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Carpet Cleaning Thomastown

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For professional carpet cleaning in Thomastown, you can turn to Performance Property Services Group for quick and effective deep steam cleaning of carpets at an affordable price.

Our expert cleaners can help you maintain a clean, safe, and healthy working environment, save money on replacing carpets, window washing in Thomastown and support the aesthetic appeal of your office and retail spaces.

Below, you will find a detailed breakdown of our company’s carpet cleaning Thomastown services, the benefits of hiring regular professional carpet cleaners, and the answers to frequently asked questions about our service.

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Why Hire a Professional Cleaning Service in Thomastown?

You'll save time and work by using our Thomastown carpet cleaning service! Our skilled cleaning specialists will evaluate the stains and utilize cutting-edge clean steamer technology to quickly and efficiently remove them. You can continue with the remainder of your day as our skilled cleaners quickly and effectively resolve the issue.

1. Our Expert Carpet Cleaning Service Professionals Will Quickly Identify Stains and the Best Way to Remove them.

Our commercial cleaning team in Thomastown is extremely skilled and knowledgeable about the various types of stains that might occur and the fastest techniques to remove them. Without running the risk of harming or discoloring the carpet, they will rapidly and effectively remove various kinds of mold, grime, and stains.

2. Expert Company Carpet Cleaning Services Know Which Products to Use on Which Carpets.

Different day carpet cleaning Thomastown treatments are needed for various carpet materials. The improper cleaning methods might cause the carpets to become worn, bald, or discolored. Even worse, if the carpets need to be replaced, this may incur additional, unplanned costs.

3. A Deep and Effective Steam Cleaning of Carpets that Retail Cleaning Equipment Cannot Provide.

To disinfect carpets and eliminate dust mites and germs that could lead to health issues and allergies and the cleaning equipment that is used by professionals. The cleaning supplies you buy from the stores are unlikely to be as powerful or comprehensive as our industry grade devices.

4. Save the Time, Effort, and Cost Involved in Hiring Carpet Steaming Equipment

Hiring a carpet cleaning Thomastown company is the most time and money-effective option to handle a soiled and dirty carpet. We have received extensive training in utilizing the equipment, and we are professionals in applying the right steam temperatures and cleaning agents for different types of carpet. We will be able to complete the steam cleaning of carpets much more quickly if we are skilled in using the equipment.

5. Professional Cleaners will Prevent Dampness and Mould after Cleaning

The fact that carpets are frequently left in excessively moist conditions, which encourage the growth of bacteria and mould, is one of the main drawbacks of using a steam cleaner on your own without any professional training.

The finest moisture levels are maintained by our carpet cleaning Thomastown specialists to ensure thorough cleaning without leaving behind any residue.

6. Assistance with Moving Desks and Other Office Furniture

Removing things to access the carpet beneath is one of the trickiest parts of guaranteeing a thorough overall carpet clean. Our Thomastown cleaning professionals are trained to move office furniture safely by lifting and pushing it out of the way so they can clean the dirt underneath.

What type of carpets do we clean?

The expert Thomastown carpet cleaning technicians from Performance Property Services Group are highly trained in tackling stains and dirt on a wide variety of different carpets, including:

  • Polyester Carpets
  • Shaggy Carpets
  • Cut Loop Carpets
  • Plush Carpets
  • Loop Pile Carpets

Our Thomastown carpet cleaners will be able to identify the type of carpet that has been laid down and the most effective way of cleaning it. Different types of carpets are constructed in diverse ways; this means that to clean them well they must be identified before the cleaning process begins.

professionally trained and excellent carpet cleaning services

How Fast Do We Work?

The amount of time that a carpet takes to clean will depend upon several factors, including the area size that needs cleaning, the level of stains and dirt on the carpet, the amount of time it takes to remove desks and furniture, and finally, the type of carpet that is being dealt with.

For an accurate estimate of how long it will take to clean the carpets in Thomastown, fill out the form above on timing and an estimated price.

Experienced and skillful carpet cleaners in Thomastown can successfully clean surfaces in a fraction of the time it will take an inexperienced amateur. Professional industrial standard steam cleaners will be more efficient and effective in tackling stains.

The wide range of professional cleaning products our cleaners use will also ensure that dirt and discoloration are tackled quickly and effectively with the most appropriate equipment.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

Our expert carpet cleaners in Thomastown will provide you with the absolute best in a deep steam clean treatment and deodorising process, which will leave your floors spic and span and smelling great!

When our carpet cleaning staff arrive, we will assess the best way to approach the cleaning. We will also help remove any office furniture and desks before the cleaning begins.

In the steam cleaning process, hot water and a suitable cleaning solution will be applied by high-pressure spraying onto the carpet surface and then vacuumed up at once. This process will quickly remove deeply ingrained dirt and bacteria within the carpet fibres. This method is especially effective on carpets which have not been cleaned for a while.

As well as providing a deep clean, our carpet cleaning Thomastown will include a deodorising treatment which will neutralise any unpleasant stains the carpets have picked up. The carpet will be left smelling fresh, and the aromas of dampness, smoke, and dirt will have disappeared.

Once the carpet cleaning process has been completed, you and your employees can walk on the carpet after a waiting period of two to three hours.

Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

Keeping your carpets clean with a carpet cleaning Thomastown service has many clear benefits and some that may not have occurred to you. These include:

  • Cleaning will extend the life span of the carpet

If you leave stains, dust mites, mould, and bacteria to fester within the carpet fibres, you will face the cost of replacing the floor covering much quicker than you would if you had used regular cleaning services.

  • Clean Carpets Add to An Attractive and Pleasant Work Area

No matter how much attention is paid to room decoration, a large part of an area’s aesthetic appeal will depend upon the cleanliness of the floor surface. This is a huge room area. A worn and stained carpet can bring down and limit the appeal of an otherwise attractive space.

  • Carpets that are Free of Bacteria and Mould Contribute to A Healthier Work Environment

If your employees work in an environment thick with mites, mould, and bacteria, you are not providing a healthy space for them to work in.

Employees who have asthma or allergies can become ill and even have to leave the office and go home. Maintaining a hygienic, sanitised, and clean work environment will only have positive effects on having a healthy, productive, and happy workforce.

  • Reduce “Traffic Lane Effects” on your Carpets

If certain carpet areas see more footfall than others, you will be familiar with the “traffic lane” effect. Pathways where carpet fibres have been continually pushed down and dirt trod down into the carpet will begin to show in a different shade than the rest of the carpet surrounding it.

Regular cleaning will help to prevent this effect by regularly removing the dirt that has begun to accumulate in these areas. Steam cleaning and vacuuming flattened areas will help plush them out.

  • Contributes Towards an Overall Better Company Brand and Image

If you regularly invite customers and clients into your Thomastown office with a carpeted space, they will likely pick up unsightly stains and unpleasant odours. This is unlikely to contribute towards a good impression of your company and may negatively affect your standing in their eyes. Every aspect of your presentation to customers’ needs to be considered in maintaining your company brand, including the décor and furnishings in your work and retail environments.

carpet steam cleaning and carpet stain removal of the best carpet cleaners


Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our carpet cleaning services in Thomastown. If you have a query that you do not find the answer to below, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 1300 867 872, and our experts will answer your questions promptly.

1.  How often should carpets be professionally cleaned by a carpet cleaning company?

The frequency of carpet cleaning will be dependent upon the frequency at which it accumulates stains and dirt. For example, if your Thomastown office lobby sees lots of people walking inside and outside every day, it may need a more regular treatment than a personal office which sees much less footfall.

That being said, a general estimate can be put at 12 to 18 months for most spaces that do not see heavy daily traffic.

If you have a query about how often your carpet should be professionally cleaned for your Thomastown office, you can call us on 1300 867 872 for a tailored answer depending upon your needs.

2.  Should I vacuum after a steam cleaning of carpets?

After a professional deep clean, you can vacuum your carpets afterwards to restore them to their fluffiest and fullest looking state. This works by raising the fibres upwards, so the carpet looks at its plumpest, as well as at its cleanest!

You should talk to your professional cleaner about how long you should wait until you can vacuum the carpet. They will be able to give you the best estimate based on the treatment they used, the type of carpet you have, and the damp level of the surface after the cleaning process.

General estimates stand at 6-10 hours, but again you should check with your professional carpet cleaner who will be able to give you more precise guidance.

3.  How do you prepare for a professional carpet cleaning?

Although it is not mandatory, it is recommended that you vacuum and clear the area beforehand. This will remove larger debris and litter, enabling the carpet cleaning technicians to get to work quickly.

Our cleaners will help you remove furniture, but if you have particularly heavy items such as full bookcases, fish tanks, and cabinets, you should take steps beforehand to move these to a different area.

You should also remove any particularly fragile décor items to ensure they do not get damaged during the cleaning process.

If you have pets, make sure to keep them away so they will not interfere during the carpet cleaning session.

4.  Will A professional carpet cleaning service remove all stains?

The answer to this will depend upon the severity and type of the stain. Our professional cleaners in Thomastown are trained in tackling various stains. They will know how to apply the correct cleaning solutions and temperature to remove them.

There are never any guarantees, and certain rare stains are impossible to remove. Our success rate in removing stains is still extremely high as we use the best technology and most effective cleaning technique.

5.  Does regular professional carpet cleaning make your carpets wear down quicker?

This surprising misconception is completely wrong. In regularly cleaning your carpets, you are, in fact, increasing their longevity and removing harmful abrasives such as dirt, small stones, and mould which will create wear, balding, and discoloration if not removed.

Your carpets will look plumper, colours and designs will be more vibrant, and the area will smell better when you hire a regular cleaning service.

6.   What should you do if stains reappear?

Occasionally you might find that stains that were not visible directly after the cleaning session may become more visible after a couple of hours. This process is called wicking and occurs when the stain has infiltrated the padding and backing of the carpet.

If this occurs, you should contact us at 1300 867 872 and we will arrange special carpet cleaning Thomastown treatment for that part of the carpet.

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