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Hire Professional Office Cleaners To Avoid These Cleaning Mistakes


Is the cleaning of your office entrusted to one or two persons hired as office cleaners? Have you paid attention to how they work and checked the cleaning products that they use?

If some of your employees complain about an odd smell in the air or of stains in your newly-cleaned carpet, your cleaners are guilty of committing cleaning mistakes.

Inspect your office for these signs and if they appear despite repeated reminders, it is time to hire professional office cleaners and prevent the following cleaning mistakes.

Spot Cleaning

Have you looked at the spaces beneath the furniture and electronic equipment in your office and saw a film of dust? Have you checked the glass windows only to find dirt dimming the glass? If this happens, your cleaners have committed a cleaning mistake called spot cleaning.

Spot cleaning refers to the habit of keeping everything in the office clean while leaving the hidden spaces dirty. You can prevent this cleaning mistake to be committed in your office if you use the services of professional cleaners.

Use of Harsh Cleaning Products

Left on their own, your office cleaners might buy cheap but very strong products. Some of these items cannot be used for all-around cleaning. Bleach can leave a faded spot in the carpet or in the upholstery if your cleaners use it to remove the stain or scrub the material.

Some strong floor cleaners can be effective but if you use too much or leave it on the floor for a long period of time, it can cause fading. Some cleaning products are so strong that they can cause skin allergies and other skin problems.

If your employees start to sneeze or cough after entering your newly cleaned office, chances are the air freshener used is not safe so that it can cause skin irritation, coughing, and sneezing.

Professional cleaners can identify harsh products from gentle and natural ones. You are assured that the products that they use are safe and eco-friendly.

Causing Damage to Office Equipment

Do your cleaners have any experience cleaning your equipment and dismantling it to do a thorough cleaning? If not, do not let them touch your office equipment. They can use a rough cloth to clean screen monitors, causing scratches on the surface.

With the wrong or insufficient cleaning material, dirt is spread instead of getting removed. Find a professional cleaning company that has a specialist in cleaning, dismantling, and assembling office equipment to prevent damage.


Incorrect Maintenance of Cleaning Equipment

The vacuum and floor polisher that is used in cleaning must be properly maintained. When you see your office cleaners leave them around without cleaning them first, your office cleanliness might be jeopardized.

Equipment that is not properly cleaned after use can deteriorate fast and malfunction. Hiring professional office cleaners is one way of reducing costs on equipment maintenance and repair.

Disrupting Employees at Work

Since your cleaning employees have the same work hours with the other employees, they might start cleaning even if there are still employees that are trying to finish their work for the day.

This can interrupt their work or make them decide to leave their wok unfinished to give way to the cleaners to do their job.

Hiring professional cleaning service providers can save you from this problem because they come at a time convenient to you and your employees. They come to work either at night or early in the morning when there are no workers present anymore.

Unpleasant Smell

Improper way of cleaning by inexperienced persons can result in a persistent foul odour in your office could mean some trash had been left to rot or some areas were left moist for a long time.

For old office buildings, mould and mildew can leave an unpleasant smell. Your employees could suffer from allergic reactions or become sick.

Using the services of professional cleaners can save you from working in an unhealthy office because their cleaners have been trained on how to get rid of dampness, mould, and mildew in the place that they clean. This can result in a fresh-smelling and hygienic environment.

If you want to have your office thoroughly and professionally cleaned, use the services of commercial cleaning experts to protect your employees and your business from the ill effects of cleaning mistakes.

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