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9 Cleaning Fun Facts That You May Need To Know


Commercial cleaning is a straightforward and serious business. It is carried out by trained experts in the field who carry out cleaning services with utmost professionalism and earnestness. Nevertheless, the cleaning industry has got a number of fun facts that you may not be aware of.

1. There are 38,605 commercial cleaning services in Australia.

An industry research report from IbisWorld states that the pandemic had a positive effect on demand in Australia. According to the report, the market size of the country’s commercial cleaning industry is $14 billion, with industry employment at 173,500.

2. Commercial cleaning increases the level of employee productivity and satisfaction.

The cleanliness of a work environment is directly proportional to the level of employee productivity. When their surroundings are clean, employees experience fewer distractions and become more work-focused.

This normally results in a higher and better quality of work. Employees believe that a company that ensures cleanliness in work areas values its workforce.

3. A robust hygiene system in the office can reduce absenteeism by 13%.

Employee absenteeism is often caused by illnesses that result from an office environment that’s less than hygienic. Through efficient cleaning services, the spread of harmful pathogens is reduced.

Workers and customers are then able to avoid getting exposed to elements that contribute to absences and reduction in employee efficiency.

4. Electrostatic disinfection technology reduces cleaning time by 50% compared with traditional methods.

Cleaning companies that use electrostatic disinfection technology often speak highly of this particular methodology. It is because of the easy point-and-spray feature that evenly cleans hard-to-reach areas in a very short time and with 360-degree coverage.

Electrostatic disinfection is considered an excellent solution for areas ridden with harmful pathogens, germs and contaminants, such as in healthcare facilities.


5. Commercial cleaners typically conduct deep cleaning during their first visit.

There are two basic types of commercial cleaning: regular cleaning and deep cleaning. Cleaning companies often perform deep cleaning first.

This is then used to determine a baseline for succeeding cleaning schedules. Deep cleaning consists of a comprehensive cleaning and disinfecting processes carried out in the entire area of responsibility.

6. A robot cleaner can cover 200,000 square feet per day.

Robot cleaners have been around for some time now. They are designed with laser scanners and ultrasonic detectors that enable them to navigate their way around obstacles.

These robotic cleaning devices cannot entirely replace the efficiency of human commercial cleaners. Their versatility and self-reliance, however, are hard to ignore.

7. Incompetent cleaning services are a leading factor in the loss of customers. estimates that 55% of commercial cleaners lose their clients because of inadequate cleaning methods. There are cleaning businesses that become haphazard in hiring employees.

This, of course, leads to major incompetence in the delivery of cleaning services. The most practical solution to this is to hire better and train better in order to add value and character to the business.

8. Commercial cleaning offers protection from business theft.

Fly-by-night cleaning companies usually hire temporary employees. Due to this, their staff is poorly trained and they have high turnover due to inefficient services and questionable practices.

Clients needing cleaning normally have many valuable assets such as office equipment and machines. For this reason, background checks and complete training provided by professional cleaners before hiring their staff will go a long way.

9. The commercial cleaning industry is aiming to lower its carbon footprint.

Many cleaning businesses today are implementing the use of natural, eco-friendly products and methods in the delivery of their services.

The goal of reducing carbon footprint and harmful impact on the environment has led to the growing demand for sustainable green products in the cleaning industry. This is why an increasing number of commercial cleaners is offering environment-friendly alternatives to customers.

Final Thoughts

These are just 9 of the many fun yet impressive facts in the world of commercial cleaning. In a nutshell, cleaning companies belong to one of the most important industries in these modern times. Their presence and the skills they provide are the reason why millions of enterprises in different sectors are thriving today.

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