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Strata Cleaning in Melbourne

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Satisfactory Strata Cleaning Services

Operating a commercial or residential building is not easy. On top of giving top-notch services to your customers, you also need to prioritise your property upkeep. High-traffic common areas, like the reception, hallways, stairwells and bathrooms, have to be spotless for your tenants and prospective clients. But this responsibility calls for time, equipment and expertise. 


What you need is a team that can deliver body corporate cleaning services that match your requirements.

When it comes to strata cleaning in Melbourne, the Performance Property Services Group (PPSG) is a pro. With over 20 years of experience, we know exactly how to clean your building to meet industry standards and expectations. Whether you have a three-level establishment or a multi-storey complex, no cleaning job is too big or small for us. We only work with your satisfaction in mind!

Benefits of Hiring Strata Cleaning Pros

A dirty, unkempt building is never good for business. Aside from high tenant turnover, a damaged reputation makes it twice as hard to find new occupants. Regular cleaning staff to maintain your premises may be able to help you avoid this problem. 

However, thorough and expert cleaning with the right tools can give you professional, cost-efficient and more satisfactory results. With PPSG's help, we can give you this edge and so much more.

Dependable team

Our company has been in the industry for more than 20 years. We are well aware that our employees are just as valuable as our clients to our operational success. And so, we make sure that PPSG duly invests in creating a professional and capable workforce, from our customer service to our cleaning experts. This way, our transactions remain smooth and stress-free from start to finish!

Our human resource department applies stringent recruitment procedures to give you the best people for the job. On top of giving them rigorous and comprehensive training, we also ensure that our people practice work discipline and positivity at all times. More importantly, we carry out proper background checks to assure you that you’re entrusting your property with an honest and respectful team.

One-stop service

Body corporate cleaning involves a lot of tasks, from floors to toilets to windows. And it is time-consuming to find reliable companies who can deliver individual cleaning services for you. Our PPSG strata cleaning in Melbourne offers you convenience right from the start.

We provide a wide range of cleaning services, so we can easily adjust to your requirements. Our services include, but not limited to, vacuuming, floor and carpet cleaning, window maintenance and garbage removal. With an all-in cleaning approach, you won’t have to deal with different people or complicated cleaning schedules.

Customer satisfaction

No two buildings are the same. Some cater to residents, while others work with office tenants and their clients. These activities generate different levels of human traffic and demand specific cleaning requirements. So, rather than provide predetermined services, PPSG applies a more flexible approach. 

Our customer service consultants can help you design the ideal cleaning plan that fits your establishment and budget.

We can also do a one-off, daily, weekly or monthly cleaning for you, depending on your preferred schedule. Our team can clean your building during your less busy hours, so your clients or tenants can go about their day with the least disruptions. This customer-centred strategy guarantees that we clean up every spot while you make the most of your investment.


Healthy and safe cleaning

PPSG gives equal value to your satisfaction and well-being. Our team not only cleans your building but also protects your health. We do this by following the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) high-quality cleaning standards. We only use health-certified cleaning products and disinfectants to free your place from all sorts of bacteria or viruses. 

Our expert cleaning staff also applies best practices and the right cleaning methods to keep your property allergen-free and spotless.

Our advanced cleaning equipment or machinery for strata cleaning in Melbourne has been tested and tagged for safety checks. We also do regular inspections and audits to avoid cross-contamination or pathogen transmission. Our staff also complies with proper waste management practices.

Likewise, we also train our employees on how to protect their health while cleaning. Aside from enforcing local health protocols, PPSG also provides proper protective gear to all cleaning staff.

Reasonable fees

PPSG knows how critical resources are for business owners like you. We understand that wasting time or money is not part of your operations or dealings. The company then ensures that you are making the right investment by pairing our quality cleaning services with competitive prices. We do the job right with complete value for your money.

Let PPSG relieve you of your stressful body corporate cleaning duties. Contact us at 1300 867 872 for a free quote. Our friendly customer service and cleaning staff got you covered!

PPSG Approach to Strata Cleaning

We carry out our strata cleaning in Melbourne in systematic phases. This way, you know exactly how the cleaning process will progress. This step-by-step procedure also makes it easy for us to keep track of varying client requirements or schedules and handle large-scale cleaning jobs. Here’s a quick overview to guide you:

  • Assessment. As soon as we receive your enquiry, we can schedule a visit to your building to determine the extent of cleaning required. We use this time to learn more about the property as well as your cleaning priorities and budget. This phase is also for you to raise and settle any concern. We then use every information we gather to design your tailored body corporate cleaning plan.
  • Free quote. Once we identify all the necessary cleaning service you need, we then give you an obligation-free quote. This phase is to ensure that all services are accounted for and at reasonable charges. It also gives you ample time to review the estimate and raise questions to our customer service staff.
  • Cleaning schedule. After approving the quote, we can now schedule when our staff can start cleaning your building. The choice of time and day depends on your preference. We are open to working after business hours or changing schedules when needed. Also, we do not limit our services to one-time cleaning. If you are happy with our work, we can always arrange a contract for regular building maintenance.


Body Corporate Cleaning Services

PPSG offers a wide range of cleaning services to cater to both small and big establishments. We have no problem taking care of your property, be it a commercial complex, residential apartment or high-rise office building. No matter the size, we deliver flawless services from beginning to end. Some of which include:

  • Floor and carpet cleaning. Our team uses the best cleaning, scrubbing and polishing tools to make your hardwood, vinyl, tile, terrazzo or concrete floors last longer. We also have cleaning specialists to free your carpets or couches from dust, hair, stains and odours.
  • Window cleaning. Buildings often have several windows exposed to the elements, making them harder to clean. Our window cleaners come with the proper tools to make them all shiny and scratch-free in no time.
  • Toilet and bin sanitation. We also clean up public toilets and ensure regular toiletry supplies to help curb risks of infection. We also disinfect and empty all garbage bins, following safe and proper disposal.
  • High-touch surface disinfection. Does your building have elevators, stairwells, offices or reception areas open for public access? Our COVID-19 prevention services can help you welcome every employee and guest with confidence.
  • High-pressure cleaning.  If you need to degrease concrete floors or remove graffiti from walls, PPSG can take care of it with our industrial cleaning services. We got state-of-the-art machinery to make your extra dirty floors and walls look like new.

Our helpful staff is ready to receive your enquiries. Give us a call at 1300 867 872 and experience customised strata cleaning in Melbourne!

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