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Flood Damage Restoration in Melbourne

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Whether you are dealing with wet carpets, damp walls, or stained ceilings, our professional cleaning service will provide the very best in water damage restoration in Melbourne.

With years of experience in providing affordable, effective, reliable service and fast-acting cleaning solutions, you can feel rest assured that your property will be looking it's very best in no time.

Our highly trained cleaning professionals in flood restoration services will be on site quickly with our high-spec drying equipment, stain removers, and cleaning solutions to reverse the effects of water damage and remove the water before it causes further issues.

cleaning flooded carpet by flood damage restoration services

Our Expert Water Damage Restoration Service Across Melbourne

Whether you are dealing with an emergency flood situation that needs immediate restoration or have noticed damage and mould resulting from a recently discovered leak - we know you need the damage to be rectified as soon as possible and will send our expertly trained cleaners to you for fast and effective results.

  • We are experienced experts in property cleaning with anti microbial treatment and professional industry leaders in flood damage restoration.
  • Water damage restoration and cleaning for residential and business properties across Melbourne.
  • High power industrial standard drying and cleaning equipment.
  • Dedicated, highly trained, and knowledgeable flood damage cleaning experts.
  • An affordable and accessible pricing structure for a wide range of damage repair and cleaning services.

Why Hire Professionals for Flood Damage Restoration in Melbourne?

Over the years, our professional service for water damage restoration in Melbourne has developed a uniquely effective and experienced team of cleaners. Whether you need cleaning or restoration for your flooded home or business you can be confident in the speed and affordability of our services.

  • Highly trained, dedicated and police checked cleaners providing quick and efficient flood damage restoration in Melbourne.
  • Cleaning, stain removal, and damage repair on floors, walls, and ceilings due to mould growth.
  • Advanced equipment for drying and cleaning of water damaged carpets.
  • Treatment of stains, mould, and grime created by dampness and flooding to prevent further damage.
  • Expert and experienced emergency cleaning services for residential and commercial properties.
  • Fast acting and effective flood damage restoration equipment, leak detection and cleaning solutions.
  • A personalised and tailored flood damage restoration program drawn up by expert cleaners.
  • Our professional cleaners are trained to provide the highest standard of service and adhere to health and safety procedures.

From getting your damp carpets dried to dealing with water stains on the walls and furniture we have the expertise and experience to deal with every aspect of flood damage cleaning on your property.

Flood Damage Restoration Process

Our comprehensive service for water damage restoration in Melbourne covers every aspect of cleaning, drying, and stain removal in your home or commercial property.

1. Assessment of the Water Damage

Our flood restoration service in Melbourne will first of all do a thorough assessment of the water damage caused and work out the quickest and most effective way to clean and dry the floors, ceilings, and walls.

2. A Tailored and Specific Plan of Action

After assessing the damage, our water damage cleaning experts will draw up a clear plan of action detailing all the water extraction, drying, and cleaning operations required. You can use this clear and detailed plan to support any insurance claims you make related to flood damage.

3. We Will Remove Water with Our High-Powered Water Extraction Equipment

Our flood damage experts will use specialist equipment to remove water that remains on the floors of the building. This will help to reduce the damage and give the floors and ceilings the most amount of time to dry as possible during the cleaning process.

4. We Will Work to Control Bacteria, Mould, Quality of Air, and Odour

Our expert cleaning solutions and equipment will effectively treat and sanitise all areas affected by water damage to remove and halt the spread of bacteria and mould on the surfaces of your property. Our experts will also work to remove odours in your home or business and improve the quality of the air in your building.

5. Our Experts Will Dry Out Walls, Ceilings, and Floors

Our drying equipment will manage humidity levels, temperature, and airflow so that wet carpets, furniture, walls, and upholstery are dried out using the most efficient and cost-effective method. We are experts in drying out a wide variety of structural and decorative elements.

6. Removal of Furniture and Property

Our service for water damage restoration in Melbourne will remove all undamaged objects and furniture from the location to ensure they aren't at risk of absorbing water and being damaged.

7. Cleaning of Upholstery, Artwork, and Carpets

We have a wide range of highly effective and specifically designed equipment which will help us to clean and repair upholstery, carpets, artwork, and curtains. Our experts will be able to assess each item and quickly apply the best treatment and solution for each material and surface type.

8. We Will Provide You with a Professional Report When Work is Completed

Once our work is completed, we will provide you with a detailed report of the work that has been undertaken. This can prove helpful with insurance claims and settlements.

flood damage restoration melbourne with advanced water extraction equipment

Causes of Water Damage

We deal with all aspects of water and flood damage in both residential, business, and commercial properties, no matter what the cause of water damage.

If you are struggling to identify the cause of flood or water damage, you should consider checking some of the following causes to see if you can halt the flood as soon as possible:

1. Has Severe Weather Led to Damage to your Property?

If there have been hurricanes, thunderstorms, and natural disasters in the area, you should check to see if there has been any damage to your roof, doors, or windows. This may result in rainwater entering the building and leading to wet walls, floors, and stained ceilings.

2. Are Any of the Pipes Leaking on the Property?

If the floors and carpet are wet, check the pipes beneath the kitchen sink. A damaged and leaking pipe could be allowing a stream of water to leak into your walls and floors. If left too long, this could lead to mould, grime, and damaged plaster, concrete, and brickwork.

If the pipes under the sink aren't to blame, you should consider whether a pipe behind a wall or under the floor may be responsible. This may unfortunately lead to more costly repairs if it isn't dealt with quickly.

3. Check the Supply Pipes for Your Appliances

You should also make sure to check the pressure levels and condition of the water supply pipes for appliances such as a washing machine or dishwasher. Rubber or plastic water supply lines can rupture, tear, and wear out and allow water to spill out onto the floor and wall behind.

4. Are the Gutters of Your Building Clogged?

Make sure that you do regular checks of the gutter and pipe systems around your building.

If your gutters become clogged up with dirt, grit, and leaves, this can result in water overflowing from the pipes and running down the walls of the property. This can result in staining on ceilings, walls, and floors.

5. Are Any of the Drains Blocked in the Building?

Carry out a thorough inspection of all of the sinks, baths, and showers in the building. Plugs can clog up for a variety of reasons and prevent proper drainage. if left unchecked this can lead to improper drainage and blocked pipes.

6. Check the Condensation Levels in the Building

If the walls of the building are damp and you can't identify a leak, you should make sure to check your air conditioning system.

Your AC produced condensation when cooling your building and usually, this moisture is dispelled through a drain pan which leads the water away from your walls via a drainage line.

If this system gets clogged with dirt and grit or the system becomes damaged, water may begin to leak into the walls and onto the floor.

7. Is The Building's Sprinkler System Working Correctly?

Although an important health and safety feature for your business and commercial property, if you have an older sprinkler system installed, this may be the cause of your troubles. An older system may begin to link or even turn itself on! This can cause considerable damage to your floors, furnishing, electrics, and furniture.

So, you should make sure to do regular checks on your sprinkler system and ensure that it is up to standard and unlikely to end up costing you time and money by causing a devastating flood in your property.

8. Is the Water Heater Leaking?

If there is an older heating system installed in your building, this could also be a cause for flooding and water damage. A badly maintained heating system with worn, rusted pipes and water pressure issues can start to leak and quickly lead to a costly flood.

So, if you want to avoid the disruption and cost involved in dealing with a flood in your home or place of business make sure to do regular checks of your heating system, and update and replace older systems that have seen better days.

emergency water extraction, odour control, mould treatment and wet carpet drying process restoration work


1. How long does it take to dry my carpet?

The length of time it will take to dry a water damaged carpet can depend on a variety of factors but could take between 6 hours to 24 hours. The level of humidity, the temperature of the building, and the circulation of the air in the property will all affect how long it takes for wet carpets to dry.

Contact us today to talk to one of our flood water restoration experts and discover how long it will take to repair and clean the water damage in your building.

2. How much does it cost for water/flood damage restoration in Melbourne?

The cost of flood damage restoration in Melbourne will vary depending on the size of your property, the extent of damage caused and the amount of water that has flooded your building. Our accessible and professional service has a great pricing structure which we are sure that you will be pleased with.

Submit a contact us form above to discover your personalised and affordable quote for your flood damage restoration in Melbourne. Alternatively, you can call us on 1300 867 872. Our knowledgeable and friendly experts will be able to quickly give you an idea about how much your flood clean up service is likely to cost.

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