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6 Tips in Keeping your Place Clean while Staying Green

If there are two things people are most concerned about today – it’s the coronavirus and the environment. Well, it’s actually any kind of virus – but the main principle is still the same. Everyone wants to be able to clean their home thoroughly with zero chances of the dreaded coronavirus residing in the area without overburdening the environment.


So what can you do about this? Here are some cleaning materials that hit both birds with one stone:

Castile Soap

Soap is and has always been the ultimate cleaning product to be used on most surfaces. Castile soap has a way of breaking down the fatty layer in viruses so that it becomes ineffective and therefore unable to infect anyone.

Castile soap is best used for hardy surfaces like marble, tiles, concrete, or other non-porous materials. The problem with it is that the suds can take some time to remove. Use some castile soap for mopping, follow up with plain water, and let the floor surface dry.


If you have any spare vodka lying around, you can use it to clean surfaces including wood. A very powerful disinfectant, look for vodka that is 80 percent proof or 100 percent proof, giving you full antibacterial capability without any lingering smell. It also works well for mildew growth and can therefore be sprayed between the grout of the tiles. Opt for cheap vodka since you’re just going to use it for cleaning and leave the good ones for a celebratory drink.


Vinegar is a fairly common eco-friendly option for cleaning. It’s often combined with water in a 1:1 ratio and works just as well as bleach in removing bacteria without the nasty smell. If you’re using vinegar however, make sure to buy only the white kind as the reddish hue can stain.

Essential Oils

Oils are getting lots of bad reputation today because of the aggressive way they’re being marketed by people. Some of these companies reached Australia already with products that are somewhat overpriced. Don’t worry though – you don’t have to buy the expensive oils in order to get their antibacterial benefits.

Oils like tea tree and citronella are known for their ability to remove bacteria from surfaces. They’re best used together with other cleaning products to boost their effect. These oils are safe to use on even small fixtures or figurines and they create a very nice smell that adds to the overall aesthetic.


Lemon and Water Mixture

Of course, let’s not forget the classic lemon and water mixture which works well on tough stains. As an antibacterial, it doesn’t work as well as the commercial types – but it can sanitize areas and leave off an excellent smell.

There’s a 50-50 mixing ratio for it although you can definitely use more lemon in order to increase the acidic power of the product. If you have to choose between lemon and vinegar however, go with vinegar as it offers a more powerful punch for sanitization.

Using Steam

Having a steamer can really work wonders in your home. Remember – steam is produced by heating up water to a certain degree. The natural temperature of the steam can kill off some types of viruses and bacteria, leaving surfaces free from grime, dirt, and microscopic particles.

Steam is best used for cloth products like the carpet or perhaps the bathroom rug. With many products having this particular function, it’s also not hard to clean using this item. Even better – you can add some oils into the steamer to boost its cleaning capability.

Eco Friendly Brands

When all else fails, it’s always possible to use ecofriendly brands for cleaning. They’re usually more expensive than the regular products however and it’s tough to find them in the market in large quantities.

The problem with using these type of disinfectants is they take a lot of work. It can also be tough to create a specific combination for different surfaces. After all, you don’t want to cause damage to valuable items like your PC monitor or the surface of an antique. This is why the smarter choice is often employing the services of professional cleaners who utilize environment-friendly cleaning products. With this, you can get the results you want without the hassle.

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