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How Often Should You Deep Clean Your Office?

blankYour office needs a deep clean once or twice a year. Deep cleaning requires skills, experience, and equipment, though. So, it is also advisable to let a professional cleaning company do this task.

However, there is no fixed time as to how often your office deep cleaning should be. After all, every office space is different.

Some have lots of carpeted floors, while others have high foot traffic. The size of your office, the type of business you do, and the number of employees matter, too.

All these unique features of and within an office are crucial when evaluating your deep cleaning needs.

Let’s discuss these individual office factors in detail. That way you can design a deep cleaning schedule that best fits your work environment.

Deep Cleaning of Office Floors

It is best practice to deep clean office floors once or twice a year, depending on your workplace size. But your schedule should also consider two factors: the type of flooring and the level of foot traffic.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Deep clean moderately high-traffic office areas every 3 to 4 months. These include your lobby area, meeting rooms, and office hallways.
  • Deep clean high-traffic areas once a month. These include your office entrance, kitchen or pantry, and bathroom.
  • Deep clean your carpeted office floors once or twice a year. Deep cleaning your carpets prevents dirt and bacteria build-up, which can trigger breathing problems and allergies.

Deep Cleaning of Office Upholstery

The ideal deep cleaning schedule for office upholstery is once or twice a year. Like carpeted floors, fabric and fibres in couches and office chairs can trap dirt and germs. So, professional cleaning and equipment are necessary.

However, deep cleaning for upholstery in high-traffic areas should be more frequent, ideally every 3 to 4 months.

Various people use chairs and furniture in waiting areas, lobbies, or meeting rooms. That means the buildup of dust particles, oils, sweat, and allergens is faster.

Deep cleaning your upholstery should also be more frequent if your office has a flexible seating arrangement.


Deep Cleaning of Office Desks and Cubicles

You may schedule office desks and cubicles for deep cleaning at least twice a year. However, we consider workstations as high-touch areas.

Employees frequently touch the phone, mouse, and keyboard throughout their work shift. They spend hours on their desks, so dirt and germs could quickly accumulate and thrive here.

Because of these conditions, ask employees to regularly clean and sanitise their desks once a week. Regular cleaning can be more frequent if your office observes a flexible seating arrangement.

When you involve employees in office cleanliness, ensure they have access to cleaning supplies, like cleaning cloth and disinfecting wipes.

Deep Cleaning of High-Traffic Office Areas

Office kitchens and restrooms require deep cleaning once or twice a month.

However, these high-traffic areas are also shared spaces. That means dirt, grime, and germs can quickly accumulate without daily or weekly cleaning.

So, aside from a monthly deep cleaning schedule, have a weekly cleaning time to inspect fridge contents and disinfect tables.

Clean kitchen appliances, like microwaves and coffeemakers, after use or before the day ends.

Restrooms require several daily cleanings, depending on the size of your office and foot traffic. Flooring should be dry, trash cans emptied, and supplies restocked as needed.

Then, thoroughly scrub and disinfect bathroom surfaces, toilets, and fixtures once weekly.

Why Is Deep Office Cleaning Necessary?

The purpose of office deep cleaning is not only to remove visible dirt and other contaminants. Keeping your workspace thoroughly clean has a lot of other benefits.

  • It keeps employees focused and productive. Anyone will lose focus at work when they sit near a smelly bathroom or an overflowing trash bin. It’s uncomfortable to sit on an itchy chair for hours, too. With a clean office, you’re boosting everyone’s work efficiency, health, and safety.
  • It keeps employees’ spirits up. As an employer or business owner, investing in a professionally cleaned workplace means you care about the employees’ well-being. When workers are happy, they stay in the company and work happily. A higher employee morale naturally results in better work outputs or business outcomes.
  • It paints a positive company image. You’ll instantly impress business partners and guests when they visit your deep-cleaned office. A fresh-smelling, comfortable waiting area or meeting room suggests professionalism and high attention to detail. When the office is clean, people equate it with your company standards and work practices.

Boost Office Productivity with Professional Deep Cleaning

An office deep clean is not a luxury but a necessity. Adding it to your company’s monthly or yearly schedule should keep your space conducive to excellent work performance and motivated employees.

If your office needs deep cleaning services ASAP, Performance Cleaning is ready to help. We can also discuss customised strategies to ensure every cleaning action suits your workplace or business.

Call Performance Cleaning today at 1300 867 872 or fill out our contact form for a quick quote.

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