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7 Best Tips To Do an After Flood Cleanup


Flood damage can be a daunting scenario for homeowners. The after-effects of such a disaster are very hard to deal with no matter how small or big the damages are. To help make your home liveable and clean again, here are some of the best tips for properly cleaning up your place after a flood disaster.

1. Keep Safe

Before you start a flood cleanup, you must prioritize your family’s safety.

• Shut off electricity and gas before cleaning your house.
• Call an electrician if you can’t safely turn off the power without stepping in the water.
• Don’t let your children or pets enter the affected area until it’s safe and clean.
• Wear appropriate protective gear such as eye protection, rubber boots, long pants, long sleeves and gloves before you start the clean-up.
• Make sure you have a first aid kit handy for possible minor injuries that may happen while you are cleaning.

2. Remove the Water

Remove as much water as you can after the flood. Use a container or a bucket when carrying the water out. You can use a wet and dry vacuum if there’s only a little amount of water left in the affected area. Remove the mud and other debris immediately while they’re wet before they become crusty. You should also remove wet drywall and panels. Cut away the affected areas and save the rest. Remember that you should remove everything that the water reached so be sure to check for any signs above the flood line.

3. Throw Away Items that are Beyond Repair

Items that cannot be sanitized such as books or other soft objects or surfaces should be thrown away. Upholstered furniture, mattresses or pillows should be disposed of due to the danger of getting moulds or mildew. Remember to take pictures of the items that you will toss away for insurance claims and also for remembrance if you are a sentimental person.


4. Clean and Sanitize Items that You can Salvage

After eliminating things that need to be tossed away, you must clean and sanitize the remaining salvageable items. Thoroughly clean and sanitize all hard surfaces with good cleaning and sanitizing products. Remember to use a stronger chemical product when removing mould.

  • Clean hard surfaces by using household ammonia, household cleaners or by using laundry or dish soaps.
  • To sanitize, use 1 cup of strong bleach for every 1 gallon of water.
  • Scrub floors with a tough brush within 2 days to prevent mildew.

5. Use Fans

Flooding can bring germs or pests into your house. To avoid air contamination, make sure that you use fans when cleaning to allow airflow. Doing this can prevent mildew and mould growth. Open all your doors and windows and use fans to help everything to dry up easily. Using a dehumidifier is also an ideal way to help dry out your place quickly and also best for preventing mould buildup.

6. Wash Your Hands and Clothes after Flood Clean-Up

Once you are done with the flood clean-up, be sure to wash your hands carefully with warm water and soap. The clothes that you wear while cleaning must also be washed in warm water and a good detergent. Do not wash them along with your other laundry. Make sure to wash them separately for hygienic purposes.

7. Hire a Professional

Hire a professional cleaning company if you do not have time to clean your house immediately. You cannot let flood cleanup wait for days or it may cause more problems. Flood damage is no joke and it can be very hazardous to your family’s health. Be sure to hire the experts if you have no time for such a daunting task.

Final Thoughts

Floods and other natural disasters are unavoidable. Cleaning up after a flood disaster can be very overwhelming but you need to face this problem immediately. Otherwise, it will cause more problems in the long run. Use the given tips to help you plan your flood cleanup better. Make your home clean and livable again after a devastating flood with these simple flood cleanup tips or better yet, hire a professional cleaning company to resolve your problem as soon as possible.

If your house needs an after flood cleanup, do not hesitate to contact Performance Cleaning on 1300 867 872 for more information.

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