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Things to Prioritise in Cleaning the Exterior of Your Office Building


Cleanliness is one huge source of revenue. How? Through repeat business. But repeat business does not occur if the outside areas of your building are too dirty. It would be too difficult to attract customers to your commercial establishment if the exteriors are topsy-turvy and filthy.

So, whatever kind of business you have, clean exteriors should be among your top priority. Here are some key aspects that should not be overlooked when cleaning.

1. Garbage Bins

A commercial building that has garbage bins outside, filled with trash and all crying for attention can be a real turn-off for many customers. As a responsible business owner, you have to see to it that all the garbage in front, on the side and back part of your commercial establishment are all tidied up.

Nobody can be interested to take a look at what’s inside your building if all that the customers see outside are scattered plastic bags, soda cans and rotten food containers.

Even though these things do not belong to your business or employees, you still have the obligation to keep your place clean. With this scenario, consider making proper arrangements with garbage removal services.

2. Pollen and Fallen Leaves

Yellow pollen particles are everywhere during springtime. These can stick to the exterior part of the building’s windows and doors. This yellow pollen will not only impact the exterior looks of your building.

They can also affect the health of everyone especially to those who are allergic to pollen. See to it that these are removed the soonest time possible.

When it’s autumn, make sure to clean up those fallen leaves. Never let these accumulate otherwise you will find more mud and dirt deposits along with the fallen leaves.

3. Cigarette Butts

If your business is located in an area where nobody gets ticketed for cigarette littering, then chances are high that you will find cigarette butts all over the place. Unfortunately, cigarette butts are not just fire hazards; they can also pollute the environment since they contain thousands of chemicals.

Therefore, putting some cigarette butt disposal containers near your entrance or along the pathway where your customers are more likely to toss them would be such a wise move.

4. Animal Wastes

There is nothing like animal poop to scare your customers away from your building. Make your business welcoming enough to people by making sure that it does not have feces or any animal wastes lying around.

Although this is something that would rarely happen in commercial areas, having someone to regularly check the cleanliness outside of your building would be a good idea. This way, the presence of animal wastes in the pathway and concrete areas near your entrance will be cleaned up right away.

5. Foot Traffic

Foot traffic can also cause the walkways to become dirty. Unfortunately, foot traffic can also bring mud and other debris to make your interiors look dirty.

You have to do something about it right away before those mud or dust accumulate on the exterior part of your building and make it too filthy to step on. You don’t want to lose potential customers just because your walkways are dirty, right?

Business owners must have a heavy foot traffic management in place. This way, you can always expect the entrance and the outside part of your business establishment to be always clean even during peak hours.

6. Window Streaks

Cleaning the windows may require some expertise. This is true especially if your establishment has plenty of windows that are installed on several floors. This is when you need the services of professional window cleaners. Clean windows make your building look neat and attractive.

Removing dirt from the windows is tantamount to giving your potential customers the chance to have a peek on your well-designed interior, as well as the products and services you are offering.

Do not hesitate to hire professional cleaners. Spotless windows will allow the architectural qualities of your building to shine and make it appear new all the time.

More than 90 percent of customers believe that a clean business establishment has higher chances of becoming successful. Statistics also reveal that customers can afford to overlook slow service for a neat and tidy atmosphere.

At this point, don’t just aim for fast and better service. Make a super clean establishment both on the interior and exterior one of your top goals.

For office building cleaning services, you may contact Property Performance Group Services at 1300 867 872. Our trusted and experienced commercial cleaning team will be happy to serve you.

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