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Concrete Scrubbing – Port Melbourne

Concrete Scrubbing Melbourne | Performance Group

Can old concrete be cleaned effectively?

Dirt and grime builds up over time on concrete floors, just like any other floor. The best defence is regular cleaning, but what if the concrete has been poorly maintained? Can it be effectively cleaned. In many cases, yes.

This is particular job in a common area in the CBD was a challenge due to not being maintained for a long period of time. Our challenge was to bring the life back into it.

So, we applied surface cleaner degreaser to all areas and the allow it to penetrate for 5 mins.

The next stage was to use our industrial circular pressure washer to remove all built up grime.

What an incredible outcome! The client was amazed by the end result!

So, in order to ensure this doesn't happen again, a  maintenance programme has been put in place.

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