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9 Commercial Cleaning Fun Facts That You May Need To Know


Commercial cleaning is a straightforward and serious business. It is carried out by trained experts in the field who carry out cleaning services with utmost professionalism and earnestness. Nevertheless, the commercial cleaning industry has got a number of fun facts that you may not be aware of.

1. There are 38,605 commercial cleaning services in Australia.

An industry research report from IbisWorld states that the pandemic had a positive effect on demand in Australia. According to the report, the market size of the country’s commercial cleaning industry is $14 billion, with industry employment at 173,500.

2. Commercial cleaning increases the level of employee productivity and satisfaction.

The cleanliness of a work environment is directly proportional to the level of employee productivity. When their surroundings are clean, employees experience fewer distractions and become more work-focused.

This normally results in a higher and better quality of work. Employees believe that a company that ensures cleanliness in work areas values its workforce.

3. A robust hygiene system in the office can reduce absenteeism by 13%.

Employee absenteeism is often caused by illnesses that result from an office environment that’s less than hygienic. Through efficient commercial cleaning services, the spread of harmful pathogens is reduced.

Workers and customers are then able to avoid getting exposed to elements that contribute to absences and reduction in employee efficiency.

4. Electrostatic disinfection technology reduces cleaning time by 50% compared with traditional methods.

Commercial cleaning companies that use electrostatic disinfection technology often speak highly of this particular methodology. It is because of the easy point-and-spray feature that evenly cleans hard-to-reach areas in a very short time and with 360-degree coverage.

Electrostatic disinfection is considered an excellent solution for areas ridden with harmful pathogens, germs and contaminants, such as in healthcare facilities.


5. Commercial cleaners typically conduct deep commercial cleaning during their first visit.

There are two basic types of commercial cleaning: regular cleaning and deep cleaning. Commercial cleaning companies often perform deep cleaning first.

This is then used to determine a baseline for succeeding commercial cleaning schedules. Deep commercial cleaning consists of a comprehensive cleaning and disinfecting processes carried out in the entire area of responsibility.

6. A robot cleaner can cover 200,000 square feet per day.

Robot cleaners have been around for some time now. They are designed with laser scanners and ultrasonic detectors that enable them to navigate their way around obstacles.

These robotic cleaning devices cannot entirely replace the efficiency of human commercial cleaners. Their versatility and self-reliance, however, are hard to ignore.

7. Incompetent cleaning services are a leading factor in the loss of customers. estimates that 55% of commercial cleaners lose their clients because of inadequate cleaning methods. There are commercial cleaning businesses that become haphazard in hiring employees.

This, of course, leads to major incompetence in the delivery of cleaning services. The most practical solution to this is to hire better and train better in order to add value and character to the business.

8. Commercial cleaning offers protection from business theft.

Fly-by-night cleaning companies usually hire temporary employees. Due to this, their staff is poorly trained and they have high turnover due to inefficient services and questionable practices.

Clients needing commercial cleaning normally have many valuable assets such as office equipment and machines. For this reason, background checks and complete training provided by professional cleaners before hiring their staff will go a long way.

9. The commercial cleaning industry is aiming to lower its carbon footprint.

Many commercial cleaning businesses today are implementing the use of natural, eco-friendly products and methods in the delivery of their services.

The goal of reducing carbon footprint and harmful impact on the environment has led to the growing demand for sustainable green products in the cleaning industry. This is why an increasing number of commercial cleaners is offering environment-friendly alternatives to customers.

Final Thoughts

These are just 9 of the many fun yet impressive facts in the world of commercial cleaning. In a nutshell, commercial cleaning companies belong to one of the most important industries in these modern times. Their presence and the skills they provide are the reason why millions of enterprises in different sectors are thriving today.

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Importance Of Industrial Cleaning Services for a Safe Work Environment



‘First impressions last,’ they often say. This also rings true for buildings and workplaces. The significance of cleanliness and organisation in industrial settings is more than just aesthetics; it is also crucial to maintain a safe environment for all workers.

The assistance of industrial cleaning services is a must for all factory, warehouse, and industrial sectors of society. These services have the muscle and the knowledge to give such places a thorough, deep cleanup that rids the area of unwanted dirt, waste, and illness-causing microorganisms.

Why Hire Industrial Cleaning Services in Australia?

Maintaining clean and safe surroundings for industrial businesses is more than just an issue of aesthetics. Here are several reasons why you need industrial cleaning services.

1. Abide By Health And Safety Laws

A high risk of workplace injuries and death are manufacturing, construction, and other businesses set within an industrial environment. Under the Australian work safety and health law and regulations, all employers need to guarantee the health and safety of their workers at the plant, warehouse, or construction site.

Employers should recognise, evaluate, and get rid of hazards that pose a danger to their workers and other individuals. They should see to it that they are capable of controlling those risks and assess measures to guarantee safety at all times in the workplace.

Should the employer fail to meet proper health and safety standards, workers are most likely to be put in danger. Consequently, the business or company will be forced to close due to failed health and safety inspection.

It is your duty as an employer to guarantee that your workers are free from dangers that they may encounter in the workplace, so maintaining a clean, productive work setting with help from professional cleaners is a task that will benefit your business in the long run.

2. Better Performance And Productivity

A safe and neat working environment will make factory and warehouse operations run smoothly. There won’t be obstructions in the way so employees are focused on their respective tasks at all times.

A safe and efficient work environment will also let your staff know that you put the effort into ensuring everyone’s well-being, thus they are more likely to be inspired to work effectively.


3. Germ-Free Workplace

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown how fast viruses can spread and in these times, surfaces and equipment that are shared should be cleaned and disinfected regularly to prevent the transmission of diseases.

It’s not only frequent handwashing that must be continuously encouraged to all, particularly in the industrial businesses. The deep cleaning, sanitising, and disinfecting procedures done by professional industrial cleaning services should be considered as well.

Industrial cleaning services have the know-how, training, and experience required to guarantee that the workplace will be left clean and free from illness-causing germs.

First-Rate Cleanup For Australian Factories And Warehouses

Care and maintenance for industrial business workplaces should never be overlooked for this can be a danger for employees. Thus, for factory and warehouse owners, it’s best that they seek the assistance of professional industrial cleaning services to perform such thorough, complex jobs.

Industrial cleaning is quite different from domestic and commercial cleaning since the former requires more knowledge and training.

They also adhere to cleaning techniques unique to their industry and follow specific protocols to ensure everybody’s safety. Every task in the industrial cleaning business is complicated and requires one to give such tasks proper care and attention.

Professionals in industrial cleaning services survey each task with caution and ensure each task is completed effectively from cleaning procedures, proper disposal of chemicals, and attending to the waste recycling process. Professional industrial cleaners also follow strict safety measures to guarantee the successful completion of cleaning procedures.

Plants, warehouses, and building sites have moving, heavy-duty, and bulky machinery that can put both operators and workers at risk. These areas are also prone to falling objects, debris, and obstructions.

Industrial work settings often have chemicals, waste, and other hazardous materials which, if managed incorrectly by untrained workers, could lead to injury and death.

For a safer industrial business, working with professional cleaners is time and resource well-spent. Be a proper champion of your workers’ right to safety by availing of industrial cleaning services.

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When Should You Replace Your Cleaning Tools?



Commercial cleaning services offer so much more than what most people think. In this type of service, cleaning tools are among the most important components because they get things done. These tools are constantly used; more so in situations where intense cleaning is necessary.

Cleaning is a periodic task and, thus, requires having tools that stand up to the challenge. Over time though, tools wear out, which will make them highly prone to breaking down. In this article, we’ll discuss when you need to replace your cleaning tools for a constantly effective cleaning process.


Brooms are typically made to withstand heavy sweeping tasks. They may have rigid unflagged bristles, strips, or wafers that are suitable for heavier sweeping applications. They may also have handles made of aluminum that can endure regular use.

A broom often needs to be replaced when the bristles are bent to a point that make it unable to pick up debris. Also, it needs replacing when the length of its broom filaments reaches half the original length. Filaments can be made of polypropylene, wire, or both.


The Environmental Protection Agency recommends the use of micro fiber mops in commercial cleaning because these are durable and work well in removing organic matter and germs. These mops are made up of polyester and densely-made nylon that enable it to hold up to six times their weight in water. A microfiber mop head with good quality can withstand between 500 to a thousand washes.

While microfibers are reusable, there are signs that indicate it’s time to replace them. One is when the mop pads are incapable of grabbing as much dirt as they used to. Another is when the mop pad is unable to absorb a lot of water and its absorbing capacity decreases.

Vacuum Cleaner

Many commercial vacuum cleaners are designed for heavy-duty cleaning. Whether it’s a residential or business establishment, a vacuum cleaner is a sure method of keeping the area tidy and shiny. A Consumer Reports article says that vacuum cleaners can stay useful and productive for an average of eight years, depending on the brand.

A telltale sign that your vacuum cleaner needs to be replaced is when it’s unable to pick up as much dirt as before. Before discarding the equipment though, it is recommended to have it checked first as it may only require typical repair. To ensure long service life, it is best to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on maintenance.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

If there’s one way to clear your mind of all the issues involved in cleaning your residence or business establishment, it’s through a professional cleaning service. Many commercial cleaners have been in the business for decades, making them experts at what they do. Choosing one can be daunting, so below are a few tips to make the decision-making process easier.


Various Janitorial Services

A professional commercial cleaner should offer a wide range of janitorial services such as:

• Sweeping, mopping, and polishing
• Vacuuming and dusting
• Carpet cleaning
• Spot removal
• Light bulb replacement and maintenance
• Air conditioner vent cleaning
• Blind cleaning
• Window washing
• Floor stripping and refinishing
• Trash removal
• Power and pressure washing
• Furniture cleaning
• Tile and grout cleaning
• Cleaning in all areas

Reliable Supplies and Stocks

An efficient commercial cleaning service provider should also be able to supply and stock a variety of materials including:

• Toilet tissue paper
• Paper towels
• Hand soaps
• Air fresheners
• Trash can liners

Organised Cleaning Schedule

Additionally, a commercial cleaning service should be able to keep a solid cleaning schedule throughout the year. This useful service helps you to focus on more important responsibilities instead of cleaning up the office building. The reason is that if your commercial cleaner sticks to a schedule, they will be there when you expect them to.


Of course, one of the most important factors to consider when selecting a professional cleaner from a plethora of service providers is efficiency. Having the services of an efficient commercial cleaner, whether in your residence or business, leaves you with less things to think about. The most important thing is that you can trust them and you’re satisfied with their quick and efficient performance, and that’s all that matters.

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12 Reasons Why Cleaning is Important for Car Dealers



There are heaps of ways to pull in customers by the droves to your commercial space, and one of them is minding your establishment’s cleanliness. Here are 12 reasons why commercial cleaning is crucial for business growth.

1. Provides Positive First Impressions

People who are on the lookout for a new ride often desire for a car that is maintained very well. Thus, keeping the showroom spic and span should be every auto dealership’s responsibility. Make every first impression of your establishment a positive one for potential closed deals.

2. Improves the Customer Experience

A neat space provides customers a welcoming environment. We reckon no sensible person wants to deal business in iffy surroundings. Especially if it is concerned with their hard-earned money. Clean facilities prove that you are professional and trustworthy in the biz.

3. Guarantees Good Health and Well-being for Your Employees

Employees are essential in various industries, and smart business owners make the effort to maintain an environment that has a positive impact on the health and safety of their staff. A cleaner place will also help prevent the spread of germs and diseases. Commercial cleaning allows for thorough clean-ups of frequently-touched places like door handles, work desks and telephones.

4. Reduces the Risk of Accidents and Injuries

A car dealership that is organized helps decrease the risk of falls, slipping and bumps on the shop floor. Commercial cleaning can help business owners deal with leaks. Plus, it can also keep entrances and exits free from elements that can hamper safety, thereby preventing accidents and at worst, lawsuits.

5. Boosts Employee Morale and Productivity

As business owners, you want to run a workplace that your employees will appreciate so their stay will be a better, positive one. A spotless facility makes for employees that are more comfortable, happier and productive. This will also encourage your staff to work efficiently and take pride in their jobs.

6. Keeps Customers Focused on Your Merchandise

To make sure that you will be able to close deals at the end of a business day, you have to guarantee that your customers will remain focused on your cars. Unwelcome sights like disorganized desks, dirty waiting areas and messy, sticky floors might incite potential customers to bolt out of the door and forget about checking your new vehicles.


7. Maintains the Great Condition of Your Showroom Vehicles

The cars in your showroom may be for display purposes only, but customers of course will be expecting models that are well-preserved. An experienced, professional commercial cleaning company can handle the hard task of tidying up and organizing your showroom and your cars.

8. Provide Experts Who Can Deal with Specialized Cleaning Tasks

The staff you hire for your car dealership are more likely focused on their skills with your products, marketing, customer service and technical automotive expertise. They can help with general cleaning but specialized cleaning methods like parts cleaning, chemical build-up removal and disinfection are best left to professional cleaners.

9. Helps Business Owners Save Money

If you do not have the funds to employ a committed cleaning staff, you can economize by hiring the services of a professional commercial cleaning company. Hiring their services means you can save up on cleaning staff salary, cleaning equipment and supplies. Plus, you are given scheduling options – clean-ups can be scheduled daily, twice-weekly, weekly, twice-monthly and the like.

10. Allows Employees to Focus More on their Respective Duties

You cannot really expect your staff to deal with majority of cleaning responsibilities full-time. As mentioned previously, you have hired your staff according to their abilities with car dealerships. Let them be effective in their areas of expertise and just let commercial cleaning services handle showroom maintenance tasks.

11. Makes Buyers Feel at Ease

You want your establishment to deliver a very welcoming, accommodating atmosphere to make your customers comfortable. One way to do this is to retain a work environment that is clean, hygienic and organized. Maintaining key areas in your car dealership like showrooms and restrooms will make customers feel more relaxed and willing to do business with you.

12. Merits Business Owners Repeat Purchases

Vehicle dealership owners want to make their customers feel happy with their decisions so they can always come back; satisfied clients can also help them spread the word about their car dealership. A showroom that is given extra care provides the impression that the owner values not only their merchandise, but their customers as well.

Cleanliness and organization can make a car dealership flourish – people are always willing to do business in places that are uncluttered and dirt-free. Focus on the rigors of your business more by hiring effective, professional commercial cleaning services to handle the maintenance side of your car dealership.

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The Benefits of School Cleaning Services



Children spend most of their growing-up years in schools. Because they spend long hours in school facilities to learn, those areas should be kept clean at all times. Clean-ups in school premises should be of utmost priority especially during these times due to the onslaught of the coronavirus.

As a matter of convenience, it is recommended that school administrations acquire the services of a top commercial cleaning service—these services provide professional clean-ups that are done efficiently and effectively.

8 Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Services For Your School

Commercial cleaning can do campuses a lot of good since the service presents a safer environment for children to roam around in, and more.

1. An Economical Way to Clean Bigger Facilities

Hiring the services of a cleaning contractor will not entail schools to dole out extra pounds for expensive maintenance equipment and tools from steam cleaners to bulk cleaning detergents. Cleaning equipment also needs regular maintenance and servicing to guarantee that they are always in good shape. Money is not the only thing saved—you also save loads of time for maintenance.

2. Expertise for Solving Clean-up/Maintenance Issues

Commercial cleaning contractors are staffed with professional technicians who are adept at handling cleaning jobs plus they are also trained to troubleshoot maintenance issues on-site. Whether mould or sewage removal, deep cleaning, wall/ceiling clean-ups or chimney sweeping, commercial cleaning contractors can readily take on those jobs by using the latest equipment, safe cleaning aides and modern methods.

3. Maintain a Healthier School Environment

Schools benefit largely from deep cleaning services every season. During annual breaks, schools can have their floors, walls, carpets, air duct systems, chimneys and sewage systems dealt with. This in turn results into surroundings that are more comfortable and germ-free for children.

4. Less Sick Days, Less Absences

A well-maintained campus means surroundings that are safer and more pristine thus there’s less virus contamination. Schools won’t have to deal with frequent staff and student absences. Commercial cleaning is especially helpful during flu and cold seasons since these services help in sanitizing and disinfecting building premises.


5. Worry-Free Parents

All parents want a campus environment that is safe for their kids. Motivate the students more by maintaining a dirt-free and sanitary learning facility—students will perform their duties and responsibilities better if they are not preoccupied with shoddy surroundings. The same can be said for the staff—a cleaner environment makes for a more hardworking and conscientious teacher.

7. A Boost in School Pride

Give children and parents a sense to be proud of their school by presenting an institution that is pristine, beautiful and conducive to learning. Improved school pride means a thriving, lively campus that manifests the school’s best principles.

6. Impress Potential Students and Their Parents

What makes a school a prolific learning institution is not only the curriculum they offer, the awards and recognition they were given or a highly-educated staff—the best school also shows off premises that are immaculate, sanitary and feasible for better learning. If you got those factors checked, more potential students will flock to the school.

7. Excellent Administration Involvement

Students and teaching staff appreciate cleaner school surroundings since it indicates that the administration is always concerned with their welfare. Parents are often impressed by a school’s sound cleaning strategy, too.

8. Provides Extra Room for Storage

Investing in commercial cleaning services means there’s no need to purchase items from standard cleaning tools, high-powered maintenance equipment and bulk detergents. This means the space where you keep all cleaning equipment is freed up once you avail the help of a commercial cleaning contractor. You can transform it into another space for more important items or activities.

One of the most crucial aspects in every school administration is maintaining a spotless, organised campus. A cleaner campus means a more dynamic and positive environment for learning, something which everyone from the administration down to the parent will appreciate. It produces healthier children and also provides a more comfortable, safer place for them away from home.

Let your students and your staff know that you care for their welfare by investing in professional cleaning services today.

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Why We Need Professional Cleaning Company To Maintain Our Ceiling



We want our homes to be thoroughly clean by vacuuming carpets, dusting furniture, clean the windows, and scrubbing the bathroom and kitchen. But we sometimes neglect the part of the house that’s over our heads.

Maintaining the overall cleanliness of the house requires that the ceiling be included, with the same attention you give to your windows and walls. An unclean ceiling can be the source of harmful dirt, germs, and debris that might affect the health of the people living in the house.

Unsightly stains and molds may develop on the ceiling that is not getting their fair share of cleaning. You can also get professional cleaners to do comprehensive ceiling cleanup at least once a month.

This is a must if your house is located in a densely populated and humid area, has people in the house that smoke or you are asthmatic, or sensitive to dust, dirt, and other pollutants.

Allergic reactions can be triggered by hovering dust and dirt and one of the sources can be the unclean ceiling right above you. Professional cleaners can be hired to do the job, and they can also check your ceiling for any problem. They will be able to devise plans to solve these problems that can cause further damage.

Top Reasons Why Your Ceilings Need to be Cleaned


1. Breathe Easier

A ceiling can be out of reach when you do your house cleaning. That is why most homeowners do not include this part of the house. In the process of being ignored, the ceiling can become an ideal ground for spiders, insects, cobwebs, dust, and dirt to settle.

Stains may occur that can become an eyesore every time you look up and can leave a negative impression on your visitors. Having professional cleaners maintain your ceiling can be the answer to your problem as they have the knowledge on how to tackle your ceiling problem and they have the tools of the trade to complete the job. A fresh and clean ceiling is your ticket to good health and a great impression.

Water stains and molds may appear like maps on your ceiling. This can be caused by water getting in your roof or ventilation. Having professionals assess your problems can get you out of harm’s way.

They can also formulate plans in solving your problem and prevent the same issues from recurring. In this way, you will be able to stop the problem before it gets out of hand.

2. Safe Cleaning Maintenance

Most cleaning products available in the market may contain ingredients not ideal for the type of material that your ceiling has. Calling in the professionals can help in assessing the area to be cleaned and the right products to be applied.

Professional cleaners will ensure a safe way to clean your ceiling as well as using cleaning products that will not be abrasive to the surface and harmful to your health. Having professional cleaners around will end up having a meticulously clean ceiling and reliable timely service as you can schedule them to come at your convenience.

3. Additional Assessment and Maintenance

Hiring professional cleaners to do your ceiling maintenance can also mean having people check on the accessories you have on your ceiling. They can check the remaining service life of your bulbs, clean your ceiling fans, install new batteries on your smoke detector, as well as check the connectors that run these devices.

Having these professionals check thoroughly any ceiling-related issues can help your home space maintain proper functionality. Detecting problems before they get worse can mean saving money in the long run.

The ceiling is a part of the house that should be given as much care as the floor and walls. They give your home an aesthetic appeal and safeguard your health as well. We may be able to clean what we can see up above our heads using brooms or brush attached to long rods, but we may not be able to clean the hard-to-reach areas.

The accumulation of dust and dirt may impact our health and wellbeing. We may use some cleaning solutions to ensure a thorough cleanup yet end up peeling the ceiling surface instead. Being able to maintain this hard-to-reach area of the house can be best left to the professionals to get excellent results.

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Holiday Cleaning: Tips for Cleaning Offices During the Christmas Season


The holidays are the perfect time to get together with your loved ones, friends and officemates. Parties are being planned left and right – for a truly happening shindig, the office needs to be presentable, sparkling clean and comfy before and after the gathering. Check out these nifty tips to keep the staff’s spirits high all throughout the season.

Before The Party

1. Start With The Basics

Get the cleanup going by doing the basics. Organize all clutter. Make sure that all counters and surfaces are free of litter and properly sanitized. Vacuum and sweep the floor of dust and dirt.

2. Take Care Of The Restroom

Even before the party starts, ensure that the restroom is cleaned up and sanitized well. Polish the sinks and counters clean. Scour the toilets. Keep the restroom free from odors. Disinfect to rid the area of germs – take care of spots that are touched frequently like doors and taps. Restock toilet paper rolls and tissues, refill those soap dispensers and place a fresh stock of paper towels.

3. Tidy Up The Kitchen And The Dining Area

The staff and office guests will possibly spend a bit of their time in the kitchen or dining area. Thus, don’t forget to clean these spots well. Wipe down kitchen counters and devices. Clean chairs, tables and kitchen shelves using disinfectant wipes.

4. Empty The Trash

If you want a cleaner office for this season’s festivities, do not forget to empty out the trash bins. Offices that have assigned a commercial cleaning company to take care of the trash year-round can cross this task out of the list. Do not allow the garbage to linger once the office opens the following year – this is just bad New Year’s Feng Shui.

5. Rid The Office Fridge Of Perishables

Again, if your office closes down for the holidays, one of the items that you need to check is the fridge. Rid the fridge of perishables before the workplace shuts down for the season. Ask the staff to just tote their perishable leftovers along with them and not leave them on the fridge.


After The Party

1. Clean The Office Before It Closes

Pay attention to spills and stains and remove them right away, particularly stains on carpeting and office furniture. Mop the floors and vacuum the carpets. Clean up floor matting. Wipe down all flat surfaces and disinfect right after. Make sure the kitchen sinks and appliances are wiped clean as well.

2. Spruce Up The Washroom

Make sure that the restroom is clean before leaving the party. Wipe down and sanitize counters, sinks and urinals to get rid of germs.

3. Throw Out All Garbage

Get rid of party clutter. Ensure that all of the bins are emptied as well to keep the office clean and fresh-smelling during the remainder of the holidays. You can ask your commercial cleaning company to work with this in case the office closes for the season.

4. Take Down Party Decorations

Take care of party décor by wrapping and keeping them in their proper boxes or containers after the gathering. That way, you can still use those items for future holiday parties.

5. Outsource A Commercial Cleaning Company

Avoid after-party headaches by just requesting for the help of a professional cleaning company. This is a faster and more cost-effective solution since these services have the expertise and equipment required to tackle deep cleaning tasks.

The office staff was not hired to do such tasks so if you want an office that smells sweet, free of germs and bacteria and is sparkling clean after New Year’s, commercial cleaning services are the way to go.

Holiday parties are just the thing offices need to uplift everybody’s morale and celebrate the wins of the current business year. Everybody gets to unwind and become closer with each other.

Let’s get real, though – everyone wants to get down and party but not all is hot with the idea of cleanups before and after the shindig. Thus, hiring the services of professional cleaning companies is an excellent solution. Allow yourself and the staff to unwind some more by letting the experts take care of the holiday cleaning.

After party cleaning is really tough, that’s why Performance Cleaning is here to help. We believe in the 5S System in cleaning so your workplace will be conducive for productivity again after any event in the office. Contact us on 1300 867 872 for more information.

The Most Important Areas In An Office that Need Daily Cleaning



Cleaning and maintaining cleanliness in the office are crucial to keep the workplace safe. As we are currently confronted with a pandemic outbreak, it is imperative to keep the office a clean place to work and transact business.

Aside from the current situation that we are facing, we have to keep in mind that germs and bacteria thrive and grow especially in places that are usually left unnoticed for cleaning. Uncleaned dust also piles up and can eventually trigger respiratory ailments including asthma and other allergies.

In Australia, it was estimated that almost half of Australians from 2017 to 2018 suppressed one or more chronic conditions. This was according to Australia’s Health 2020, published by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare dated July 23, 2020.

This includes asthma, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, among others. Many factors are seen to be affecting an individual’s health conditions which includes where they live or work.

That is why cleaning the most important parts of the office is ideal to keep everyone safe and healthy. However, it may make you wonder where to start and which areas are most important when cleaning. To give you an idea which places in the office are most important for daily cleaning, take a look at the following:

1. Lobby/Reception Area

As customers, guests and staff alike are likely to meet in this part of the office, making daily cleaning much needed. It is also vital to check for dust build-up, molds and even possible insect infestation.

2. Large Conference Rooms

Staff meetings are regularly held in this part of a corporate office which makes it necessary to clean on a daily basis. Wiping and dusting alone may be deemed insufficient that is why relevant cleaning methods should be done.

3. Meeting Rooms

Smaller meetings or department discussions are usually held in these rooms. So even as it is not often used, daily cleaning is still needed to ensure dust and mold do not build up. This will make it readily available whenever a meeting should arise.

4. Video Conferencing Rooms

Corporate offices have now been shifting to telework and video conferencing has become a rising trend. However, as different machines are used in these rooms including computers, headsets, projectors and screens along with basic office tools, thorough cleaning is needed to avoid contamination and breaking equipment.

5. Kitchen/Pantry

As staff enjoys lunch and snacks in this part of the office, it is also a must to keep it clean and tidy every day. An unclean kitchen or pantry may lead to having pests in the office aside from molds, bacteria and germs.


6. IT Rooms

This part of the office serves as a hub for all IT related services and workload. With a number of computers, printers and IT related machines being used in this room, it can be easily filled with dust if not cleaned daily.

7. Toilet/Shower and Washroom

These areas must be kept clean, sanitary and hygienic at all times. Staff, customers and guests often use these places and leaving them uncleaned can result in bacterial or even viral infections.

8. Department Rooms

A corporate office has several department rooms. These rooms usually have cubicles for various staff. Numbers of employees may vary, nevertheless, cleaning it daily and getting things tidy promotes a healthier place to work at.

Keeping the office clean every day is a must. However, this can be a challenging job for the company’s cleaning department. This is because a corporate office consists of different rooms in a building. This is when getting the best industrial cleaning services becomes a great help.

You would not need to worry about ensuring daily cleaning is done because commercial cleaning professionals will make sure every important room in the office is spotless.

By doing so, you are also providing quality services to your customers as they are most likely to get comfortable in a clean and hygienic environment. Commercial cleaners will help you achieve a gleaming office that will best promote safety, health and wellness to everyone who comes in.

Furthermore, proper sanitation is guaranteed that will also make your mind at ease knowing your corporate office is operating with daily cleaned equipment and rooms.

For virus-free and clean workplace, contact Performance Cleaning at 1300 867 872 and check out our service areas from this link.

Industrial Cleaning Tips for a Safe Workplace in this Time of Covid-19


Economic growth remains a challenge for Australia and the rest of the world in this time of Covid-19 pandemic. Yet work must go on. Companies can adopt changes such as getting employees vaccinated and ensuring utmost cleanliness of work spaces.

If your business is in essential services or part of the industry allowed to operate by the Ministry of Health, hiring for a professional cleaner is a wise choice. That, plus you can follow industrial cleaning tips for a safe work environment in the midst of Covid-19.


1. Clean Workstations Routinely

Encourage employees to clean their workstations regularly, including computers, keyboards, tables, telephones, office supplies, and machines. Provide cleaning products and disinfectant wipes for each employee for convenience and infection control. Empowering employees to look after the frequent cleaning of their workstations also lessens the burden of your hired cleaners. Plus, choose cleaning agents with high efficacy in killing microbes.

2. Disinfect Commonly Touched Surfaces

Infection control requires you to identify frequently touched surfaces such as door knobs, countertops, remote controls, and shared equipment (e.g., photocopy machine, LCD projector, production machine). Instruct your hired cleaner to disinfect the areas routinely – morning, lunch, afternoon, or whenever necessary.

In industrial settings, you can encourage employees to sanitize before and after touching common surfaces and wear protective equipment such as hand gloves when using machines and equipment. The wearing of protective equipment is beneficial for rotating shifts and factories with closely spaced machine.

3. Clean Air Vents

In closed workplaces, the risk of virus transmission is high. You can open the windows, if there are any, to improve air circulation. Most production floors are presumably well ventilated, as most machines require a cooling system or optimum air flow.

In the absence of windows, say in staff offices, you can regularly clean the air vents and the filters of your AC to ensure the air circulating the room is clean and allergen-free. Set a cleaning schedule to avoid work interruption.

Additionally, you can use air sanitizers that can kill germs before and after work hours, as well as during break times, to ensure that the circulating air is clean. Make sure everyone’s out when spraying to prevent inhaling chemicals.

By chance, somebody coughed in the room or a suspected infected person has visited your workplace recently, the quickest remedy to clean the air in closed workplaces is to spray sanitizing aerosols.

4. Clear the Clutter

Take time to organize your workplace. Clear areas of unused items and sort remaining objects properly. This gives you more space to move around and fewer items to clean and disinfect. A clutter-free workplace not only increases worker productivity but also contributes to a safer environment. There are fewer fire hazards and potential objects of transmissions for the virus.

You can encourage your employees to declutter their personal workstations, too. Tuck away those that are not necessary and arrange items inside the cabinets. If you haven’t started practicing the 5S system, then it’s high time that you do.


5. Deep Cleaning of the Floor

Don’t forget about the floors. They too need thorough cleaning during this pandemic. Provide disinfecting mats at entrances when possible. The virus is carried in droplets in the air that eventually settle down in floors and surfaces. Hence, you must as well disinfect floors. Mopping, scrubbing, and shining floors are not enough. You need to apply disinfectant to remove germs not visible to the naked eye.

6. Hire a Professional Cleaner

Entrust the safety and cleanliness of your workplace to industrial cleaners who are trained in cleaning and disinfecting workplaces in this time of Covid-19. Because of experience, they are already familiar with the nooks and crannies to clean. They follow infection-related protocols, such as following the order of cleaning and knowing how to handle different cleaning chemicals safely.

They also come fully equipped with the appropriate cleaning tools and personal protective equipment. Sometimes, when cleaning surfaces, untrained individuals can whimsically spread the infection, say through repeated use of washcloth or improper disposal of cleaning materials.

Therefore, you can consider industrial cleaning service a wise investment. You are putting the best interests of your employees and are not disrupting the workload of your workforce.

To help you deep clean and disinfect your industrial building, talk to Performance Property Services Group – the trusted and professional cleaning company. You may reach us at 1300 867 872 for more details.

Things to Prioritise in Cleaning the Exterior of Your Office Building



Cleanliness is one huge source of revenue. How? Through repeat business. But repeat business does not occur if the outside areas of your building are too dirty. It would be too difficult to attract customers to your commercial establishment if the exteriors are topsy-turvy and filthy.

So, whatever kind of business you have, clean exteriors should be among your top priority. Here are some key aspects that should not be overlooked when cleaning.

1. Garbage Bins

A commercial building that has garbage bins outside, filled with trash and all crying for attention can be a real turn-off for many customers. As a responsible business owner, you have to see to it that all the garbage in front, on the side and back part of your commercial establishment are all tidied up.

Nobody can be interested to take a look at what’s inside your building if all that the customers see outside are scattered plastic bags, soda cans and rotten food containers.

Even though these things do not belong to your business or employees, you still have the obligation to keep your place clean. With this scenario, consider making proper arrangements with garbage removal services.

2. Pollen and Fallen Leaves

Yellow pollen particles are everywhere during springtime. These can stick to the exterior part of the building’s windows and doors. This yellow pollen will not only impact the exterior looks of your building.

They can also affect the health of everyone especially to those who are allergic to pollen. See to it that these are removed the soonest time possible.

When it’s autumn, make sure to clean up those fallen leaves. Never let these accumulate otherwise you will find more mud and dirt deposits along with the fallen leaves.

3. Cigarette Butts

If your business is located in an area where nobody gets ticketed for cigarette littering, then chances are high that you will find cigarette butts all over the place. Unfortunately, cigarette butts are not just fire hazards; they can also pollute the environment since they contain thousands of chemicals.

Therefore, putting some cigarette butt disposal containers near your entrance or along the pathway where your customers are more likely to toss them would be such a wise move.

4. Animal Wastes

There is nothing like animal poop to scare your customers away from your building. Make your business welcoming enough to people by making sure that it does not have feces or any animal wastes lying around.

Although this is something that would rarely happen in commercial areas, having someone to regularly check the cleanliness outside of your building would be a good idea. This way, the presence of animal wastes in the pathway and concrete areas near your entrance will be cleaned up right away.

5. Foot Traffic

Foot traffic can also cause the walkways to become dirty. Unfortunately, foot traffic can also bring mud and other debris to make your interiors look dirty.

You have to do something about it right away before those mud or dust accumulate on the exterior part of your building and make it too filthy to step on. You don’t want to lose potential customers just because your walkways are dirty, right?

Business owners must have a heavy foot traffic management in place. This way, you can always expect the entrance and the outside part of your business establishment to be always clean even during peak hours.

6. Window Streaks

Cleaning the windows may require some expertise. This is true especially if your establishment has plenty of windows that are installed on several floors. This is when you need the services of professional window cleaners. Clean windows make your building look neat and attractive.

Removing dirt from the windows is tantamount to giving your potential customers the chance to have a peek on your well-designed interior, as well as the products and services you are offering.

Do not hesitate to hire professional cleaners. Spotless windows will allow the architectural qualities of your building to shine and make it appear new all the time.

More than 90 percent of customers believe that a clean business establishment has higher chances of becoming successful. Statistics also reveal that customers can afford to overlook slow service for a neat and tidy atmosphere.

At this point, don’t just aim for fast and better service. Make a super clean establishment both on the interior and exterior one of your top goals.

For office building cleaning services, you may contact Property Performance Group Services at 1300 867 872 NOW! Our trusted and experienced commercial cleaning team will be happy to serve you.

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