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6 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

It may not seem obvious but your carpet takes the brunt of indoor family activities. Even with daily cleaning, most home carpets accumulate around 18 kilograms of dirt per year. That’s not counting the hair, bacteria, and parasites that may linger on the carpet.


This is why hiring a professional carpet cleaning service is crucial, even if you vacuum daily. Other than the added assurance of cleanliness, however, here’s what professional cleaners can bring to the table:

1. Extends Your Carpet’s Life

Your carpet’s average life is around 10 years – which is not bad if it’s getting lots of traffic. However, keeping it clean can add a few more years to its usable value. Considering how much a new carpet costs, the expense of getting regular professional cleaning helps you save money in the long run.

2. Stops and Prevents Allergies and Airborne Problems

Your carpet is home to billions of foreign objects other than dust and dirt. It can harbour dead skin cells, pollen, dead insects, pet hair, and even dust mites. These can accumulate and flood your indoor air, causing you to breathe in all these foreign objects.

The air-conditioning unit simply makes it easier for the allergens to move around and trigger your allergies. You will find that regular cleaning helps prevent the accumulation of dirt and give you fresher and cleaner gulps of air.

3. Gets Rid of Stubborn Stains

The fact is that some stains are just too stubborn to be removed with regular cleaning materials. Professional cleaners will have something in their arsenal that you may not have at home. These industry-grade cleaners are capable of washing out the stains and giving your carpet that “brand-new” feel at the end of the day.

4. Freshen Up the Indoor Smell

Once an unpleasant smell sticks to your carpet, it’s nearly impossible to have it removed without some industry secrets. You can be sure that professional carpet cleaners are capable of restoring your carpet’s fresh smell to its formal glory.

It doesn’t just look good; it smells good, too! Most people who live with a weird smell day after day tend to get used to it over time. After a thorough cleaning, however, you’ll be surprised by the sudden change in how you appreciate your new space through your nose.


5. Feels Better on the Skin

Do you like to walk barefoot on the carpet? Maybe the kids like to play on the floor and that’s why you want to keep it clean with daily vacuums. You’ll find, however, that even with daily cleaning, the carpet can feel sticky, dirty, and grimy under your feet.

While your eyes tell you that the carpet is clean, your skin is telling you otherwise. When this happens, immediately book professional carpet cleaners who can perform a thorough clean – all the way to the last carpet strand.

6. Convenient and Complete Service

This is perhaps one of the top reasons you’d want professional carpet cleaners in your home. The fact is that deep carpet cleaning is a job that requires specialised equipment, skills, and a solid procedure. This is something professional carpet cleaners have in abundance.

You can be sure that they have a system guaranteed to prepare the carpet, clean it, and then put it back together for immediate use. As opposed to amateur cleaning, professional services can give you back the use of your carpet within a short period. They have the procedure memorised to perfection and can offer a precise schedule for completion.

They also have industry-grade equipment that homeowners may not have access to. This includes industry-grade solvents chosen specifically to remove stubborn stains. You get access to powerful wet vacuums that can wash and remove dirt at the same time.

Of course, there’s also the fact that cleaners have their technique perfected over the years. They know exactly what kind of material they’re dealing with and therefore the solvents that need to be used to get the job done.

Final Word

Ideally, professional carpet cleaning should be done every 12 to 18 months for the best results. Making this commitment to your home can save you the cost of carpet replacement in the long run while making sure you maintain a happy and healthy household. Contact reputable professional carpet cleaners in Burwood like Performance Cleaning at 1300 867 872.

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