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Getting Employees Involved in Office Cleanliness


Turn your team into a cleanliness dream team! Foster a collaborative environment where everyone takes pride in their workspace. This goes beyond a tidy desk; it’s about shared responsibility and creating a healthy, productive atmosphere.

Here are seven ways to engage them in tidying up:

Keep Cleaning Supplies Handy

Imagine this: you notice a coffee spill on the breakroom table, but the nearest cleaning supplies are down the hall. By the time you trek there and back, the spill has dried and become a sticky mess. Frustrating, right? That’s why making cleaning supplies easily accessible is crucial for encouraging a clean office environment.

Make keeping things clean effortless by providing easy access to tools. Set up designated cleaning stations near areas prone to spills and messes, like kitchens, break rooms, and printer areas. Stock these stations with essentials like multi-surface wipes, spray bottles, microfiber cloths, paper towels and trash bags.

Schedule Cleanup Days

Transform cleaning from a chore into a collaborative event with scheduled cleanup days. These dedicated times bring your team together to tackle shared areas, fostering teamwork, boosting morale, and reinforcing the value of a clean workplace.

Choose a day or half-day that avoids peak workloads and consider offering flexible shifts to accommodate diverse schedules. Announce the event well in advance, explain its purpose, and encourage enthusiastic participation.

Assign zones or tasks based on team size and interests. Rotate responsibilities to keep things fresh. Create a fun and energetic atmosphere with upbeat music. Laughter and camaraderie make cleaning fly by!

Tie Cleanliness to Safety

Convince your staff that a clean workspace is a safety net, preventing accidents and promoting well-being. Clutter on floors, like cords, papers, or food debris, are prime culprits for slips and falls.

Unattended spills create slippery surfaces, inviting slips and potential injuries. Dust, grime, and dirty surfaces harbour harmful bacteria and viruses. Flammable materials like paper piles or oily rags left unattended pose a fire hazard. Dust buildup can irritate airways and trigger allergies.


Lead by Example

Words are powerful, but actions speak volumes, especially when it comes to fostering a clean office environment. As a leader, you set the tone, and your behaviour plays a crucial role in inspiring your team.

Keep your workspace organised and clutter-free. This sends a clear message that everyone is accountable for their surroundings. Don’t shy away from participating in scheduled cleanups or impromptu tidying sessions. Be visible, be active, and show your team that you’re willing to get your hands dirty alongside them.

Reward the Clean Workstations

Maintaining a clean workspace shouldn’t feel like a chore. By recognising and rewarding those who consistently go the extra mile, you can cultivate a culture of shared responsibility and pride in a sparkling environment. Verbally acknowledge individuals or teams who keep their areas tidy.

Feature clean workspaces in newsletters or on digital signage, showcasing them as examples for others. Create lighthearted awards for categories like “Tidiest Desk” or “Most Improved Cleanliness.” A little friendly competition can be a fun motivator.

Practice CLAYGO

Imagine a workplace where spills vanish before they become sticky messes, and overflowing bins are a distant memory. That’s the power of CLAYGO, or “Clean as you go.” This simple mantra empowers everyone to take small, immediate actions that keep the office sparkling throughout the day.

Dispose of waste regularly. Avoid overflowing bins by making frequent trips to the trash can. Dedicate defined spaces for personal belongings and avoid letting them sprawl across desks or common areas.

Clean up after using shared items like printers, microwaves, or coffee makers. Wipe down surfaces and return things to their designated spots. CLAYGO isn’t about deep cleaning; it’s about preventing messes before they start.

Hire Commercial Cleaners

For professional deep cleaning and comprehensive coverage, consider partnering with commercial cleaners. This ensures consistent sanitation, especially for high-traffic areas and specialised needs. CLAYGO and DIY cleaning are commendable efforts, but there’s a time and place for professional muscle.

Hiring commercial cleaners isn’t a luxury; it’s an investment in the well-being, productivity, and professional image of your organisation. Contact us on 1300 867 872 for any cleaning concerns and questions.

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