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The Challenges and Best Practices in Shopping Centre Cleaning

Shopping centres have become a hub of activity, bringing thousands of people together under one roof. As a result, these facilities require proper cleaning to ensure the safety and health of both customers and employees. However, cleaning a shopping centre presents unique problems that can make the process difficult. In this article, we’ll talk about the challenges and best practices for shopping centre cleaning.


1. Sheer Size of the Space

One of the significant challenges of shopping centre cleaning is the size of the facility. Most shopping centres have multiple floors, and the cleaning staff needs to navigate through a maze of shops, kiosks, and walkways to ensure the entire building is clean.

The best way to handle this is by hiring a professional cleaning company with experience in shopping centre cleaning. Professional cleaners have the necessary equipment, knowledge, and experience to navigate shopping centres effectively.

2. Scheduling Issues

Many shopping centres stay open well into the night. This means there’s a very small gap in time for cleaning. In some instances, cleaning must be done while customers are present which makes the process doubly difficult.

Solving this problem usually entails creating a schedule that’s tailored to the specific needs of the shopping centre while considering the busiest times of the day. For example, a cleaning schedule should include regular cleaning of high-traffic areas, like the food courts and entrances, during off-peak hours.

3. Type of Flooring

Shopping centres have different floorings installed, depending on the intended use of the floor. Carpet, tile, and hardwood floors each require different cleaning techniques and equipment. Therefore, cleaning staff must have the necessary knowledge and tools to clean each type of flooring effectively.

Cleaning staff should be trained on the proper techniques and equipment for cleaning different types of flooring and surfaces. In addition, they should also receive training on health and safety protocols to prevent the spread of germs and viruses.

4. Keeping Up with Tech Changes

The cleaning industry is constantly evolving, with new and more effective cleaning technologies and practices emerging regularly. However, shopping centres may struggle to keep up with these advancements, resulting in suboptimal cleaning results. For example, new technologies such as UV disinfection systems, electrostatic sprayers, and robotic cleaning systems can improve cleaning results, but require training and investment to implement.

A good solution to this is by working with professional cleaning companies that invest in the latest technologies and practices to provide the best cleaning results for their clients. Shopping centres can benefit from these advancements without having to invest in expensive equipment or training.


5. Waste Management

Do you know just how much waste a shopping centre can produce in a day? A shopping centre could produce around 7 to 14 tonnes of waste on average daily. With thousands of people passing through shopping centres every day, there is a lot of waste generated. The cleaning staff must dispose of the rubbish, which can be time-consuming and require proper handling to prevent health hazards.

To solve this, shopping centres should have a designated area for waste disposal. This area should be located away from customer areas and cleaned regularly to prevent the accumulation of rubbish and odours.

6. Delays in Cleaning

Due to the sheer size of shopping centres, it’s not uncommon to have spots that are simply missed by the cleaning crew. Therefore, regular communication between cleaning staff and management is crucial for maintaining a clean shopping centre.

The cleaning staff should be trained to identify and report any issues, such as spills or broken fixtures, to management promptly. Management should also conduct regular inspections to ensure the cleaning staff is meeting expectations and the shopping centre is clean.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning a shopping centre is a challenging task that requires a systematic approach and adherence to best practices. Adopting best practices such as using the right cleaning products and equipment, green cleaning practices, a comprehensive waste management plan, training and education, and regular deep cleaning can help ensure a clean and safe shopping centre.

The adoption of these best practices can enable shopping centres to maintain an appealing and secure setting for both customers and employees while ensuring that the facility’s appearance remains attractive.

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