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Tile Common Area Cleaning: Apartments

Cleaning tile common areas Melbourne | Performance Property Services Group

Cleaning poorly maintained tiles to bring them back to life

In our industry there are many challenges we face with rejuvenating all types of surfaces whether it be tiles, vinyl, carpets and the list goes on. In this instance a common area requiring tile rejuvenation was a challenge as the build up of  grime was stubborn.

We applied a product called crossfire which we found works wonders once you allow it to penetrate into the tile. Our next step was to use a slow speed swing buffer with a tynex brush to agitate the grime on the tile .
We then cleaned the tile with a neutral detergent called viewquick. The end result was pleasing and the client was over the moon. We did this for our commercial cleaning client in Richmond.

This issued occurred due to not using the correct chemicals to maintain the floor to a high standard. With all cleaning of any surfaces, correct procedure and product is the key to achieve the end result.

The image shows a section of cleaned tile compared to the uncleaned area.

Performance Cleaning has a commitment to give utmost cleaning service to all its clients. If you need cleaning services for your home or office, don’t hesitate to call us at 1300 867 872 and we are very happy to assist you.

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