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Holiday Cleaning: Tips for Cleaning Offices During the Christmas Season


The holidays are the perfect time to get together with your loved ones, friends and officemates. Parties are being planned left and right – for a truly happening shindig, the office needs to be presentable, sparkling clean and comfy before and after the gathering. Check out these nifty tips to keep the staff’s spirits high all throughout the season.

Before The Party

1. Start With The Basics

Get the cleanup going by doing the basics. Organize all clutter. Make sure that all counters and surfaces are free of litter and properly sanitized. Vacuum and sweep the floor of dust and dirt.

2. Take Care Of The Restroom

Even before the party starts, ensure that the restroom is cleaned up and sanitized well. Polish the sinks and counters clean. Scour the toilets. Keep the restroom free from odors. Disinfect to rid the area of germs – take care of spots that are touched frequently like doors and taps. Restock toilet paper rolls and tissues, refill those soap dispensers and place a fresh stock of paper towels.

3. Tidy Up The Kitchen And The Dining Area

The staff and office guests will possibly spend a bit of their time in the kitchen or dining area. Thus, don’t forget to clean these spots well. Wipe down kitchen counters and devices. Clean chairs, tables and kitchen shelves using disinfectant wipes.

4. Empty The Trash

If you want a cleaner office for this season’s festivities, do not forget to empty out the trash bins. Offices that have assigned a commercial cleaning company to take care of the trash year-round can cross this task out of the list. Do not allow the garbage to linger once the office opens the following year – this is just bad New Year’s Feng Shui.

5. Rid The Office Fridge Of Perishables

Again, if your office closes down for the holidays, one of the items that you need to check is the fridge. Rid the fridge of perishables before the workplace shuts down for the season. Ask the staff to just tote their perishable leftovers along with them and not leave them on the fridge.


After The Party

1. Clean The Office Before It Closes

Pay attention to spills and stains and remove them right away, particularly stains on carpeting and office furniture. Mop the floors and vacuum the carpets. Clean up carpets and floor matting. Wipe down all flat surfaces and disinfect right after. Make sure the kitchen sinks and appliances are wiped clean as well.

2. Spruce Up The Washroom

Make sure that the restroom is clean before leaving the party. Wipe down and sanitize counters, sinks and urinals to get rid of germs.

3. Throw Out All Garbage

Get rid of party clutter. Ensure that all of the bins are emptied as well to keep the office clean and fresh-smelling during the remainder of the holidays. You can ask your commercial cleaning company to work with this in case the office closes for the season.

4. Take Down Party Decorations

Take care of party décor by wrapping and keeping them in their proper boxes or containers after the gathering. That way, you can still use those items for future holiday parties.

5. Outsource A Commercial Cleaning Company

Avoid after-party headaches by just requesting for the help of a professional cleaning company. This is a faster and more cost-effective solution since these services have the expertise and equipment required to tackle deep cleaning tasks.

The office staff was not hired to do such tasks so if you want an office that smells sweet, free of germs and bacteria and is sparkling clean after New Year’s, commercial cleaning services are the way to go.

Holiday parties are just the thing offices need to uplift everybody’s morale and celebrate the wins of the current business year. Everybody gets to unwind and become closer with each other.

Let’s get real, though – everyone wants to get down and party but not all is hot with the idea of cleanups before and after the shindig. Thus, hiring the services of professional cleaning companies is an excellent solution. Allow yourself and the staff to unwind some more by letting the experts take care of the holiday cleaning.

After party cleaning is really tough, that's why Performance Cleaning is here to help. We believe in the 5S System in cleaning so your workplace will be conducive for productivity again after any event in the office. Contact us on 1300 867 872 for more information.

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