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7 Surprising Facts About House Cleaning

Cleaning is a regular chore. It appears so ordinary that people often overlook its benefits or find a more strategic way of doing it. Whether it’s your home, office, or car, keeping a tidy space will go a long way for you and your family. Here are 7 interesting facts about cleaning that you may never have thought of.


1. Cleaning Burns Calories.

If you’re looking for a practical and effective way of losing weight, you only have to grab your wipes and broom to begin sweating out. You are expected to burn 200 calories for 2 hours of regular cleaning. A more intense cleaning that involves rigorous scrubbing, mopping, and polishing will result in greater weight loss.

2. Kitchen Sinks Need to be Cleaned More Often than Toilets

People normally think toilets are dirtier than sinks, so they invest in hiring professional cleaners just to focus on tidying up and disinfecting toilets. But in reality, kitchen sinks have more germs than toilets.

A research confirmed that there is greater presence of E. coli, salmonella, and other fecal matter in the sink (75%) than in the toilet (less than 10%). The disease-causing bacteria feed on food particles and grow in wet places. Research confirmed that salmonella and other fecal-based bacteria grow on a sponge or dish cloth. So make it habit to prioritize disinfecting your sinks, sponges, and even cutting boards. As they say, you are probably better off eating on your toilet seat than on a dirty kitchen sink.

3. Antibacterial Cleaners are Effective When Left on the Surface Longer

You may have seen this scene multiple times – a cleaning lady spraying antibacterial cleaner on the table, then immediately wiping it off to remove dirt, food particles, and stain. If the purpose is to remove the spots, then this habit works perfectly fine. But if the goal is to kill bacteria, you need to let the antibacterial cleaner sit for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

A professional cleaner is likely to be aware of this technique. Hiring one would save you from potential health risks, as well as thoroughly clean your space.

4. Germs Last Longer Than You Think

It’s a costly mistake to believe that germs live shortly. On dry surfaces, some germs stay until 24 hours and on wet surfaces they last for as long as 3 days. The dreaded salmonella that stays in your kitchen sinks, regardless if the environment is freezing or not, can stay for 24 hours. Postponing cleaning is definitely not a good idea. If you lack the time or energy to do it, hire somebody to perform a routine cleaning of your house.

5. Some Vacuums Only Make the Air More Polluted

A study examined the performance of different vacuums and found that the older models and those with no high-efficiency particulate air or HEPA filter actually sends dust back into the air. You may think you have cleaned the floor, but in truth you are only circulated the dust around the area. Then the cycle goes on.

You can either invest in a quality vacuum or find a subscription company that lends you updated vacuum models for a fixed monthly fee – no obligations for repair or maintenance. Some freelance professional cleaners are on the rental scheme. Don’t be stingy on cleaning, after all improving air quality makes sense when research shows an average person spends 87% of time indoors.

6. Dirt Track is Kept Within the First 3 to 35 Feet of the Entrance

Commercially- or professionally-trained cleaners are taught of this basic fact early – that 30% of dirt is deposited in the first 3 feet from the entrance while the greater volume is left within the 25 feet. The lack of visible traces in the further entrance of the house does not guarantee absence of dirt, since soil comes in different consistencies, textures, and types. If you prefer doing the cleaning yourself, do the dirt cleaning strategically.

7. Door Knobs are Among the Dirtiest Parts of a House

Again, you probably have thought toilets and door rugs are the dirty areas. But that is not exactly true. Backed by research, door knobs are hot spots for bacteria considering the everyday contact.

Other germ spots you probably think are safe include dish cloths (possibly contain 4 billion living germs), butting boards, fridge, toys, and the microwave. They require frequent thorough cleaning.

When you research further, you’ll learn more surprising facts about cleaning. You probably are wiping the wrong way or arranging furniture in a harmful way. If you simply don’t have the luxury of time to do the nitty gritty of cleaning, hiring help is a wise idea.

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