1. How long does it pre clean my property?

The length of time it will take to clean your property will depend upon several factors including the size of your property and the level of damage and dirt involved.

If your property has sustained significant water damage, then your pre sale cleaning could take longer than that of another property.

Our efficient and expert team is well practiced in completing their work quickly and effectively and will be able to quickly assess your property and the cleaning techniques which need to be employed.

Give us a call on 1300 867 872 or submit a contact form above to discuss your property cleaning needs or house cleaning service and discover your quote for Pre Sale Cleaning in Melbourne?

2. How much does it cost for pre clean service in Melbourne?

As with the time frame, the cost of property pre cleaning in Melbourne will depend upon the size of your property and how much cleaning is involved. At Performances Property Services Group, we pride ourselves on our accessible and affordable pricing structure.

Contact us now to discover your free, no-obligation quote for the pre sale cleaning of your home.

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