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The Most Important Areas In An Office that Need Daily Cleaning


Cleaning and maintaining cleanliness in the office are crucial to keep the workplace safe. As we are currently confronted with a pandemic outbreak, it is imperative to keep the office a clean place to work and transact business.

Aside from the current situation that we are facing, we have to keep in mind that germs and bacteria thrive and grow especially in places that are usually left unnoticed for cleaning. Uncleaned dust also piles up and can eventually trigger respiratory ailments including asthma and other allergies.

In Australia, it was estimated that almost half of Australians from 2017 to 2018 suppressed one or more chronic conditions. This was according to Australia’s Health 2020, published by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare dated July 23, 2020.

This includes asthma, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, among others. Many factors are seen to be affecting an individual’s health conditions which includes where they live or work.

That is why cleaning the most important parts of the office is ideal to keep everyone safe and healthy. However, it may make you wonder where to start and which areas are most important when cleaning. To give you an idea which places in the office are most important for daily cleaning, take a look at the following:

1. Lobby/Reception Area

As customers, guests and staff alike are likely to meet in this part of the office, making daily cleaning much needed. It is also vital to check for dust build-up, molds and even possible insect infestation.

2. Large Conference Rooms

Staff meetings are regularly held in this part of a corporate office which makes it necessary to clean on a daily basis. Wiping and dusting alone may be deemed insufficient that is why relevant cleaning methods should be done.

3. Meeting Rooms

Smaller meetings or department discussions are usually held in these rooms. So even as it is not often used, daily cleaning is still needed to ensure dust and mold do not build up. This will make it readily available whenever a meeting should arise.

4. Video Conferencing Rooms

Corporate offices have now been shifting to telework and video conferencing has become a rising trend. However, as different machines are used in these rooms including computers, headsets, projectors and screens along with basic office tools, thorough cleaning is needed to avoid contamination and breaking equipment.

5. Kitchen/Pantry

As staff enjoys lunch and snacks in this part of the office, it is also a must to keep it clean and tidy every day. An unclean kitchen or pantry may lead to having pests in the office aside from molds, bacteria and germs.


6. IT Rooms

This part of the office serves as a hub for all IT related services and workload. With a number of computers, printers and IT related machines being used in this room, it can be easily filled with dust if not cleaned daily.

7. Toilet/Shower and Washroom

These areas must be kept clean, sanitary and hygienic at all times. Staff, customers and guests often use these places and leaving them uncleaned can result in bacterial or even viral infections.

8. Department Rooms

A corporate office has several department rooms. These rooms usually have cubicles for various staff. Numbers of employees may vary, nevertheless, cleaning it daily and getting things tidy promotes a healthier place to work at.

Keeping the office clean every day is a must. However, this can be a challenging job for the company’s cleaning department. This is because a corporate office consists of different rooms in a building. This is when getting the best industrial cleaning services becomes a great help.

You would not need to worry about ensuring daily cleaning is done because commercial cleaning professionals will make sure every important room in the office is spotless.

By doing so, you are also providing quality services to your customers as they are most likely to get comfortable in a clean and hygienic environment. Commercial cleaners will help you achieve a gleaming office that will best promote safety, health and wellness to everyone who comes in.

Furthermore, proper sanitation is guaranteed that will also make your mind at ease knowing your corporate office is operating with daily cleaned equipment and rooms.

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