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6 Industrial Cleaning Tips for a Safe Work Environment in this Time of Covid-19


Economic growth remains a challenge for Australia and the rest of the world in this time of Covid-19 pandemic. Yet work must go on. Companies can adopt changes such as getting employees vaccinated and ensuring utmost cleanliness of work spaces.

If your business is in essential services or part of the industry allowed to operate by the Ministry of Health, hiring for a professional cleaner is a wise choice. That, plus you can follow industrial cleaning tips for a safe work environment in the midst of Covid-19.


1. Clean Workstations Routinely

Encourage employees to clean their workstations regularly, including computers, keyboards, tables, telephones, office supplies, and machines. Provide cleaning products and disinfectant wipes for each employee for convenience and infection control. Empowering employees to look after the frequent cleaning of their workstations also lessens the burden of your hired cleaners. Plus, choose cleaning agents with high efficacy in killing microbes.

2. Disinfect Commonly Touched Surfaces

Infection control requires you to identify frequently touched surfaces such as door knobs, countertops, remote controls, and shared equipment (e.g., photocopy machine, LCD projector, production machine). Instruct your hired cleaner to disinfect the areas routinely – morning, lunch, afternoon, or whenever necessary.

In industrial settings, you can encourage employees to sanitize before and after touching common surfaces and wear protective equipment such as hand gloves when using machines and equipment. The wearing of protective equipment is beneficial for rotating shifts and factories with closely spaced machine.

3. Clean Air Vents

In closed workplaces, the risk of virus transmission is high. You can open the windows, if there are any, to improve air circulation. Most production floors are presumably well ventilated, as most machines require a cooling system or optimum air flow.

In the absence of windows, say in staff offices, you can regularly clean the air vents and the filters of your AC to ensure the air circulating the room is clean and allergen-free. Set a cleaning schedule to avoid work interruption.

Additionally, you can use air sanitizers that can kill germs before and after work hours, as well as during break times, to ensure that the circulating air is clean. Make sure everyone’s out when spraying to prevent inhaling chemicals.

By chance, somebody coughed in the room or a suspected infected person has visited your workplace recently, the quickest remedy to clean the air in closed workplaces is to spray sanitizing aerosols.

4. Clear the Clutter

Take time to organize your workplace. Clear areas of unused items and sort remaining objects properly. This gives you more space to move around and fewer items to clean and disinfect. A clutter-free workplace not only increases worker productivity but also contributes to a safer environment. There are fewer fire hazards and potential objects of transmissions for the virus.

You can encourage your employees to declutter their personal workstations, too. Tuck away those that are not necessary and arrange items inside the cabinets. If you haven’t started practicing the 5S system, then it’s high time that you do.


5. Deep Cleaning of the Floor

Don’t forget about the floors. They too need thorough cleaning during this pandemic. Provide disinfecting mats at entrances when possible. The virus is carried in droplets in the air that eventually settle down in floors and surfaces. Hence, you must as well disinfect floors. Mopping, scrubbing, and shining floors are not enough. You need to apply disinfectant to remove germs not visible to the naked eye.

6. Hire a Professional Cleaner

Entrust the safety and cleanliness of your workplace to industrial cleaners who are trained in cleaning and disinfecting workplaces in this time of Covid-19. Because of experience, they are already familiar with the nooks and crannies to clean. They follow infection-related protocols, such as following the order of cleaning and knowing how to handle different cleaning chemicals safely.

They also come fully equipped with the appropriate cleaning tools and personal protective equipment. Sometimes, when cleaning surfaces, untrained individuals can whimsically spread the infection, say through repeated use of washcloth or improper disposal of cleaning materials.

Therefore, you can consider industrial cleaning service a wise investment. You are putting the best interests of your employees and are not disrupting the workload of your workforce.

To help you deep clean and disinfect your industrial building, talk to Performance Property Services Group – the trusted and professional cleaning company. You may reach us at 1300 867 872 for more details.

4 Most Germ-Infested Places in a Modern Office



Working in an office for eight hours or more in a day not only gives you access to a regular paycheck; it also exposes you to different types of disease-causing bacteria and viruses. The work desk alone is 400 times dirtier than the bathroom toilet.

Shocked? It’s a fact that your modern office. Yes, that place where you stay for most hours of the day in your daily life for years and ever since you were hired.

The workplace is also home to that scary thing called germs. Arm yourself with the right information to prevent sickness by knowing which areas in your office are the most germ-infested. These are the following:


They say that the office bathroom is the face of the company that you are working for. So, if your office bathroom is clean and disinfected on a regular basis, lucky you.

Unfortunately, for some, the bathroom remains one of the most germ-infested areas. A study conducted by experts in public restrooms reveal that there are around 77,000 traces of different types of bacteria and other disease-causing microorganisms that dwell in there.

Just imagine the presence of streptococcus, shigella, E. coli and fecal bacteria and you wouldn’t want to use the bathroom again.

The bad news is that your office bathroom is not far from the so-called public restroom. It is also used by many people with whom you do not have any idea about their lifestyle and in what health condition they are in.

Work Station

Your computer keyboard, mouse, desk and many other things in your work station are infested with too many bacteria. The computer keyboard alone has three times more bacteria than the toilet. Your computer mouse may also have around 1,600 bacteria per square inch.

What’s worse is that if you have the habit of eating at your desk while working, the bacteria and viruses that live there could also be much more than expected!

Although you can eliminate up to 100 percent of bacteria in your keyboard just by using wipes, you may not always have the time to do so. This is when the need to hire professional cleaners to do the cleaning becomes imperative.

This way, workplace employees do not have to worry about accumulating dirt and germs while in the office. Professional cleaners also know very well which areas need to be sanitized and disinfected. This translates to a safer and cleaner workplace for everybody.


Office pantries are also among the most germ-infested areas in the workplace. The fridge alone can be home to millions of bacteria caused by long-forgotten lunches that are already decomposing.

Unfortunately, the fridge doesn’t kill any bacteria but it only slows down its growth. In fact, research reveals that listeria monocytogenes can multiply in a dirty fridge just like in any other places with cold temperatures.

Not to mention the hand-to-hand or hand-to-food contact that employees and workplace staff are doing each time they visit the pantry. This daily routine accelerates the spread of streptococcus, hepatitis A, staphylococcus and noroviruses.


The germs that accumulate in the elevator are due to the fact that so many people are pressing those up and down buttons every day. The people who press these buttons not only include workplace employees and staff. How about your guests, flower delivery guy and that man from your favorite pizza house?

The amount of dirt that lives in the elevator is too many to count considering the fact that we do not have any idea what these people are touching or what illnesses they have as they press those elevator buttons.

Put an end to your bacteria-ridden experience each time you go to work. Make sure you always have with you an alcohol or hand sanitizer if frequent hand washing is not always possible.

Of course, hiring an expert to clean up and disinfect your workplace is the best action to take to ensure that the workplace no longer harbors germs that could cause sickness among employees.

However, remember that proper hygiene always starts in you. So, observe cleanliness and adhere to recommended sanitation and safety protocols.

Most of all, keep in mind that the coronavirus is not the only enemy that we have when we talk about germs. Stay safe against germs and you’ll stay healthy and productive at work.

To keep your office clean and germ-free, contact the trusted and professional Performance Cleaning team at 1300 867 872. You may also check out our service areas by visiting this link.

The Dirtiest Items on Your Work Desk



When you entered the office building this morning, you used the elevator, pressed its buttons, touched the doorknob handles of your office room and you might have visited the restroom. Then you got yourself some food from the vending machine, went to the copier, made copies of the day’s memo, and poured yourself some coffee from the coffeepot in the office kitchen.

It is not even 10 AM yet, and you unknowingly spent the morning with your hands placed on the dirtiest parts in the office.

Common areas in the office like the elevators, kitchen sink, copier room, restrooms are understandably places that are covered with bacteria on the surface. When people cover their noses and mouths after a cough or sneeze, they sometimes mindlessly touch other objects afterward. This creates a pattern of spreading bacteria from one surface to another.

Your desk, on the other hand, is only frequented by you. This may lead you to think that your desk is a safer place compared to the office commons. You have your desk in place; folders are stacked up nicely, a tiny garbage bin under your desk. It definitely looks clean. But that is only seeing through your naked eyes. Under a microscope, several items and areas in your desk can be breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses.

Telephone and Smartphone

Studies have shown that there are 25,000 germs per square inch on your office phone. Office phones even when shared with a few people or used alone are still in contact with hands that have been outside. Couple this with touching your smartphone more than 50 times a day, then your hands are definitely in close contact with a lot of microbes every single day.

Smartphones on average are found to be ten times dirtier than the toilet seat. While the natural bacteria in human skin are not always dangerous, cleaning the phones meticulously prevents the spread of dangerous pathogens like Streptococcus, MRSA, or even E.coli.

Keyboard and Mouse

It is normal to spend lunch break on your desk. You place those crackers on a plate, a cup of coffee, or a bag of bread on your desk just like you were at a dinner table. But these food are only inches away from your keyboard and mouse so drinks could be spilled.

Food crumbs could get inside the crevices of your keyboards. Then you touch the mouse even before wiping the oil off your fingers. This mess not only attracts bacteria but also rodents. They could be loitering in the office after dark. Mice droppings and urine may contain Hantaviruses that can cause severe respiratory diseases.

It is important to constantly shake debris out of keyboards by turning them upside down and wiping them clean afterward. If you have time, you can pop the keys for thorough cleaning. Make sure to first clean the mouse before the keyboard as it tends to be neglected when wiping down surfaces.



Headphones are those cool things that hang on your monitor or at the side of your desk after use. They look good anywhere on your desk so they are often ignored when cleaning. Unfortunately, when you use headphones a variety of staphylococcus bacteria can be transferred from your ear to your earbuds.

Viruses have also been shown to live for up to three days on plastic surfaces. Then there’s your dried-up sweat that has never been wiped on from your daily use.

Soft damp cloth along with isopropyl alcohol are effective cleaning supplies for your headphones. They may not be easy to clean so avoid damage by trying on the cleaning products on similar surfaces like PVC leather sofas.

Messy Desk

Sure, Albert Einstein and Mark Twain had messy desks. Creative people and geniuses are often said to have messier desks as they spark creativity. However, working in offices requires accountability to each other.

You are not only each other’s teammate on projects but when you get sick, the entire floor is just as vulnerable because of the type of environment that you share. These closed office buildings share a central AC with cubicles placed next to each other.

Therefore, it is imperative to make sure that your desks are always clean so as not to cause easily transferrable diseases. Don’t make your busy schedules as excuses. Call for professional cleaning help.

For commercial and residential cleaning services, we are available to these service areas. Contact us at 1300 867 872 and we will be glad to assist you with your needs.

Top 5 Myths About Hiring a Commercial Cleaner



Now more than ever, keeping the office clean is an important aspect for every business. Unfortunately, there are tons of myths surrounding office cleaning that stop many office managers from getting professional cleaning help. Believing in these myths can actually hinder business operations rather than improve it. Here are some of those myths:

1. Commercial Cleaning is Expensive

Professional cleaning is actually cheaper in the long run. Imagine, there’s no need to maintain a set of custodians who all fall within the control of the HR Department. This means less paperwork for the HR Department. In addition, most government-mandated payments are accomplished by the third-party company.

In many cases, all you need to do is make routine payments to the professional cleaning service necessitating a simple “expense” in your account rather than an elaborate one.

There’s also the fact that many commercial cleaning companies take care of their own cleaning supplies. This means that you can benefit from top-notch cleaning products without worrying about the cost in your expense account.

2. Anyone Can Do Cleaning

Most people think that simply wiping the counter and sweeping the floors would be enough for the office. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth. The fact is that offices suffer from the same dirt-rich spots as a regular household does. Perhaps even more so.

The difference is that while homeowners would be happy to clean and defrost the fridge or clean behind the microwave, employees are unlikely to do this.

Hence, while the whole office keeps putting food in the fridge or using the microwave oven, no one can be bothered to actually clean them. After all, they’re office facilities, not part of the job.

This is where having commercial cleaning services can really help. Professional cleaners are trained to clean the most overlooked parts of an office. They ensure that every inch has been properly scrubbed to remove dirt, viruses, and germs.


3. Commercial Cleaning Interferes with Business Operations

Another issue for business owners would be the interference professional cleaners would have on the business. In fact, providers can schedule it so that cleaners only come when the office is closed or when traffic is low.

You can work with your provider to schedule cleaning on off-peak hours. This means, there are no disturbances or interferences with the business. Your staff can leave with the trash bag full and then come back to a completely empty trash can as professional cleaners work through the night.


4. Commercial Cleaning is a Security Breach

For companies that have intellectual assets, commercial cleaners may be seen as a problem. They will be able to move in and out of the office with little security. However, this doesn’t have to be the case at all. The combined effort of a good commercial cleaning company can help ensure that all cleaners have been vetted to protect your privacy and security.

Each one goes through a rigorous screening and training process to provide excellent results without compromising your data. Each employee also has an extensive record with the service company to ensure that they can be tracked should there be any problems. Your business security measures will also be respected to help increase privacy.

5. Communication Can Be a Problem

Commercial cleaners often report to the company hiring them which is the cleaning company. Does that mean that communication between the business and the individual cleaner is compromised?

Of course not! A good commercial cleaning company can help smooth the communication process so that each cleaner knows exactly what you need each time. Any concern or areas needing extra care can be quickly communicated to and from both parties to prevent confusion.

Even better, this is true for all individual cleaners. Hence, should there be a turnover or a restructure of the cleaning team assigned to your premises. You can still rely on the promise that this new team will be informed of your specific requirements.

Those mentioned are just some of the more common myths associated with commercial cleaning. Do not let these wrong impressions stop you from hiring professional cleaners for your business especially with the increased concern about germs and viruses. With the right commercial cleaning company, you can keep your space safe and secure.

For your office cleaning needs, Performance Property Services Group offers extraordinary cleaning services that’s second to none. We offer cleaning services in all Melbourne suburbs. Just give us a call at 1300 867 872 for more details.

How Professional Commercial Cleaning Can Help With Company Efficiency



Most companies look at commercial cleaning as an option, failing to realise that it can help with business efficiency. Professional cleaning does more than simply clean – it can provide you with the following benefits:

Fewer Sick Days for Employees

With the recent health scare, cleanliness has taken new levels of importance – especially in shared spaces. Even before the pandemic however, keeping a clean and sanitized surface greatly contributes to fewer sick days among employees.

If one of your people has the sniffles, a good cleaning company can at least minimize its spread through a comprehensive clean of the common areas. You might be surprised how many bacteria are residing on the microwave handle, the fridge, the coffeemaker, and various other shared items in the workplace.

More Economical Option

There’s also the fact that professional cleaners are more cost-effective. Since they’re responsible for hiring people, you can be sure that there’s always a custodian ready to do the cleaning. The HR Department doesn’t have to worry about keeping their records, paying the salary, or keeping track of their performance.

Instead, all you have to do would be to pay off the professional cleaners – creating a simple “expense” account in the books instead of an extensive entry. Plus, there’s the fact that third party cleaners often charge on a per-contract basis.

There’s Always Someone There

By outsourcing your cleaners, you only have to make sure that you pay the contract – they will take care of the rest. This is a top benefit when it comes to people because if one of the custodians fail to close shop for the day.

There will always be someone ready to take up the slack. There’s no blank space in there and you are given the assurance of continuous cleanliness no matter what happens.

Keeps the Productivity Up

There’s something about a clean environment that keeps people focused on their work. An un-swept floor or a full trash bag can be a cause of distraction for many people – not to mention if there’s a lingering smell on the floor.

With a clean office welcoming them in the morning, your employees can happily go straight to work in a calm and productive environment.


Comprehensive and Flexible Service

Professional cleaners invest heavily on their team, equipment, and tools. For example – heavy-duty carpet and tile cleaners are often part of the service – something that few businesses have the budget for. With a professional cleaning company, you can tap into the best cleaning equipment out there from windows, vents, air conditioners, and so on.

Most cleaners offer a daily service and can also extend a comprehensive sweep all through the office which includes even the most obscure areas like the back of the office fridge, the air vents, the heater, the toilet, and so on. Most cleaners also work with businesses to create a cleaning plan depending on their needs. Hence, you only need to pay for services you actually need in the office through a flexible package system.

Works within your Timeframe

You want to keep the office clean but you want to avoid the distraction of custodians walking around the place?  Professional cleaning companies often extend the option of flexible work hours. Custodians can be present at night time when everyone is home and clean the area all through the night so that everything is perfect in the morning.

For businesses that have a high traffic area or just want to maintain a private space during working hours, professionals would be perfect.

Boosts Company Reputation

Finally, there’s the fact that a clean work space is an attractive one. If you run a business that continually welcomes clients into the office –cleanliness is a huge part of company reputation.

When clients walk in, they want to see a well-maintained space that just screams reliability and quality. You will find that a clean space can really boost the company reputation without going overboard on the expenses.

To wrap it up, professional cleaning services can do so much for businesses looking to maintain excellent standing in their chosen industry. Of course, the benefits mentioned above are only true if you get a reputable cleaning company that can deliver quality services.

For all commercial and office cleaning needs, you may contact Performance Property Services Group at 1300 867 872 for more details.

Top Overlooked Office Areas that Require Professional Cleaning


With the typical office worker spending a majority of their time at work – it makes sense to keep the spaces clean and presentable. Unfortunately, cleaning in the office context simply means getting rid of obvious dirt and trash.

You might be surprised by the amount of grime lurking in unseen areas that can still prove problematic – both for the office and the people working in it.


Here are some of the most overlooked office spots that really need a deep clean.

Baseboards, Ducts, and Vents

You may not notice it, but the quality of air in the office can greatly affect the health of every person breathing it in. Poorly maintained ducts and vents can quickly trigger allergies and cause some employees to stay home because of some viral disease.

Ideally, these ducts and vents should be thoroughly cleaned before the summer season to guarantee optimum performance at a time when it’s really needed.

Phones, Switches, and Other Landing Areas

These landing areas are essentially spots that multiple hands touch all throughout the day. Phones, switches, handrails, the mouse, the handle of the fridge, the doorknobs, the faucet, and the flush are all germ hotspots and rarely given enough cleaning attention.

Professional cleaners however know all about these areas and can therefore pay particular attention in keeping them clean.


Curtains often blend in with the office layout, making it seem as though they don’t need cleaning. Be honest – when was the last time the blinds or the curtains were put down and cleaned?

Touch one and you’d be surprised by the amount of dust that just detaches from the material. Regular cleaning will help make sure that the fabric remains fresh, free from mold growth, and actually contributes to the air quality.

Microwave and Fridge

The inside and outside of these office items must be cleaned often – otherwise you might have food problems that will affect the whole office. The inside of the microwave in particular can be a mecca of germ growth, especially if someone decides to heat smelly food.

It’s not uncommon for employees to have a fight with each other because someone isn’t using the fridge, the microwave, or even the coffee maker correctly. A professional cleaning company can take care of this problem so that your people can focus on the really important things.

Furniture, Upholstery, and Large Equipment

Basic cleaning of the furniture often means just making sure there are no dust mites and stains on the surface. Unfortunately, the back and the bottom of the furniture are often host to a family of dust bunnies.

You want cleaning professionals who will take the time to actually move your large items around in order to deeply clean the office space. This is especially true for the lounge areas where clients are welcomed.


Lights and Ceiling Fans

Since they’re out of sight, few people realize just how unclean lights can get. They can easily gather dust and once it piles up – you’ll be surprised by how hot the office space can get. Really, keeping the lights clean can help save on conditioner expenses in the long run.

The same goes for ceiling fans which can accumulate lots of dust on its surface. If kept unclean, the dust doesn’t just compromise its function – it can literally spread dust all over the office.


A deep carpet clean is crucial – not only for the health of the employees but also for the overall feel of the office. The floor can be a hub of bacteria – considering how much foot traffic happens on it.

Unfortunately, simply vacuuming the surface isn’t good enough – not if you want a carpet that’s safe on a germ-level. A professional approach is often necessary to avoid possible health problems.


Yes – even the computer needs professional cleaning. The keyboard, the mouse, and the back of the CPU are all hotspots. Unfortunately, these parts won’t thrive with just basic alcohol wipes.

The back of the CPU in particular need special care as you want to remove the dust without damaging the parts. Note – a clean CPU is an efficient one.

Hiring professional cleaning services would be the perfect solution for these unseen problems. With a third party professional focused on this specific problem, it becomes easier for the office to function – knowing full well that everything is working in top shape.

If you’re in need of the best and trusted commercial office cleaning company, you may contact Performance Property Services Group at 1300 867 872 for more details.


Here’s Why Commercial Cleaning Should Be an Office Priority


In today’s time, the cleanliness and sanitization of every office building should be considered a priority – and not just for health reasons. Many employers do not realize how pivotal professional cleaning can be in the upward trajectory of their business – until they finally get a dedicated provider.


Here are some of the little-known benefits of commercial cleaning services for offices and even residences.

1. It’s Cost-effective

Hiring a third-party professional cleaning service offers you with options when it comes to cost. Many cleaning companies offer packages which details the kind of services they offer, the targeted areas that will be cleaned, the frequency of cleaning, and the cost of the service.

This gives you full control over what parts of the office get the most attention – depending on which part actually gets the most traffic. You can even customize a cleaning package to best fit your needs. With this approach, employers can get the most benefits, meet their cleaning goals, and spend the bare minimum in the process

2. It’s Consistent

Have you ever experienced a gap in the office cleaning because one or two of the workers assigned to the task is absent? This can be a big problem if you directly employ office cleaners as opposed to employing a third party for the job.

With professional cleaning services, there will always be people available to give the workspace a thorough clean. Many of these providers have several people on tap and can therefore rotate employees as needed without diminishing the degree of quality offered.

3. It’s Less Paperwork

By extension, dealing with a third-party cleaning service means there’s less work for your Human Resources department. They don’t have to deal with the paperwork of hiring additional employees, of arranging their benefits, of tracking their presence in the office, and so on.

All of these are the responsibility of the professional cleaners who will be keeping you updated should there be substantial changes in the service they provide.

4. It Can Work Around a Schedule

Worried about the cleaners messing up the day-to-day operation of the business? What if they’re on the way while your employees try to meet deadlines or go on meetings? Professional cleaners are flexible; they can deploy people to work with your existing office hours.

For example, cleaners can be sent just after the office has shut down and employees have all gone home. An overnight clean means that once your people come back in the morning, their working area is clean, fresh, and ready for a new day of work.


5. It’s More Extensive Cleaning

When we say “professional cleaning”, that goes beyond a simple sweep and vacuum of the work area. It often involves a thorough clean of every aspect of the office – even the parts you may not realize accumulates lots of dirt because of heavy traffic!

The carpet in the reception area or the work kitchen may have problem areas that are being ignored and could seriously undermine the health of your workers. Professional cleaning takes those aspects into consideration and does a deep clean to remove all possible allergens, pathogens, bacteria, and viruses hanging around the common spaces.

With professionals, you also get a wider range of cleaning possibilities. This includes the windows, the air ducts, the upholstery, and so on – all of which require a specialized approach and the equipment to match. Professional cleaners already have all of these in their arsenal.

6. It Improves Work Productivity

Finally, there’s the fact that a clean workspace simply increases the productivity of workers. The lack of clutter or unpleasant odour in the office removes any distraction and allows complete focus on whatever needs to get done.

A clean working area also means there are less chances of catching any infection in the office – which translates to less sick days for your people. Studies also show that keeping your place clean is a good way to keep up morale.

Employees who can literally see a well-cared-for office know that their employer takes their well-being into consideration, thus improving company loyalty.

Of course, it stands to reason that the above-benefits can be expected only from good and verified professional cleaning services. Choose a provider with a solid reputation in the industry that can work with you in meeting office cleanliness goals.

For trusted commercial and medical centre cleaning services in Melbourne area, Performance Property Services Group is the best choice! Talk to us at 1300 867 872 to get a good quote.

7 Tips to Keeping Your Office Clean


Everyone knows that a clean office leads to more productive and satisfied employees. However, even if most managers know the advantages of a spotless workplace, it is not always easy to organise everything. Where do you start? Here are seven small things you and your employees can do.


1. Don’t allow food on individual tables.

Individual desks are almost always the areas where there is a lot of clutter and dirt. One way of reducing dirt in these areas is to discourage eating on the tables. By asking people to eat in the pantry, there is less likelihood that food wrappers are dumped on the side of the table and individual trash bins. Plus, spilled coffee on documents and files will not become a problem.

Even if it’s for snacks and small treats, implement a no-eating zone in cubicles. While this may not bode well with everyone in the team, explain to them that this is to help make the office a much cleaner space conducive for working.

2. Implement a clean-as-you-go policy

Asking your employees to clean as they go does not necessarily mean strict office rules. If you want to maintain cleanliness and organisation in the office, this clean-as-you-go policy is a good habit-forming exercise to teach employees to be mindful of office cleanliness. You can start by putting up signs in the pantry to remind your employees of your new policy.

Clean as you go entails washing the dishes that were used and putting them on the dryer. All dining tables should be wiped clean, too. To make it easier for everyone, have dish racks and cleaning supplies in the pantry.

3. Empty common tables

Common spaces are always the dirtiest and most disorganised areas in a workplace. To prevent having clutter in these areas, keep the tables neat and tidy. One drastic measure is to leave the tables empty after every use. If this means removing all stacks of paper and pen holders, then that would be it. Of course, you have to bear in mind that placing them somewhere else disorganised is not going to help either. If you do need to remove things, place them in their rightful places.

If you work in co-working spaces, then ask people to keep the desks clean after use. Since all tables can be used by everyone, ask everybody to not leave personal belongings lying around.


4. File everything

Got any documents lying around? If so, then now is the time to store them in filing cabinets. If they are no longer being used and they contain sensitive information, then consider using a shredder to make sure that confidential information is not seen by unauthorized personnel. Moreover, documents and contracts should be filed based on your company’s use for them; it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to be in alphabetical order.

5. Wipe gadgets and computers

Dust on gadgets is a sign that your office is not being cleaned. Ask your employees to always make sure that there is no dust accumulating on their gadgets especially the ones that are owned by the company. Provide your employees with wipes, cleaning liquid, and microfiber cloths so that they can clean their devices on their own and with the right cleaning supplies.

6. Organise wires and cables

Wires and cables can make everything messy and disorganized. Loose or long wires can even be a cause for accidents. For obvious reasons, you want to prevent these things from happening. To do that, you can use clips and electrical tape to fold and stick the wires to the floor. If possible, use wires that are just the right length. There are tools that can even hide cables and wires, and they are good options to make the office more presentable.

7. Hire a professional cleaning service

Lastly, a professional cleaning service will help you get your office cleaned and disinfected. These cleaning services take away the burden of having to vacuum carpets and cleaning windows. They also clean the common areas and the restrooms. When looking for a professional cleaning service, look for a company that is experienced and can answer to your specific requirements on cleaning your office.

With these simple steps, you can already make your office a more work-conducive environment.

For commercial and office cleaning services, contact Performance Cleaning professional and reliable cleaners at 1300 867 872. We are very glad to assist you with your cleaning concerns.

How to Keep your Office Space Clean and Coronavirus-Free


COVID-19 has made many Australians anxious and clueless on how to protect themselves and their loved ones from contracting the virus.

Although we have learned many things about COVID-19 since it spread all across the country, we are still waiting for a permanent solution to what is now a global pandemic that is ravaging both the health of our citizenry and the economy.

Now that businesses are reopening, cleaning and disinfection are two components that we need to establish in our workspaces.

As per World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations, homes and businesses need to focus their efforts in enhancing hygiene, sanitation, and disinfection measures, as these serve as effective protective measures against COVID-19 and other opportunistic microorganisms.

Professional cleaning companies have stepped up and are now offering comprehensive cleaning services as response to the COVID-19 outbreak.


The Impact of COVID-19 in Australia

At the time of publishing, a total of 8,886 Australians has been diagnosed with COVID-19, with a large percentage of cases in New South Wales and Victoria territories. There are over 2.8 million COVID-19 tests have been conducted and 106 people have unfortunately died to date.

Current recommendations of the Department of Health for the prevention and reduced transmission of the virus are as follows:

  • Handwashing should be implemented as frequently as possible using soap and water. Using hand sanitiser is not a recommended alternative or replacement for handwashing.
  • Coughing and sneezing should be done into the crook of your elbow or arm. Avoid sneezing on your hands.
  • Refrain from touching your face, especially when you are outdoors.
  • Always be mindful of social distancing rules. Keep at least 1.5 distance away from other people.
  • Implement self-isolation measures if you feel unwell, have recently travelled overseas, or have been in contact with a COVID-19 positive individual.

How to Clean an Office Properly in the Time of COVID-19

It is imperative to utilise the right cleaning process that addresses the threat of COVID spread. It has been observed that most Australians have automatically adapted the disinfection approach to protect themselves from catching the virus, however health experts recommend cleaning to be more effective in virus protection than disinfection.

  • Cleaning is a routine practice to promote health and wellness. It involves washing down surfaces by utilising soap and water or cleaning solution to remove dust and dirt safely and effectively. In essence, cleaning is physically removing germs by washing them off from surfaces.
  • On the other hand, disinfection kills disease-causing germs through chemical means. It is only advisable for people who are suffering from a contagious illness and wish to protect themselves from picking up more germs along the way as well as protect people from catching whatever illness they are carrying.

The Importance of Hiring Professional Cleaners in Offices


An office is considered a public place as it allows access for a large number of people. It is also where large groups of people assemble and stay for extended periods hence it is only crucial to enforce stricter cleaning and disinfection guidelines at the workplace.

You need to seek the expertise of professional cleaning companies to ensure that your place is kept clean and COVID-19 free at all times.

Making sure the workplace is clean and germ-free guarantees that your staff will be productive and efficient at work, since they have peace of mind that they are in a clean and safe place.

Hiring a professional cleaning company is recommended since they are fully-equipped with the tools and machinery to conduct cleaning services following high standards. The staff are trained to tackle various challenges that your office needs to resolve sooner than later.

Professional cleaners also have the experience and knowledge to deal with different types of requirements, from removing accumulated dust, dirt, and contaminates from surfaces to disinfecting office furniture and common spaces, thereby reducing the risk of contracting COVID-19 at the workplace.

Professional cleaning companies also strictly comply with OHS and work health and safety guidelines, creating a safe and healthy environment not only for employees but for clients, too. They arrive in full PPE and safety gear, enabling them to work with utmost speed and efficiency.

Hiring a professional cleaning company is a practical way of dealing COVID-19 in the long term. By regularly cleaning the office, you are sure to enhance your productivity as employees are less likely to get infected with the coronavirus.

Business owners also save money when they hire professional cleaners to do the dirty work. Instead of investing in equipment, supplies, products and manpower to create an in-house maintenance and cleaning department, business owners can simply call professional cleaners to do thorough cleaning and disinfection without breaking the bank.

If your goal is to keep your business thriving amidst the COVID019 pandemic, partnering with a reputable cleaning service provider will help you achieve this and so much more. Are you living near Port Melbourne area? Performance Cleaning can definitely help with your cleaning concerns, you may contact us at 1300 867 872.

The 5S System – Is It Really Necessary?


If your company has implemented a 5S System, chances are you’ve wondered what it is for and if it’s really effective. While most companies do not orient their employees on the 5S purpose, it is important for each worker to know why it is essential in boosting productivity and reducing the overall costs of the company.


What is the 5S System?

The 5S System originated in Japan, specifically in the Toyota Production System. It is a list of 5 words starting with the letter S that will provide a guideline on how to keep the workplace clean and conducive for operations.

In Japanese, those 5 words are seiri, seiton, seiso, seiketsu, and shitsuke. In other words, they’re sort, set in order, shine, standardize, and sustain, respectively.

The end goal of the 5S system is to ultimately improve the overall business operations. In fact, when the 5S system is consistently practiced, benefits like reduced costs, lower risk of injury, increased productivity, and better employee well-being can be experienced.

The 5S’s

Here are the 5 steps in the system for a better understanding of what each employee should do.

1. Sort

The first step is sort which means categorizing and grouping all the things on your desk and cabinets. It’s not as simple as grouping them based on their item category like office supplies, personal items, documents, etc.

The 5S system takes it a step further by asking you to categorize them based on their purpose, frequency of usage, who owns/uses it, and if it really is meant to be there.

In other words, you have to ask yourself when you sort through your things, “What’s the use of this item? Is it even mine? How often do I use this?” and the like. Asking these questions will help you find out which items to group together or which ones to throw away or bring to your own home.

2. Set in Order


The second step is set in order. Here, you’ll actually position things where they are best placed. Based on your answers on the grouped items in step 1, you will have an idea which items stay on your desk or cubicle and which ones are for the common areas.

It’s important that when you do the 5S that you will do it with your team so everyone will be able to decide where the most logical place is for communal items. Keep in mind the overall floor plan of your office when identifying strategic locations.

3. Shine

The next step is shine. This step simply refers to doing a general cleaning of your workspace or your whole office space. This might be a good opportunity for you to consider hiring a commercial cleaning service to ensure that every common area is squeaky clean.

As for your personal work area, it’s important that no dust is in place and everything is in clean working condition. Commercial cleaning services often don’t clean personal areas, so it’s best that you do the cleaning yourself.

4. Standardize

By now, the whole workspace should be clean and organized. However, the 5S system does not stop there. Your management would have to create standard operating procedures (SOP) on how and when to do the 5S. This is important to ensure that the exercise you just did above is not just a one-time thing.

Some companies set a regular cleaning period while others incorporate the 5S in the performance evaluations of the employees. There can be a lot of strategies on how to standardize this and it’s up to your management as to how they can be executed.

5. Sustain

Lastly, you have to sustain it. In reality, even if there are SOPs on the 5S, it is easy to forget about it or fail to understand what it is for. For this step, it is crucial that managers continuously keep everyone in the office involved. The best way to do this is to make 5S a habit so that everyone understands and hopefully gets motivated to do it.

When this step is successful, you will notice that you no longer have to remind people to do the sorting, setting in order, and the shining.

Is 5S Necessary?

Each company has its own way of boosting their employees’ productivity and well-being. The 5S System is one of the many techniques in ensuring that a company can minimize their operational costs while maximizing their employee’s abilities.

The 5S System definitely does not take effect overnight. As it is a continuous cycle, you will only be able to see effects, when this has become a practice in your company.

Trying it out once will not work long-term. Therefore, in order to see the benefits of the 5S system, you need to shape the way people think about office cleanliness, productivity, and organisation.

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