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Top 5 Myths About Hiring a Commercial Cleaner


Now more than ever, keeping the office clean is an important aspect for every business. Unfortunately, there are tons of myths surrounding office cleaning that stop many office managers from getting professional cleaning help. Believing in these myths can actually hinder business operations rather than improve it. Here are some of those myths:

1. Commercial Cleaning is Expensive

Professional cleaning is actually cheaper in the long run. Imagine, there’s no need to maintain a set of custodians who all fall within the control of the HR Department. This means less paperwork for the HR Department. In addition, most government-mandated payments are accomplished by the third-party company.

In many cases, all you need to do is make routine payments to the professional cleaning service necessitating a simple “expense” in your account rather than an elaborate one.

There’s also the fact that many commercial cleaning companies take care of their own cleaning supplies. This means that you can benefit from top-notch cleaning products without worrying about the cost in your expense account.

2. Anyone Can Do Cleaning

Most people think that simply wiping the counter and sweeping the floors would be enough for the office. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth. The fact is that offices suffer from the same dirt-rich spots as a regular household does. Perhaps even more so.

The difference is that while homeowners would be happy to clean and defrost the fridge or clean behind the microwave, employees are unlikely to do this.

Hence, while the whole office keeps putting food in the fridge or using the microwave oven, no one can be bothered to actually clean them. After all, they’re office facilities, not part of the job.

This is where having commercial cleaning services can really help. Professional cleaners are trained to clean the most overlooked parts of an office. They ensure that every inch has been properly scrubbed to remove dirt, viruses, and germs.


3. Commercial Cleaning Interferes with Business Operations

Another issue for business owners would be the interference professional cleaners would have on the business. In fact, providers can schedule it so that cleaners only come when the office is closed or when traffic is low.

You can work with your provider to schedule cleaning on off-peak hours. This means, there are no disturbances or interferences with the business. Your staff can leave with the trash bag full and then come back to a completely empty trash can as professional cleaners work through the night.


4. Commercial Cleaning is a Security Breach

For companies that have intellectual assets, commercial cleaners may be seen as a problem. They will be able to move in and out of the office with little security. However, this doesn’t have to be the case at all. The combined effort of a good commercial cleaning company can help ensure that all cleaners have been vetted to protect your privacy and security.

Each one goes through a rigorous screening and training process to provide excellent results without compromising your data. Each employee also has an extensive record with the service company to ensure that they can be tracked should there be any problems. Your business security measures will also be respected to help increase privacy.

5. Communication Can Be a Problem

Commercial cleaners often report to the company hiring them which is the cleaning company. Does that mean that communication between the business and the individual cleaner is compromised?

Of course not! A good commercial cleaning company can help smooth the communication process so that each cleaner knows exactly what you need each time. Any concern or areas needing extra care can be quickly communicated to and from both parties to prevent confusion.

Even better, this is true for all individual cleaners. Hence, should there be a turnover or a restructure of the cleaning team assigned to your premises. You can still rely on the promise that this new team will be informed of your specific requirements.

Those mentioned are just some of the more common myths associated with commercial cleaning. Do not let these wrong impressions stop you from hiring professional cleaners for your business especially with the increased concern about germs and viruses. With the right commercial cleaning company, you can keep your space safe and secure.

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