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Four Possible Reasons Why It Is Difficult to Maintain the Cleanliness of Your Office

Many people consider the office as their second home. After all, it is here where they spend almost a third of their day for about 5 days a week. Because of the sheer number of people sharing the same space and resources, cleaning the office can be more daunting than cleaning a house. If you … Read more

Dealing With The Unique Challenges Of Medical Cleaning

There are a growing number of Australian medical clinics and hospitals that employ the services of a professional cleaning company. Unlike commercial establishments, cleaning a hospital or medical clinic can be very daunting. This industry poses a lot of unique challenges that only the best cleaning companies can address. Safety The hospital is not the … Read more

5 Cleaning Tips You’d Wish You Knew Sooner

There are always instances when cleaning would seem like taking a lot longer than usual to accomplish. More often than not, it happens in instances when you’re expecting a visitor or while performing a much-needed spring cleaning. Or, you are trying to keep up with the shower of pet hair on your couch. While cleaning … Read more

Upholstery Clean Tullamarine | Eurpocar Melbourne Airport | Performance Group

Upholstery Cleaning – Tullamarine Airport

Client: Europcar, International Office Location: Melbourne Airport, Tullamarine Problem: Light colour green chairs get very dirty, high traffic vinyl floor Solution: Upholstery clean every 3 months, clean floor These chairs at the International Office of Eurpocar at Melbourne Airport in Tullamarine where recently refurbished, only 3 months ago. The light green colour chairs, however, get … Read more

Floor Scrubbing Geelong | Performance Group

Floor Scrubbing – Geelong Child Care Centre

The following video shows the scrubbing and cleaning of a floor in a child care centre in Geelong. The video isn’t great quality, but the workmanship is! Even with the low resolution you can see the cleaning in action. Location: Geelong Client: Child Care Centre Problem: Build up of dirt and grime, particularly in grooves … Read more

Concrete Floor Cleaning Scrubbing Derrimut Melbourne | Performance Group

Concrete Floor Scrubbing Derrimut

The Problem Westar Trucks had an issue with a hugh traffic floor in their  truck service centre, with mechanics walking through with mud and grease. Solution Scrubbed floor back with auto scrubber using a degreaser Scrubbed all corners & edges Run over with scrubber to collect all residue from scrubbing of floor With a straight … Read more

Lift Floor After Seal & Polish | South Yarra | Performance Group

Lift Floor Rejuvenation South Yarra

Cleaning and Rejuvenating a Lift Floor – South Yarra This lift floor in The Punt Hill Apartments in South Yarra has seen some heavy traffic! After several attempts to rejuvenate the floor themselves, they called us to see if we could help. We recommended stripping the floor back, a good scrub and neutralise before applying … Read more

Store Cleaning Port Melbourne | Priceline | Commercial Cleaners | Performance Group

Store Cleaning – Priceline Port Melbourne

Store Cleaning – Port Melbourne When Priceline Port Melbourne was getting ready for their grand opening on the 1st of March it was Performance Group they turned to to make sure everything was spick and span in readiness for their first day of trading. We made sure their new shop was right to go, from … Read more

Commercial Window Cleaning Melbourne | Performance Property Services Group

Clean Windows see in the New Year

Preparing Windows For Promotional Material When your window space becomes your promotional space, it’s important that the windows are clean before signage goes up! We recently completed this task for Europcar prior to the installation of signage for a Chinese New Year promotion. This required the removal of built up dirt and residue from previous … Read more

Office Spring Clean Melbourne | Performance Group

Office Spring Clean Melbourne

Office Spring Clean! Here in Melbourne it feels like Spring has finally arrived with the weather warming up! Now is a great time to look at an Office Spring Clean! To help, we’ve come up with a list of things that need to be done during this period. If you have a cleaning contractor, you … Read more

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