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About Us


Established in 1999, we saw the need for a full-service cleaning company that provided customised cleaning for the unique needs of our varied customers. Initially serving Melbourne and metropolitan areas, we have now expanded into a nation-wide company with daily operations in all capital cities. Our continued success is based on a strong commitment to customer service and performance excellence – an ethos that has resulted in many happy clients, and enabled our reputation to grow quickly in a highly competitive market place.

Office and Commercial Cleaning that Outperforms the Rest

In a crowded market our reputation for delivering on our promise has helped us to grow rapidly. We realised very early on that our company is only as good as our people - with this in mind we continually seek out the best industry professionals and set very high standards for our staff to follow.

High performance commercial and office cleaning is our expertise - we specialise in the full-service cleaning and property maintenance of corporate offices, small-to-medium business premises, retail stores, medical clinics, pharmaceutical companies, building construction sites, owners’ corporations and more.

Attention to Detail – First Time, Every Time

Our staff have been trained in the art of paying attention to detail – so the job gets done right first time, every time. Making it LOOK clean is not enough – it has to BE clean and we make sure of that with regular inspections undertaken by the company directors themselves.

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