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Four Possible Reasons Why It Is Difficult to Maintain the Cleanliness of Your Office

Many people consider the office as their second home. After all, it is here where they spend almost a third of their day for about 5 days a week.

Because of the sheer number of people sharing the same space and resources, cleaning the office can be more daunting than cleaning a house.

If you have a team of cleaners yet you still see your office dirty, there may be some culprits that you have overlooked. Here are four of them.

1. You Have an Open-plan Layout

If your company provides separate offices or workstations for each of your employees, then this is not an issue. The main concern here is on businesses that have an open-plan layout.

An open-plan workplace can have many benefits to the business. It can help foster better camaraderie, while also allowing supervisors to interact with their team members.

Unfortunately, such an open-space design, exposes employees to disease-causing germs like viruses and bacteria. When an employee has an infection, he or she can spread the germ to all those in the open space.

A larger working space also favours the observance of unhealthy practices. Because of an open-plan workplace, cleaning can be more difficult. Because there will be certain sections of the workplace that remain dirty, it will convey the message to employees that it is okay to litter.

2. You Haven’t Embraced a Paperless Workplace Yet

Look in your office and you will notice that paper is the single most important cause of litter. Almost all desks in the office will have papers on top. These can include reports, memos, notes, and other documents.

While these documents are very important in running your business, they are not the only way. There are now electronic or digital solutions that you can institute in your office to help get rid of the clutter.

Instead of printing hundreds of memos to give to your employees, you might want to email them instead. Create a digital bulletin board where you can post all the important information you want to convey.

You do not have to eliminate paper documents right away. However, if you can reduce your dependence on paper, then you can save money. You also help keep your office looking neater and cleaner.

3. Your Employees Drink and Eat in Their Workstations

There are companies that prohibit their employees from drinking or eating in their respective workstations. They recognise the impact of such employee habits on their productivity.

Crumbs can fall on the keyboard or on the document that an employee is preparing. These can stain the document, requiring the employee to make another one.

While having a bottle of water on your table can help keep you hydrated, this can also affect one’s performance of his or her job functions. If the water spills onto documents, then one has to make the documents again.

Cleaning spills and crumbs in the workstation is easy. However, eating and drinking in a designated area in the office are a lot easier.

Many offices now have a staff room or kitchen where their staff can enjoy their drinks and food. This is also easier to clean as there are no documents and work-related equipment to think about.

4. Your Employees are Overzealous, Reporting to Work Sick

You will have to give credit to a zealous employee. Such dedication to his or her work is something that you do not get to see all the time. However, if the employee’s eagerness to work already borders on overzealousness, it can pose a problem.

A classic example of employee overzealousness is coming to work even though the employee is sick. The problem with many of today’s infections is that they tend to spread very fast.

A sick employee who reports for work for one day has the potential to spread the infectious germ to others in the office.

Employees today can always use different technologies to inform their offices that they are sick. Make sure your employees know that it is okay not to come to work if they are sick.

Learning the possible reasons why you cannot keep your office clean should help you identify more appropriate measures. One of these measures should always include getting the services of a commercial cleaning company. They can help keep your office space in check.

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Upholstery Cleaning – Tullamarine Airport

Upholstery Clean Tullamarine | Eurpocar Melbourne Airport | Performance Group
Upholstery Clean Tullamarine | Eurpocar Melbourne Airport | Performance Group

Client: Europcar, International Office
Location: Melbourne Airport, Tullamarine
Problem: Light colour green chairs get very dirty, high traffic vinyl floor
Solution: Upholstery clean every 3 months, clean floor

These chairs at the International Office of Eurpocar at Melbourne Airport in Tullamarine where recently refurbished, only 3 months ago. The light green colour chairs, however, get dirty very quickly. The solution is to implement a cleaning schedule, every 3 months, to keep them looking their best, and apply scotch guard to protect them between cleans.

The vinyl floor, a high traffic area of a similar colour, was degreased and scrubbed back to remove all the built up grime. A regular cleaning maintenance program will keep this area looking clean and ready for customers!

Lift Floor Rejuvenation South Yarra

Lift Floor After Seal & Polish | South Yarra | Performance Group
Lift Floor After Seal & Polish | South Yarra | Performance Group

Cleaning and Rejuvenating a Lift Floor - South Yarra

This lift floor in The Punt Hill Apartments in South Yarra has seen some heavy traffic! After several attempts to rejuvenate the floor themselves, they called us to see if we could help.

We recommended stripping the floor back, a good scrub and neutralise before applying a good quality sealer & polish suitable for high traffic area.

End result –Great outcome!


  1. Apply Diverse Ultra Strip to area required.
  2. Strip back all flooring using black stripping pad with swing buffer
  3. Scrub clean all corners & edges
  4. Neutralise floor-so ready to lay polish
  5. Apply sealer (pinnacle) Johnson product
  6. Apply 3 coats of polish (Johnson)

Office Spring Clean Melbourne

Office Spring Clean Melbourne | Performance Group
Office Spring Clean Melbourne | Performance Group

Office Spring Clean!

Here in Melbourne it feels like Spring has finally arrived with the weather warming up! Now is a great time to look at an Office Spring Clean! To help, we've come up with a list of things that need to be done during this period.

If you have a cleaning contractor, you might like to do a check to make sure they are including these items:

Recommended duties for Office Spring Cleaning:

  • Carpet Steam cleaning and deodorising
  • Wash clean internal glass partitions
  • Upholstery clean all office chairs
  • High Level dusting
  • Clean all air-conditioning vents
  • Wash clean all slimline blinds
  • Disinfect/wipe all telephones handsets
  • Degrease all tiles in toilets
  • Wash clean all tiles in restrooms
  • Pressure wash all external entry surfaces
  • Pressure wash facade of building
  • Linoleum maintenance care (strip/seal)
  • Deep clean of fridges in tearooms
  • Clean and wipe down marks off walls and doors
  • Dust fan blades
  • Dust and wipe ceiling light covers
  • Move all desks and clean behind
  • Pressure wash all external balconies
  • Wash clean all external balustrading
  • Wash clean all external glass
  • Mechanical sweep car park
  • Wash clean all chair bases

If you would like some assistance, please contact us on 1300 867 872.

Cleaning Office Bathroom Tiles

Office Bathroom Cleaning Melbourne | Tile Rejuvination | Performance Cleaning
Office Bathroom Cleaning Melbourne | Tile Rejuvination | Performance Cleaning

Problem: Build up stubborn Mildew

Solution: Apply Enzyme ( 100% biodegradable) to all tiled areas which have built up stubborn stains and mildew. Allow to sit there for 5 mins to penetrate thru the mildew and grout. Light scrub areas which are stubborn
Wash off with water and your bathroom tiles and grout will be rejuvenated

Cleaning Office Entrance Tiles

Cleaning Office Entrance Tiles | Melbourne CBD | Office Cleaning | Performance Group
Cleaning Office Entrance Tiles | Melbourne CBD | Office Cleaning | Performance Group

Rejuvenation of Office Entrance Tiles

Location: Melbourne CBD office

Problem: Entrance tiles in desperate need of rejuvenation

After years of neglect , and a recent refurbishment of the office, the client was wanting a solution to the unsightly front entry. A costly replacement of the tiles was not an option.

Solution: Contact Performance Group.

We applied a heavy solution of U- beaut ( safety degreaser). It is a Biodegradable heavy duty degreaser. After allowing the product 30 minutes to penetrate, we moved the slurry to agitate the Terrazzo.

Gently machine scrubbed on slow speed then vacuumed all the slurry.
The final step was a concentrated pressure clean of the tiles .

Result:The images below showing the before and after speak for themselves!

Another job well done! Our client over the moon as a costly tile replacement has been avoided.

Office Spring Clean – Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne

Office Carpet Steam Clean Melbourne | Performance Cleaning
Office Carpet Steam Clean Melbourne | Performance Cleaning

Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne Offices

With Spring well and truly here, it's a great time to get an office spring clean underway! A great place to start is with steam cleaning the office carpets.

During the Winter months dirt, mud, water is brought in on shoes and walked through the office. This is deposited in the carpet. A carpet steam clean removes this dirt and grime, and in turn this extends the life of the carpet. Even if the dirt is not highly visible, the grit wears away at the carpet as it is walked on.

Now is a great time to book an office carpet steam clean!

Office Cleaning: Tackling Carpet Stains at an Early Stage

Office Cleaning South Melbourne - The Toilets | Performance Cleaning

Removing Coffee Stains

Coffee stains are the most common you will find in all offices.

Tackling stains at an early stage will prevent the stain penetrating into the carpet. Leaving the stain too long will most times result in a permanent mark if not treated.

With all our clients our staff have on site a great product to deal with this issue.
Enzyme Wizard-Carpet Spot remover and Shampoo is designed to attack and eliminate tough stains.

Carpet Steam Clean Annually

It has a penetrating action which gets deep down into the fibres of the carpet.
We encourage all our clients to steam clean and deodorise carpets annually.

Office Cleaning South Melbourne - The Toilets | Performance Cleaning

Office Cleaning South Melbourne – The Toilets

Office Cleaning South Melbourne - The Toilets | Performance Cleaning
Office Cleaning South Melbourne - The Toilets | Performance Cleaning

Eliminating Odour in Office Toilets

Location: South Melbourne

Problem: Toilet Odour

We were recently asked by a client in the South Melbourne if we could eliminate the odour in the toilets.


Taking on a new contract almost always requires an impact clean. The odour from the mens toilet block is the most challenging task.
We use a product which breaks down uric acid crystals , removing the urea component and eliminating the stain and odour for good.
This product is water evaporable fragrance which leaves no residue behind.

Odour gone! 

Common Area Office Kitchen Cleaning in Essendon

Terrazzo Cleaning Melbourne | Performance Cleaning
Terrazzo Cleaning Melbourne | Performance Cleaning

Hard floor care requires specialist care.

This client approached us with this dilemma. They had employed a cleaner to mop this floor daily but after 2 years they realised they where wasting there money.

Terrazo floors require careful cleaning. Specific floor detergents are required for Terrazzo floors with correct dilution rates.

This Terrazzo floor required deep penetration with auto scrubbers , but this could have been avoided with good practices.
Mops need to be colour coded to avoid cross contamination.

High traffic hard floors often require a heavy mop followed by a neutralised rinse .

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